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Part 4: Godslayer

We automatically return to the world map after the last scene. Domremy is now available as a destination, but Apoina Tower is grayed out, meaning we can't go back to it at this time. Before we head on, let's look at the stupid stick.

The Mistletoe is our first Key Item. The nice thing about Key Items is that they stay in your Inventory screen even after you've used or lost them, with the exception of the Trading Quest items (more on that when we get to it). Saint's relic or not, I still say it's stupid looking.

This time, Karin and Nicolai aren't alone. I'm just going to assume that all of them are the survivors of the unit that Karin led into Domremy the first time.

As they walk up to the soldiers, a wolf howls off in the distance.

A guard, eh? Don't worry. I've made the necessary preparations.
And I won't tell you anything else. Neener neener.

Split up and surround the church!

After the short scene, we're free to explore the forest and make our way to Domremy. Despite Johann's words, there are already enemies inside the forest: Ducky Toys and Wooden Lions.

The forest in this area is rather simple, but I've included a map anyway.

We grab the chest in the upper-left of the first area, then move north to the second area.

The hidden item on the right is a Thera Leaf.

There's a soldier standing at the left-hand fork. For all his words, I have to wonder why he's staying in the forest instead of moving on into the village.

There's a Ring Item hidden down the dead-end to the left.

With that, we can enter Domremy.

Now that we're in the village, there aren't any more random encounters.

We can get free healing from this guy just past the bridge.

There's also a Talisman of Luck hidden in the shed to the left of Samuel.

If you go to the right between Samuel and the house behind him, you'll come to this area. The chest contains a Strike Expand.

Moving north further into the village. Now, as I said, there are no RANDOM encounters here. Instead, all encounters are triggered by going through bits of string strung between wooden posts. It's the same enemies as the forest, so no big deal.

Where is everybody, I wonder?

Gee, I don't know.

They're probably hiding somewhere. I bet that wolf that was howling was warning the villagers.


What?! Demons and wolves protecting a village?
Yes, admirable, aren't they? Foolhardy, little volunteers...

Okay, going between those two houses (and breaking another wire), we find a chest holding a Tent.

Further into the village, there's a well with a chest holding a Thera Seed on the left. This is our second Thera Seed - we already got our first along with a Pure Seed from the Gargoyle. There's also a soldier standing around here.

Calm Hess: Oh, it's you, Commander. I thought I heard some people around, that's all. Is there some other unit here besides ours, I wonder?


Oh, that's not a suspicious reaction at all.

Back on the right side of the well, our eventual destination lies to the north, but there's another item to be found by going behind and around that building to the right.

To the north, we break one last string and defeat the cute little toys deadly monster guarding it.

There's a Save Point in front of the church, along with some fresh graves.

Sergeant Robert is guarding the church himself.

Sergeant Robert: Maybe that demon called in his boys.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Thanks for the warning, Sergeant.

And...she actually sits there and lets the dick boss her men around then goes alone with him into the church.

As Karin and Nicolai walk toward the altar, gunshots and screams begin outside, just like last time. Karin turns and starts to run to the door.

Stop! It's dangerous to leave now.
But why?!

He has come.

Amon climbs back in through the broken window above the door then leaps over Nicolai and Karin's heads.

Show your true self, demon of Domremy!

Amon: Well, since you asked so nicely...


I've been wanting to meet you, Godslayer.

That is the best nickname ever.

All those dead soldiers outside... Are you the one who killed them?
That's right.

I can't believe Karin is actually surprised by this.

You see, I don't want any witnesses to what is about to happen.

I don't really understand this. The Germans want the demon taken care of, he wants the demon taken care of, why should they care how he does it?

Give me the girl.
What's going on?

That's a very good question.

Come and take her. If you can.


Yuri is tired of laying the smack-down on idiots with delusions of grandeur.

Nicolai goes for the kill.

And Yuri neatly dodges him. It's like a five-week-old kitten trying to fight a fully-grown Doberman.

Yuri, of course, doesn't miss.

I could never get tired of watching this.

Nicolai staggers to his feet. I'm impressed that he never dropped his sword.

Give me Jeanne.

Who's Jeanne?


Karin runs up to either help Nicolai or get him to stop, but he just pushes her down to the ground. Dick.


Lenny's still kidnapping midgets, I see. I think he has a problem.

You're late again!
Ha ha ha! Relax. I had a stubborn sergeant to deal with.

No, not the mustache!

Yuri starts to move forward.

Stop right there! One dumb move and the girl here dies.
Go ahead. Then you'll die next.

It seems that we are at an impasse.

I wouldn't expect any less. That's exactly what makes my long search for you worthwhile.
You've been looking for me?
I was ordered by the Lord to destroy a certain...traitor. A man who brought God down from Heaven and tried to lay waste to the world. But before I could, a man with the power of a demon defeated that traitor and the God that he had brought down from Heaven. Yes, it was YOU who did it!
Great. Why do I always get all the crazies?
I'm glad to finally meet you, the man who stole my prey from me.

Hey, you snooze, you lose.

But before you grow into a problem for me like that traitor, Albert Simon, I'll root you out like the weed you are.
Who are you guys?

We are Sapientes Gladio. We alone possess the light of new hope to guide us through the 20th Century.

Never heard of you.

I think Nicolai thinks he's in an Herbal Essences commercial.

Heh. That's fine.

Once we destroy you, Godslayer, the world will learn our name.

I don't think the world even knows Yuri's name, or what he did.

Your life will be our ticket to renown.

Yuri is not impressed by Nicolai's fruity stick.


And your soul will be brought back into God's grace by the power of the Holy Mistletoe!

Hey there, is she changing sides on us?

Lenny sad.

She's nothing to us; she's merely a tour guide. She'll die here along with the others.

Who are you really?
It doesn't matter. Thanks for bringing us here. You might have made a fine's really quite sad.
Let that girl go. Or else!

Yeah, or else what? You gonna shoot her, too? Huh?

That doesn't even make sense! Idiot.
Hahaha ha ha!

Suddenly, Jeanne wakes up and starts struggling. Lenny acts like he's going to attack her for a second, but then it looks more like he's pulling his knife away from her so she doesn't accidentally get hurt.

Huh? Brat!

Karin takes advantage of the distraction to shoot him.

Lenny drops Jeanne, and she starts to scramble away.

Lenny is stopped from following her by another well placed shot by Karen.

A pissed-off Nicolai forgets that he's supposed to use the Mistletoe on Yuri and charges Karin.


Yuri rushes in to save Karin for a second time.


Aw, shit. Nicolai got lucky.

What the hell...?

Heh heh.



Er, oops.