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Part 7: Spiders. Why Is It Always Spiders?

Back in the forest, they've propped Yuri against a pile of tree trunks. Yeah, don't try to make him comfortable or anything, just plop him anywhere.

Is he human? Or maybe...

Heh heh heh heh heh! Yeah, he's human, but he's a strange one, all right.

Karin is quiet for a moment. It won't last.

Have you been with him for long?
Hm? Well, over a half a year now, as I recall. He suddenly appeared one day, along with my late wife's niece.
Your wife's...niece?

What's the matter Karin, worried there might be competition for 'your' bad-boy?

She was more like my own daughter, but unfortunately she was already dead when he arrived.

Well, that would make her even MORE like your daughter, then. I am a terrible, terrible person.

She and Yuri were lovers. He dug her grave with his own hands. We've both lost people in our lives; we just try to live as best we can, hm?

With his own hands. Wow...

It's less impressive when you remember that he was able to turn into a huge demon at the time.

Everyone is nodding off when Yuri starts writhing around in pain. Also glowing.


Karin is the first to notice, and she wakes up Gepetto.

Huh? What's going on?

This can't be good.

What's happening to him?!

The red light disappears and Karin and Gepetto rush over to Yuri.

Hey, Yuri! What is it?!

Who promptly turns into a pillar of fire.


Okay, not really. That was just the Malice arcing out of his body and landing in a different part of the clearing.

Where it turns into a giant MUTANT SPIDER!!

What's that?!

I think it's exactly what it looks like, a spider made out of random body parts.

The Malice is pouring out of his body. It's formed into a monster!

Thank you so much, Captain Obvious.

Jesus, look at that thing. THAT came out of Yuri's SOUL. What the hell did Nicolai do to him?!

Karin tries to wake Yuri up by shaking him. And by planting her foot squarely on his diaphragm.

Wake up! Wake up!!

As the hand-spider stomps closer and closer, Yuri blissfully snoozes away.

About bloody time.

And we finally get to use Yuri's fusions in battle. A nice change from the first game, fusions now cost a specific amount of SP per turn, rather than a huge chunk of SP up front. First tier fusions burn off 3 SP per turn instead of the normal 1. With the per turn cost, that means you can now switch fusions on the fly if the battle situation changes. Another change for the better is that fusing doesn't use up Yuri's turn; he can attack immediately instead of having to wait for his next turn.

Fusion is painful, but at least it's pretty.

With three person combos we're starting to see more bonus damage. This will keep getting higher as we get a full four person battle party and as Affinity goes up.

We get a Ring Effect item and another crest. We also get a couple of nice bonuses.

What's going on?!

That thing just jumped out from inside you! Mm-hm.

Sorry about that. It's all because of the weird "Holy Stick" thing. The monster souls inside of me are starting to get a bit unruly.

Big deal, ho-hum, what's for dinner?

Monster souls...?
Yeah, he's got a strange power. Whenever he beats a monster, he takes their souls and then can fuse with them.

I can change into a monster, okay?
I mean, I've only done it in front of you three times already, maybe you didn't realize?

Hm? Huh.

Anyway, it's good we're all okay. Let's get outta this forest before something else happens.

We automatically go to the world map when the scene is over, but it's possible to back-track to Ardennes Forest. We cleared the place out, though, so forward to the City of Lights!

With a brief stop in Yuri's soul first.

...Jeanne?! What're you doing here?
Tee hee hee! I came to see you, Yuri! ...But I have to be going far, far away soon.

Oh, she can't mean...

Yeah, 'Cause I died, you know.

Oh. Poor Jeanne.

...Ah! A ghost!
Knock it off.
Before I go far, far away, there was something I just had to check first. That's why I came here.
Something you wanted to check? What?
I'm looking for something, inside you heart.
Inside my heart?!

'Cause sometimes a guy gets lonely and...uh...
Um...When...a man and a woman, er, love each
...So what are you looking for?
Ha ha ha! It's a secret! But don't worry. I'll tell you if I find it!

Yuri, are you scared of the journey that's about to begin?

The journey of living your life alone? Are you scared?

It doesn't matter which answer you give, but I think the first fits Yuri's character better.

...I see.

Jeanne disappears, and the next thing we know, we're staring at Gepetto staring at a book.

Yuri finally wakes up from his nap.

Well, have you learned anything?
The Mistletoe is a powerful item...

Gepetto sets the book on the floor (even though he has several perfectly good tables and desks) and starts leafing through it.

The Church has used it for centuries as a tool for guiding lost souls... Well, that's what it says here, anyway. It's now being kept at the Vatican.

Not anymore, it isn't

So it's gonna guide my soul, too?
...I suppose so.
That's bull.

It is not bull!
Is there some way to fix it?
Well, you've gotta do something!
I think you're screwed.

Yuri and Gepetto start shoving each other. I think Yuri took exception to Gepetto's remark.

Ow! Ouch! Stop, leggo! Oh, ow, my nose!
Ah, you old man!

They're suddenly interrupted by a pair of very shapely legs.

What the...?

And Karin emerges, having changed into the most ridiculous outfit ever conceived by the fevered dreams of desperate men.


Speaking of desperate men, these two decide to crouch down for a better look, much to Karin's dismay.

Ah... Ooh...

Mmm... Nnng... You guys!

*slap* *slap*


All I could see was stars.
That's all?

Dirty old man.

What did you see?!
You did?! Damn! I couldn't see a thing. Paradise, eh!

The guys quickly do the smart thing and pretend that they weren't just talking about Karin's "paradise".

Hmm... I've run out of ideas.
You gotta be kidding me! Thanks to that miserable Mistletoe, there's something definitely off about my condition. And to top it all off, my body seems to be sending out waves that attract monsters from miles around!
Isn't there anything you can do?

I like how Karin's portrait has changed now that her clothes are different.

I have one idea. If this old fart can't do anything for me, I'll go ask an even older fart.

What?! Who you calling "an old fart"!
There's this weird old creature I know living in Wales. This guy is really, really, really old.
So this guy knows a lot, eh?

Nope, he's just old. Old and crazy.

Yup. He's been alive for centuries!
Eh? Who are you talking about, anyway?
His name is Roger Bacon. He's kind of creaky and broken down in places, but we can depend on him!

He sounds like he's talking about an old car.

R-Roger Bacon?! You mean that legendary magician?
That's the one. I told you about him before, right? Told you I knew him.
Yeah, but I thought you were kidding.

Well, sure! A great magician like Bacon ought to know about that Holy Mistletoe, and about Sapientes Gladio, to boot!
Well, it's settled, then. We're off to Wales, in the U.K.!

If we just go north to Calais, the port town, that's where the front line is, so it'll be hard to get a ship there.

At least she's useful for more than just fanservice.

Then why don't we head a little south, to Le Havre? There ought to be private ships still sailing from there.
Le Havre, huh...?
Umm, "Karin," was it? We don't know what kind of danger we're gonna be running into, so you should be heading home, now, little lady.
Look, I trusted that man! And trusting him got my men killed...

Poor Sergeant Robert.

I can't go back to my country like this. And even if I could go back, they'd probably just find me and kill me.
You wanna come with us, then?
No, I wanna stay here so they can find me, kidnap me, and then kill me in front of you for dramatic effect. Of course I'm coming with you, idiot!
But you see what kind of shape I'm in. I can't guarantee your life, you know.

I hope you don't mind...

That's from my university days!

What, back at the turn of the last century?

Karin shows off some fancy bladework before sheathing the sword.

I found it over there. Is it all right if I borrow it?

She says after she's already slung it at her side.

Are you sure it's a good idea to let her have something sharp?
Do you wanna try to take it away from her?
Good point.
Hm... Eh, you're welcome to it, my dear.

Everyone suddenly reacts to a noise from the roof.

They chased us all the way here? Sure are stubborn!

Lenny's Clawed Soldiers show up and break through the skylight. Naturally, they each have to break their own window instead of coming through the same hole. I hope Gepetto has renter's insurance.

And we finally get a battle with a full party of four now that Karin is re-armed with the Fleuret.

Not that it's much of a battle. These guys are push-overs.

We do get a leather cap for Karin, though.

Hee hee!

She's got the same reaction to Yuri telling her she kills things good that most women would get when their hair is complimented.

Say, I know! If you're this good with swords, Karin, let me give you this.
What's this?
It's a script, written by the very hand of the famous opera composer, Wagner, himself. There's a scene in there that could be very helpful to someone who wanted to polish up their sword techniques. With your reflexes, I thought you might be able to learn a new trick or two from it, so I brought it with me.

With the Nibelung Prelude, Karin's special skill is unlocked. We need to collect pieces of Wagner's opera so she can shoot fireballs at monsters. Or something. I don't know.

Think nothing of it. ...But we shouldn't be hanging around relaxing like this. The entrance to the subway should be just up ahead. Let's hurry!

After that, Yuri automatically notices something on the floor.

You got Mr. Sommelier

Mr. Sommelier? What the hell is a Mr. Sommelier?

Oh. Oh, my....