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Part 97: Episode XCI: Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Update

Episode XCI: Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Update

Oh hey, remember how after his defeat in Apoina Tower a few months ago Nicolai was abducted by Kato? Yeah, it turns out he's not been having the greatest of times what with getting his dick zapped in some super science machine this whole time. I'm sure this is all completely ethical experimentation.

Dr. Hojo, how goes the experiment?
Oh, Lt. Colonel Kato?
It's Special Agent Kato.
<shrug> Same difference.
It's really not. Regardless...

Minister Ishimura says that you plan to extract a monster from his soul force.

Yes, much has happened in this last month. The monster within him has been deeply submerged and has become quite weakened. We must act now before his health returns and he regains control over it.
Is that why you're applying electricity to his genitals?
Well it is A reason.

So that's it, eh? The new vessel.
Shouldn't it be contained in some manner of a cage before we proceed?
Ehh... It's probably fine. Probably.

Will it be able to contain the power?
I cannot be certain. The demon within Nicolai is certainly powerful, but I don't believe it will be able to destroy the world as you think.

It's a fact. If it heals and its power is released it could easily destroy this city.
Hmph. I don't believe that.
Are you aware of what happened in Shanghai a year ago? The destruction of that city.
Some sort of underground gas leak as I understand it.
It was not. I was there. It was one by a demon like the one inside Nicolai.
I'm skeptical.

Once Nicolai's powers are removed, he'll be useful in our Russian negotiations.
Hmmm. I suppose so. I don't know much about politics. I'm just happy to be able to carry out such fascinating research.
A pity.
It's quite an intriguing affair once you get a knack for it.
Meh. I am content electrocuting test subjects' scrotums...
For science!
...I see.

<turns to off-screen research assistant> Take care he doesn't die! But this time... raise it to the maximum!
Yes, sir!

More power!

Even more!
I want ALL the volts in that test subject's penis!!
Y-yes sir!

Ah, good! It's working!
...Is that good?
We shall see in a moment!
That isn't reassuring.
Science never is!

Nicolai's Astaroth power is transferred into the shuddering dog test subject which... instantly fried by it and sends it yelping before keeling over dead. Welp. No one said operation fry Nicolai's balls to shove a dark god of destruction into a canine was going to be a rousing success on the first attempt.

It was more than the animal can handle. His power is still flowing.
He's a difficult subject. We'll need to prepare some sort of special vessel.
Like hmm... I don't know. A bear? Or perhaps a tanuki.
A tanuki?
Yes, their testicles are quite powerful, you see. They're capable of storing much potent energy.
I will leave the science to you.

Hien and Raiden wander into the test chamber. Raiden scurries up to inspect the dead animal.

Boss, this pupper got real sleepy all the sudden.

Raiden taps it with his foot and pushes it over.

Like REAL sleepy.

Music: Flame of Strain to Blaze ~ Tension

What the...?!

The two flash step back from the clearly not OK mutt.

Hey, maybe transferring a wildly powerful demon's energy into random animals isn't the most sound of ideas. Next thing you know scientists will be injecting them with unstable mutagenic viruses or ancient invasive parasites or some shit. Super scientists, much like wizards -- no sense of right or wrong.

Wonderful! Isn't it simply wonderful?! And that is just a glimpse of his power...
Just think of the energy we'll be able to harness once the experiments move to the anal region!!
Negative power incarnate...

Hien! Raiden! Get out of there!
Yes, Master!
Master, uhh... uhhh can we... can we fight back?!
This monster is huge. I bet its guts are huge.
Absolutely not! Get out of there!!
Yes, Master!
But why?! Now would be an excellent chance to test their powers!! Let them fight.
Think of the COMBAT DATA!!
What even is combat data?!
Data! On combat!!
That does not answer the question, doctor.

Hien and Raiden manage to dodge the monster's new hand... tail appendage. However...

It can also breathe fireballs now. One of which Hien eats directly in the face, knocking him into a corner.

Oh! Hien!
<waves Raiden away> Go on without me!
Master, can I fight?!
But Hien is kinda getting his ass kicked! Are you sure?
I said NO!

Hien just kind of resigns himself to following his master's orders and yielding to the fate of getting eaten by the monster in its potent unstoppable cutscene form. However...

Music: ENDS

Oh. I guess Ouka has telekinesis now? Sure, why not? If you're going to clone your old crush you may as well give her psychic powers on top of the breast augmentation and a fetish outfit. Pull out all the stops!


Raiden is a good buddy and helps his injured comrade to safety before the beast drops on his head.

It-it's gone!!
I don't remember installing her with a disintegration beam. Fascinating.
<rushes toward the door> No! It can teleport!
Oh, what leads you to believe that?
Because *I* can teleport! I would know!

Kato storms out of the control room.

Huh?! We've got to get it back!!

Music: Serious Mood ~ Unrest

Well, it all worked out! Other than the terrible demon dog teleporting to parts unknown. But, hey...


Kato... little less happy about the outcome of events it seems.

No matter what the reason, never disobey my orders.
I-I... Forgive me, Master. But I...
I... I wasn't in the room to hear any orders...
That's no excuse!
I think it's kinda reaso—
N-never mind...

Ignore an order from me once more and you'll die an early death.
Yes, sir.

All of you, go after the monster. But if you find it, it's not to be hurt. Is that clear?
<bow> Yes, sir!


Music: ENDS. Meanwhile, some time ago...

It's good to see you again, Sensei.

So, when did you get back?
Yesterday. I wanted to come back earlier, but it was difficult to find the time...
Please, think nothing of it.
I slept in most of yesterday. Bit too much sake the night before. You how I get on Friday evenings.
I must say, it's much hotter here in the capital than it is in Nara, don't you think?
And don't get me started on the cicadas endless din. It's enough to drive you mad.
It is... unpleasant.

<looks around> Forgive me. No one's here right now. Some tea?
It's a little bit early in the day for the harder stuff. But, if you prefer...
Don't concern yourself. I have to be going soon, anyway.

NEW Music: Past ~ Personal History
(This is a real nice them. Give it a listen!)

Have you decided yet? About the matter we discussed?
The wizard troubles...
We're going to be leaving Japan next week.
Oh really. That seems very sudden. What about Anne... and your child? You're going to be gone for a long time.
I'm planning on taking them with me.
Oh, is that right. But what about the child... What was his name again...?
Oh, yes. Yuri.
I'm relieved you didn't go with Urmanov. Bad mouth feel, that name.
It took some convincing to get Anne to reconsider.
Yes, Yuri...

He must be around three now?
Yes. I'm going to be raising him in mainland China.

Oh... That will be good. Unlike in Japan, he'll be able to meet people from different countries there. He'll grow up to be a good man.
Try not to push him too hard to punch his problems away. I know how you can get.

It will be a few years... No, perhaps never. I may never be able to come back to Japan.
What did you say?! Don't say that.
Our greatest enemy, Dehuai, has his base in Shanghai. We've got to move against him carefully.

It's kind of fucked up overall Dehuai was actually one of the more competent villains in this series. Especially with Albert Simon's retcon making him seem even less effective given he failed to take on Rasputin who turned out to be a complete pants-shitting chucklefuck in the end. And Nicolai is reduced to getting his dick zapped in some Umbrella lab for science.

...I'm counting on you if I fail.
I've got to be going now.
I see. I'll be praying for your safety. When you return here we'll have a... drink. Take good care of yourself!
Yes, sir.

It's a shame we never got that real Shadow Hearts 3 that was the Papa Hyuga adventure. Alas... Nothing in our current timeline is working the way it should.

That is a fairly short but dense chapter in the bag. Let's talk the aftermath...


Or, you know, allies that happen to be in the area when she runs amok the first time.

Note: Does not actually laugh in battle.

Note: Only has one horn and its right hand is not on fire.

Heretical drama master is just someone who posts too much on Twitter.

Yeah that white powder isn't doing any favors for his complexion.


Also, hasn't washed his lab coat in three months. One of THOSE kind of nerds.

Boy, his time in China certainly took its toll considering he went from looking like a sterner Yuri to a fifty-year-old man named Ben in just five years' time.

Video: Episode 91 Cutscenes
(You should watch this.)

Dr. Hojo Concept Art - Hojos just cannot help themselves being evil scientists.