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Part 19: In Which Yuri Actually OUTSMARTS Someone

And we *finally!* get to go to Wales.


You'll notice there's now a gorge blocking off access to Nemeton. It's from when Neam ripped that huge cable out of the ground.

Oh boy! It's Story Time™ with Yuri!

This is where it all began, and it all ended.

Six months ago, there was a man who tried to destroy the world.

He raised a temple into the sky and summoned a god from beyond the remake the world in his own image.

We defeated him and battled the god. In the end, we were saved by a legendary magician who has lived for a thousand years...Roger Bacon.

A little ways down the trail, we come to a place where we can see into the canyon. Looks like there's a door down there, but we can't reach it (yet). We can reach the Seal of Life in the chest.

There's another chest down by Roger's house. This one has a Hit Area Expand.

When we get closer to the house, we check out the area between these two "prongs".

It's Ring Soul!

I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the administrator of all fate... ...Right?
Now you're clucking your tongue?!

How is that even possible?


You got Attack Boost

Um... The power to command the... ...Judgment Ring. It'll help you carve your way through destiny.
Where's the poetry? The romance?!
I'll appear again to give you more power, and I'm watching to see if...
Hey, hey! Come on!'re truly the one to command destiny. Okay, bye!

Weird. Well, what else is new?

There's another chest by the...well, let's just call it a pillar. This one has Yuri's new weapon, Bearclaw! Mmm...bearclaw...

Time to head inside...

I feel like we've heard this conversation before...

Yuri runs up the stairs.

There's a neat little platform up here, but no Roger.

So, let's loot his house! There's a Lottery Ticket hidden on the table in the foreground.

The vending machine shop from the first game is unusable.

We console ourselves by stealing Forneus Crest (Surge, Barrier, Mirage) from a chest under the stairs.

With no Roger, and all his valuables now mysteriously missing (heh), we make our way down the stairs to leave, which triggers a scene.

Maybe he went for a walk...?
Yeah, maybe.

Yuri and Karin automatically go outside after that...

...which triggers another scene.

Tough luck for you!

It's them!

How did he manage to get all the way up there?

Hah! It's just like Nicolai said!

Too bad that that old geezer isn't here! By this time he's in a cage, far away.


I like how these guys are always posing around Lenny. It's like he has his own back-up dancers.

Heh heheheh heh!

Where is he?
I can't tell ya.
'Cause ya don't know?
Oh, I know alright.
Then where?!
I'm not sayin'!
I knew it! You got no idea!

I told ya, ya little punk! I DO know!


Really! I do know, really!
Yeah, right.

It's true! It's true! He's in Italy! Florence, Italy!



Welp, we got what we needed.

Wow, he's even dumber than Joachim. That's...sad.

Lenny sad.

Ooohh, oooooohhhh, ooooohhh! Oh, oh oh oh! Oooooohh...

Wait! Stop right there! You ignoring me!?


What now?

Even if you don't watch any of the other videos, you should watch this one, if only to see Lenny jump up and down like an angry gorilla.

Don't ignore ME!!

You think you're smart! Now you know too much for your own good!

We finally get to kick Lenny's big dumb butt.

Lenny fights with two Clawed Commanders, upgraded versions of the Clawed Soldiers. Our first few turns are spent taking them out.

I use Orexis again in this fight, because I like Orexis. Joachim is also still in his Golden Bat form from the last boss battle.

Being Earth-based, Lenny does not like the Air Shot Combo Magic.

He also doesn't like Blanca's tendency to aim right for his nads.

I get a Ring item, Paralysis 1, for winning. I also get a Chainmail Vest for having a high-hit Combo.

I was this close to beating them!
*pant, pant* You wanna go some more?
Damn! Would you look at the time? Gotta get going. Lucky thing for you too! I'll make you pay next time!

With that, Lenny limps off to find an ice pack...and another scene is triggered.

*clap clap clap clap*

What an astonishing performance! Quite impressive, yes indeed!

You there! Who are you?!

My, isn't he polite!

It's an honor. My name is Thomas. I'm what you might call an explorer.

An explorer? You're not with the secret society?
The what?!

Oh! Oh hoho, heavens no!

Ah, but I do know a little something about what's going on between you and them.

Thomas hands Yuri a box.

Have a look at this.

Which turns out to be a video camera.

Complete with old-timey, grainy, soundless film of Lenny kidnapping (ancient-midgetnapping?) Roger.

That's Lenny! And he's got Roger!
So...we're too late?

Now do you believe me? When I say I'm not working with them?

Why did you show me this?
Well, my boy, I've also got a grudge to settle against Sapientes Gladio.

Poor Sir Bacon, taken away like that! I've met him several times, actually.
Sounds like you might know more about what happened...
Well, I don't have a whole lot of information. But I suppose what I do know is better than nothing, right?

Another scene! This update is just chock full of PLOT!

I remember when I first heard the rumors of Sapientes Gladio. Yes, it was just before the war began.

At the same time, a series of bizarre murders happened all over Europe.

All were performed in the style of a medieval execution.

The victims were high-level government dignitaries from each European country.

If any Latin geeks out there would like to take a crack at translating the crest, you're more than welcome. I think it says "Ducont volentem fata, nolentem trahunt." All I'm getting from online translators is "To lead on the march be willing the fates, unwilling to drag", which doesn't make much sense.

Rumors of a "secret society" spread through the land, and various intelligence agencies sprang into motion.

The only clue, a sword and owl crest.

As to who was behind these grisly one had any idea.

One thing's certain! These Sapientes Gladio fellows are planning something big. But what could they want?
I have no idea.
And you're just some mysterious person from out of nowhere that wants to find out, huh, just like us?
That's right. I only want to be helpful to you. After all, you're closer than anyone to finding out who the society's leader is...


You mean you don't know who the leader is yet either?
I have a few guesses, but no real solid leads.
We don't have any real leads at all.

Just where Lenny said Roger was being held. My, how...suspiciously convenient.

Why don't you go see her? I bet she'll cooperate with you if you mention my name.
......... Hmph! I don't think I like that guy.
I say! I'm still standing right here. I can hear you, you know.
But we don't have any other ideas for rescuing Mr. Bacon.
Fine! We'll go. We'll go to that Flo... Flora whatever place.
Right. That's what I said. "Florence."

Looks like we're off to Italy next!