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Part 14: The Treasure Revealed

Yeah? What do I see?

And you're to stay away from the Sea Gull from now on, you hear?

Mayor Leonard: Yes, ma'am! Anything! I owe my life to all of you! I'll never let my greed get the better of me or bother anyone ever again! I promise!

Yeah, right. Well, we'll forgive you this time, on one condition.

Mayor Leonard: A c-condition? I hope it's nothing too difficult...

Mayor Leonard: Yikes!

Cole: Mayor!

We need to take a ship to England. You don't need me to spell it out for you, do you?

Mayor Leonard: N-no, sir! I'll make all the arrangements. Just leave them to me!

Ah, frightening sleazy politicians: fun and profitable!

With that out of the way, I went to the Graveyard to pick up another 2nd tier fusion, getting Light this time.

You got a Puera Soul!!

Oddly enough, Yuri's Light fusion kinda looks like a Hindu god. Huh.

Anyway, before we leave, we've got a couple things to take care of, like getting all the latest gossip.

Olivia: But I still wonder what that treasure is that's buried underneath the Sea Gull...

Vincent: You must be really something to make those ol' hooligans mend their ways!

Actually, I think the crazy lady with the whip had more to do with their change of heart than I did.


We stop in to see Granny Lot. Maybe she'll remember that she promised to feed us.

The mayor came by and apologized. He promised to leave the shop alone from now on! I feel so much better now!

Wow. I didn't think the lardball could run that fast.

He sure did! Said he'd forget about the treasure buried down there too. Now I can relax and think about business!
We're so glad, Granny Lot!

Thank you for everything you've done! I'll be praying for your safe travel. Stop by if you ever come back this way again. Joachim, the children and I would all love to see you again.
Granny, I want to talk to you...
...What is it?
I'm going on that ship with them!

I want to travel and build up my skills. And who knows? Maybe I'll run into Teacher somewhere along the way!
Are you really sure you want to come along?!

Granny here rescued me once when I was left for dead by the side of the road... I'm grateful, but now it's time to go.
...All right, Joachim. I remember you when you were just a dying bat, but you've certainly turned out fine. Off with you, then! Build up your skills then come back and show me how strong you've become!
Thank you, Granny! Thank you!
You're kidding, right? Coming along with us won't be any fun, you know!

Says you.

Yuri, you do want to know who I really am, don't you?
Well, yeah, I do, but...

Son of a...! ...Fine. Do whatever you want.

Before we leave, Granny walks up and starts staring at Yuri's bare chest. I'm starting to realize why she let Joachim hang around for so long.

Here you are. This is for all of you.

You got Solomon's Key

Don't you ever pay attention to the text boxes, Yuri?

I did some digging on my own, you see! And that's when I found that book.
You did some digging? When in the world did you do that, Granny?!
Hee hee hee! I just had to find out what was down there! But the only thing I found was that old, rotting book. I wish it were something more valuable.

You mean you know what that book is, Gepetto?
No question about it! It's "King Solomon's Key," one of the lost, great black books! This book contains a map of where the 72 demons that were controlled by King Solomon lived. You know those crests we've been collecting along our travels?
...Crests? Oh! You mean those things I've got absolutely no use for? Those the crests you mean?

Why harness the magic power of a demon when you can become a demon?

Hee hee hee! You don't have to pout, just because you can't equip them, you know. You're just a big baby!

Excuse me, I'm talking here, folks! And I'm about to say something very important, kiddos, so listen up. They say that if we place the demons that dwell in these crests properly, we can unleash great magical power!
Oh, I get it. We place the crests on this old map, right? But how do we know where to place each crest?
That's the question, isn't it? Maybe we could guess, based on each demon's preferences and characteristics... But the trip ahead is long. I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually! Granny Lot, this is a true treasure indeed. Thank you very much!
You're certainly welcome. I hope it'll be useful to you.

We can now access Solomon's Key from the menu.

The Key is divided into a bunch of different regions. The ones that are grayed out in the list are the ones we don't have any crests for. This center area is the Palace of Transgressions. The most powerful crests in the game are in this area. We won't be completing this part for a long, long time. The other areas are the Enchanting Sea, Forest of Passion, Forsaken Hill, Flame Desert, Eternal Boneyard, Wilderness of War, Bastion of Riches, and Spring of Wisdom. These are basically several logic puzzles. You have to guess where each demon goes in its region based on the description given. And when I say you, I mean YOU. We currently have all the demons to complete the Forest of Passion. I'll list their clues at the end of the update with the map.

Before heading out to see, we're going to take a little detour back to the Wine Cellar. There's now a wolf hanging out in the boss room.

And before you ask, yes, most the wolves Blanca fights are parodies of characters from games like Street Fighter and King of Fighters.

Awroo, awroo! (Well, what do you know? I'm famous...)
Grrr! Awroo! (I'm Kelly. I travel the world, looking for strong wolves. Call me hungry!) Awroo, awroo! (Enough boring talk. Let's let our fangs do the talking!)

What? Like there's really any choice?

Kelly isn't too challenging. Sometimes he'll try to inflict Fast Ring on Blanca, but it hardly ever hits.

Blanca has some special moves of his own.

Nope, not too challenging at all.

You got a little overzealous. You've got to keep your cool if you want to win.

*wimper* Awroo. (Damn. You're as strong as they said... Stronger even.) Awroo, awroo! (Okay, Blanca. Here's my pawprint. You earned it!)

Now we get to hit enemies with two spectral wolves!

Awroo! (I'll be seeing you! And I'll have my fangs sharpened for next time.)

There's another new addition to the Wine Cellar, this time in the first puzzle room.

Jimote: What do you say, Mister? Give it a whirl?

The sexy kind.

Jimote: Glad you asked! It's a brand-new business. I thought it up myself. I call it "Lucky Chests"! You pick two out of the eight treasure chests lined up here. If they have the same thing in them, you get it! You get two chances! And the first person that gets all the chests open gets a special prize. The rules are simple and it hardly costs anything to play! Only 100 Cash for one game. So how about it?

Jimote: Here we go, then! Let's play Lucky Chests!!

When Lucky Chests first becomes available, there are only eight chests. Four of them have Thera Leaf, two have Mana Leaf and two have Pure Leaf. It's randomized each time you play.

On the third try, I got all of them open. This is the order they were in, but, like I said, it's completely random.

You got Mr. Chef

See? Sexy. (This certainly puts an entirely new spin on "The Naked Chef".)

Now that we're done here, it's off to merry old England!

Pettas: Ready to get on the ship?

I wonder if they had Dramamine back then...

Now, then, about Solomon's Key...

As I said, we have all the crests that belong in the Forest of Passion. You can't see it in this view, but the Enchanting Sea is to the east, and the Flame Desert is to the north. The circles are very faint, but it's laid out in a pattern like this:

|   |   |
|   |   |
And these are the clues for the crests:

Andras: A dark angel with the head of a raven. He can incite war and duels between men, for he is fascinated by romantic tragedies.

Vassago: An old man with a falcon. He knows all that happens in the world. He studies constantly in his home in the coastal forest.

Gremory: Appears as a gorgeous woman, able to charm any living thing. He hates men, and lives with beautiful women at the lake's edge.

Sallos: Appears as a warrior in silver armor. Has the power of bewitchment, and entraps men and women in his tent in the forest.

Sitri: A youth adorned with eagle feathers. Entices men with the illusion of a woman swimming in the lake. Loves his neighbor, Gremory.

Zepar: Appears as a warrior in red armor. Disdains all living beings except Vassago, near to whom he has built his mansion.

Furfur: A deer with a lightning tail. All who hear him fall in love with one another, man or woman. Lives by Gremory in the north forest,

There you go. I'll post the solution later in a separate post.

If you want to post your answers here, PLEASE USE SPOILER TAGS.

Also, I seemed to have picked up a Seal of Luck somewhere and forgotten to link the picture.