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Part 16: An Old Friend

Done on the Continent for now, we make our way across the English Channel.

We arrive in Southampton in the middle of a storm. Perfect.

Despite the rain, there's still a couple of people standing around in the street.

Sergeant Upham: Unfortunately, the storm caused a landslide and blocked off the road to Cardiff in the west.

Of course it did.

Following what was good advice for once, we cross over to the other side of the street.

...Aaaand we walk right into a barfight.

I like to think they got into an argument over who was the ugliest.

Yuri is about to join in on the fun when a mysterious man in a cloak beats him to it.

I don't know what he said, but it seemed to have calmed everyone down. Efficient, and better for the furniture, but Yuri's way of solving problems is more fun.

The two thugs walk up to the bar, and their erstwhile punching bag awkwardly bows to his rescuer before going to the other side of the room.

The Mysterious Gentleman™ turns toward our group, but we still don't see his face, thanks to his awesome popped collar.

He finally finishes turning,'s the Chin!

I thought it might be you. It's been a long time.

Huh. It's you!
Yes, Kato. It's been a, longer.

While Yuri stands there like a stunned sheep, Kato reaches out and takes his hand.

Um... How ya been?
Who's this?
Huh...? A friend from my Shanghai days.

Great. He's turned into a babbling idiot. I wonder if we can blame this on the Mistletoe?

Japanese Imperial Navy, Masaji Kato.

Japanese Imperial Navy?

Joachim, master of the lean-in!

Hey! You're all being so rude!
These are your new friends? Quite an interesting group.
A lot has happened since we last met. What about you? You've really changed your look since the last time I saw you.
I don't remember having to crane my neck to talk to you. Have you gotten...taller?
Well, yes. A lot has happened to me as well. It's a tough job, being a diplomat. I've just arrived back from New York this morning, and now because of this storm I've had to cancel my trip to London.
Same old Kato. Still following orders I see.
We're in the same situation. A landslide stopped us from going to Wales!

Yeah, Wales.
Have you been to Wales before?
No, but I've heard a lot about it. It sounds like an interesting place.
Nah, there's nothing there at all. Probably just a bunch of weird monsters.

Voice: You folks wanna go to Wales, do ya?

Yes, that's right!

Sefo: I just came from Rhondda. It's west of here. I-If you go through the mine there, you can go all the way into Wales.


Sefo: Y-Yeah.

Okay, all of these close up shots of Kato looking sinister are starting to unnerve me.

Sefo: ....And then the war came along. The price of coal skyrocketed, and they had 'em mining day and night. But then one day they had a huge accident!

A huge accident?!

Sefo: Yeah. A huge explosion in the very deepest part of the mine. Almost a hundred men were down there!

What happened to the mine after that?

Sefo: There's nobody there now. Completely deserted. Except for... ...the ghosts and monsters they say show up down there now.

You'd almost think she hadn't spent the last few days slogging her way through hordes of ghosts and monsters.

Sefo: Look, don't get mad at me! I was just trying to help ya out, 'cause you said you wanted to go into Wales!

Why not? Let's do it.

Well, it's the shortest way, isn't it?
Guess we don't have any choice. We've got no idea when the road to Cardiff will be reopened.

And, of course, there's only one road that goes to any part of Wales! It's like the Emerald City that way. It even has its own wizard!

Gepetto! You too?!
You scared of a few little ghoulies?

The noble who of which what, now...?
Just forget it.
...Forget what?
Don't worry. If those big, bad ghoulies show up, I'll scare 'em off for you! Boo!!
You looking for a slap?

Well, at least now we know where we're headed next.
He he. You haven't changed. Still taking crazy trips, eh? Just be sure you don't get yourself hurt. I'll be staying in this town a while longer. Hope we get to talk again.

Yeah, be seeing you.

...Yeah. I think he fell on some hard luck lately...
I guess this means we can all take a break until we're ready to leave. Yuri, I'll leave the arrangements up to you. Let me know when you're ready. I think I'll have a few drinks here...
Sure thing. And if you get falling-down drunk, we're leaving you behind.

With that, Gepetto settles in at the bar with Karin of all people.

There's a chest under the stairs with a Hit Area Expand.

There are two rooms upstairs.

Joachim and Blanca are already asleep in the room closest to the stairs. I'm not sure where Yuri is supposed to sleep.

For now, though, there's a chest to loot. I wonder what's inside...

Oh, lord.

Hightailing it out of there and into the next room, we run into Kato again.

Just don't mention anything about books or pipes, alright?

While Yuri and Kato catch up, Karin is downstairs shaking Gepetto. You'd think a soldier would be able to hold her liquor better.

Urp! I feel sick...

Thankfully, we go back to Kato and Yuri before Gepetto hurls all over the bar.

...I'm really sorry.
Nah. It was my weakness that got Alice killed. I've stopped feeling regret over it. Won't bring her back, anyway... And you lost Lieutenant Colonel Kawashima too, huh? Life's been pretty hard on both of us...

It's only been a year, but the events of that day seem so long ago now. After everybody left Shanghai, she talked about you guys every day. Guess she wanted that kind of freedom too.

AUGH! Stop, stop, STOP! Stop trying to out-emo each other!!


And I'm being followed by some strange secret society. I don't even know what I'm doing anymore!
A secret society?!
Yeah. It's called "Sapientes Gladio." Heard of it?

...Uh, no.


Some pretty minor players, I guess.
I'll keep my ears open. If I hear anything about them, I'll tell you.
Okay, thanks. Well, guess I'd better get going.

Nothing. Just be careful. I'll see you again someday.
Yeah, I'll see you!

Yuri goes back downstairs after saying goodbye to Kato.

So, does this mean we get to leave both of them behind?

Yuri soon falls asleep himself, probably by pushing Blanca out of the way rather than sharing with Joachim. Once again, he finds himself with Jeanne in the Graveyard.

Did you find it? What you were looking for?
No, huh...?


My happiness...?
...Then why do you try to depress me every time I see you?
Yes, what happiness means to you. It doesn't matter what. It could be something small, anything at all...

You don't have to try and pretend. I know more about your heart than you do right now, Yuri. Remember you told me once? About your girlfriend that died to save you?
Huh? Yeah...

...That's the problem that's been bothering you.

But I've got a purpose to my life now. To get revenge for you and all the other villagers!

But where is your happiness, Yuri?

Yet another question from Jeanne where it doesn't matter what we answer.

If you can see my heart...can you see the future too?
Nope. All I can see are your true feelings. I don't know what's going to happen in the future. So even if you try to hide your feelings or pretend to be brave, I understand your true heart. So you don't have to act tough for me! Besides, you decide your own future, right?

Don't feel that way! Anyway, whatever you really feel about things, that's what the truth is. There's a door here I can't get open. I haven't looked everywhere yet. I'll still be looking around for a while.

...You can just tell what my feelings are, right? You don't actually SEE anything...right?
I'll be seeing you, Yuri! Even if you get sad, don't ever forget to live!

...little girls rummaging around in my soul... *mumble* privacy... *grumble* ...not comfortable even using the bathroom anymore...