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Part 11: The Bandit of Le Havre

We've got one more destination on the map now. We can also go back to any of the areas in Paris without having to go through the tunnels. Lenny must have given up chasing us for now.

There's really no reason to go back right at this moment, though. Onward!

Vincent: But things are pretty dangerous right now in Le Havre. Better watch out.

Oh, yes. I'm sure this quaint little seaside village is just a hive of scum and villainy.

*Gasp* Litterbugs! What horrible crime won't these people commit?! Well, their loss is my gain. Seal of Force raises a character's Special Defense when used. There are other seals that raise your other stats, and they're most effective when used during battle because then you use the Judgment Ring. If you use them in the inventory screen, they only raise the stat by the minimum amount. I usually horde all the seals I find until the end-game when I pick my party for the final battle.

Oh, no, not this again...
Ah, smell that fresh ocean breeze! Nice place to do a little shopping, no?

Gerard has new armor for everyone this time. I pick up three Leather Cloaks, but I don't buy anything for Gepetto yet. You'll see why in a few moments.

Toto: So I have to go to bed early. It stinks!

Almost everyone in town keeps nattering on about either "vigilantes" or "the bandit". Why do I get the feeling that we're going to end up having to deal with these things before we can move on?

We follow the bridge by Toto into the south end of town. There's a Pure Leaf hidden in the barrels behind the shop here.

Although the other villagers change what they say to you as the situation in town changes, this old woman only ever mutters about you being in her way.

Around at the front of the shop, there's a chest with a Thera Seed inside.

And Ring Soul is hiding behind the tree!

You again! Ring Spirit, right?

No... My name is Ring Soul! Let me say it again... Ring Soul!
Okay, okay! I get it! You' to give me another one of know, right?

Yes, Yuri, I know, but I don't think you do.

......... I have little choice. I can see it... I can see your future... This I entrust to you...

You got Attack Boost

The power to command the Judgment Ring. Such power will help you carve your way through destiny...
Oh, boy! Thanks!

Your gratitude seems insincere...
N-no way! Really! I'm really happy... Thanks!
......... I will appear to you again, to bestow upon you more power... But beware! I am always watching... Watching to see if you are truly the one to command destiny...

I wouldn't be so happy, Yuri. I don't think Ring Soul likes you very much. Maybe it would help if you started getting his name right.

Duh, okay!

To get to the ship, we go back to Gerard and follow the path north.

Captain Mirko: Off the coast, it's crawling with German submarines right now. We'd be taking our lives into our hands, going out there! But we might be able to talk, depending on the price...

Pettas: He's looking for vigilante-group members. See if you can get hired!

I've got a better idea - let's just go back to the Paris Underground and kill monsters until we raise the money. Hah! I wish it were that easy...

Just past the ship, there's a path leading along the wharf.

This leads to the warehouse district and a FREE Wool Coat for Gepetto.

There's also a Tent hidden to the left of the chest.

Oh, yeah, there's also this guy, who apparently is so lazy he'd rather sit there and starve to death instead of sitting at the dock with a bit of string and a hook to catch a fish.

When we go back and try to walk down the path to the mayor's house, we're accosted by some random pervert.

What is it? You're holding us up.

Fox: That ticket you've got. The one for the lottery. That entitles you to hold a lottery with any lottery member in the world. A lottery! With any member!

We haven't got time for that now. Come on, get out of the way!

It took months of meetings with Gambler's Anonymous, but Yuri is finally over his crippling addiction to this demon game.

Fox: Don't try to deceive yourself! You know you want to! Give in to your desires! Play the lottery!


...Not much of a choice, huh?!

Fox's lottery is easy. They won't all be though; some of the lottery members throw things at you like Fast Ring, Tiny Ring, Tight Ring, Reverse Ring, Invisible Ring, etc. And, unlike the first Shadow Hearts, you can't equip a Pocket Watch to get rid of the Ring Effects in the lottery.

You won Bathin

Yay! Another Crest!

Lottery Member 16: As long as you've got a lottery ticket, you can come along anytime and have a go!

Too bad there's no reason to play you anymore, since we already took your best prize.

Continuing on, we come to the mayor's house, but we won't be going inside just yet.

There's a Hit Area Expand hidden in the right side of the yard.

And there's a Strike Expand hidden in the storage shed.

As well as a Star Brooch in a chest at the end of the room.

Now, we can go in the house. Cheery place; we've even got our own welcoming committee.

No. The *plot* wants me to join the vigilante group. *I* want to kill monsters.

That's right. We need the money.

We're travelers. We wanted to find a ship that would take us to England.
And we finally found one, but now we have to earn some money for the fare.

Such a small town needs a vigilante group, eh? Because of the war?

Cole: We've been keeping a sharp eye out, but he's a tough customer. We can't seem to catch him. Think you guys can do it?

Sure, why not? We'll get him snatched up before you know it.

How rude!

We can do it! We may not look like much, but we're good.

Being tired of staring at Karin's boobs and of hauling his bulk around on his own legs, the mayor toddles over to a chair.

Mayor Leonard: We'll start you off on town patrol tonight. Work hard, now. No slacking!

You got it.

Someone's stuffed a Lottery Ticket into the bear's head.

There's also a Thera Leaf behind this god-awful painting at the top of the stairs.

Messed up his ankle? With a special hold?

Doesn't sound like any ordinary thief!

Cole: Are you all set?

Cole: The others are already out on patrol. Good luck to you guys.

Mikey: *sigh* That bandit sure is scary. I hope we don't run into him!

Olivia: I'm sorry, but please don't talk to me anymore. I don't know anything about that bandit, understand?

Toto: Huh? Where is the bandit? I know the answer to that! He's... Oops! I can't tell you. It's our town's secret.

Vincent: We don't need any more hooligans in this town, if you ask me... Huh? Oh, nothing. Pay no attention. I wasn't talking about you, you know.

The townspeople seem less than pleased by this recent turn of events. Don't they want the thief stopped?

Patrolling the south end of town, we find nothing, but just when we're about to head back...

Morgan's Voice: Aaaaghhh!! I give up! I give up! Unhhh!

Mikey's Voice: Time out! Time out! Hey, that attack is illegal! Gaaahhh!

Those voices... Over there!

The gang runs to the warehouses, where they find the vigilantes unconscious on the ground.

This is... What happened here?!

Voice: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Who's that?!

When the forces of darkness descend, in the name of justice, this fist!

Ah, haha haha hah hah!

In the name of truth, these muscles! In the name of honor, this blood! Ha ha!

The fruitcake jumps off the roof to the ground.

Champion of truth and justice, Grand Papillon! Ready to fight all evil-doers!

Oh, lord...

Don't look at me. I don't know what the hell is going on, either.

If you can face the unfettered fury of my rippling muscles, then come on!

What? Huh?

Grand Papillon is Earth-based, so I transform Yuri into his Wind fusion, Malakia.

He's not much of a threat, but he does have one skill that seems awfully familiar...

Now, where have we seen that before?

I did manage to pull off a four-person combo, which let me use one of the Combo Magic spells. You'll notice the name of the spell is showing as ????. The first time you use any Combo Magic, you won't know the name of it or what element it is. There's one spell for each element, as well as a Non-class spell. You only have access to the ones that match the elements of the characters in your battle party, which narrows the choices down a little. This particular one is Air Shot.

No souls from this fight, dammit.

Hey, I know this guy! Keith beat him up in the first game!


He-he-he-he-he! You pack a pretty good punch! Time for me to go now kids! We'll meet again!

H-he turned into a bat!

Well, he's certainly good at running away!
I'm sure I met him before...