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Part 26: Hostile Negotiations

What, you thought we were done here?

That's odd. There's no one here at all.
Weird. Where could they be hiding the old man?

The sounds of approaching heavy artillery heralds our conveniently timed answer.

See the wall?

Not anymore.

Of course, when you spend all day slaying Lovecraftian horrors, a little mortar fire barely fazes you.

What's that?!

"That" would be Nicolai's kick-ass airship. So unfair...

Or maybe Yuri was referring to the shell flying straight for his face.

Luckily, it hit his head, so nothing important was damaged.

Is everyone okay?

We're fine!

Ah, I think I'm okay.
As hard-headed as usual, I see.

Hey! I already made that joke!

What are you up to?!

You gotta admit, the guy knows how to make a dramatic entrance. He's bat-shit crazy and destroyed his own organization's property, but he knows how to make an entrance.

Nice to see you, Lieutenant. ...You too, Godslayer.

Well... Let's see, it's been...two months since the Mistletoe's curse, and you still look quite normal.

It didn't work. It's a load of crap!
Somebody needs to teach him manners!
The one you're looking for is no longer here.
St. Margeurite Island. We're holding him there.
St. Margeurite...

St. Margeurite! ......I was feeling left out.

Godslayer. Get me the Émigré manuscript. Do that, and I'll give you Bacon.

Wait, the wizard or the crunchy delicious meat product forbidden by several major world religions?

I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't lie to me!

You most certainly do know. It contains the secret of life. You used it to achieve your victory. Afterwards, you and Bacon took it and hid it away somewhere.

It should be noted that Nicolai uses the same sing-songy voice in this little speech that you'd use to tell a story to a very small child.

That much I already know.

And with a dramatic crane shot as the airship pulls away, we're left with a new goal. Now, a smart man would just storm the island without the book, so you know we're going to...go get the damn book.