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Part 27: Wales Once Again

Once we leave the SG headquarters, we're forced to go back to Florence.

Just what kind of secret does the Émigré Manuscript hold, anyway?
Nicolai said you knew.
Here's the deal.

Welcome back to another episode of "Yuri's Story-time Corner"!

Ten years ago, three ancient tomes were stolen from the Vatican...

The Pulse Tract, which incarnates a god from the soul of the Earth...

The R'lyeh Text, with the power to summon a god from beyond the stars...

This is the same book translated as "Codex of Lurie" in Shadow Hearts.

And the Émigré Manuscript, which creates life from death.

Because each one has the power to warp the very fabric of existence, the books have been widely sought after over the years...and many tragedies resulted from that search.

If it's been two months since Nicolai cursed Yuri, shouldn't he be saying he got the books eight months ago?

When the battle was over, Roger and I secretly sealed the books away, where they'd be safe.
That dangerous, eh? And do you remember where you sealed this Émigré Manuscript away?
It's hardly something I'd forget! But I was in favor of burning them and being done with the whole affair, myself... We hid the Émigré Manuscript in the Great Nemeton Fissure.

The monastery gets destroyed in every game, and all it does is reveal an even deeper dungeon.

Nemeton...? You mean that desolate spot in Wales?
That's right. And it won't be easy to go down there. That place is crawling with evil and monsters!

You would.

You make it sound like a walk in the park, but this is serious business! We could get ourselves killed!


While we're here, we can get healed from the last boss fight by Carla.

I love talking to the NPCs wandering around towns in this game. They almost all have something amusing to say, and there's usually a handful in each town that have their own mini-storyline going on if you keep coming back to talk to them.

Al: I've been so worried it's gonna come true, I haven't been able to concentrate on my work! I'm gonna get the boot...

Jones: I guess there are still women around that can appreciate a man's good points! I'll buy her anything she wants!

There is no way this can end badly.

Trust me, you're better off without him hanging around.

Before heading to Wales, we make a quick stop back where we fought Janus for...another Wolf Bout!

Huh? Did this wolf just talk in people language?
Ah, pardon me. I didn't mean to startle you. I might look like a wolf now, but I used to be a human. That's why I can speak both wolf and human languages.
Hey, same as me. I can understand what Blanca says too.

If that were true, he'd know that Blanca just called him an idiot.

I have to beat you if I want my human form back. Will you fight?

Before you ask, no, he doesn't turn into a human if you lose the fight.

As a nice change of pace, the fight with Henri is actually slightly challenging. A bit surprising, considering the game claims he's 91. It's even more challenging if you forget to equip a Pocket Watch on Blanca.

Henri's other Special attack is the Earth spell Thorn. It'll be a while before we get this spell for our group.

We get a Mana Extract for beating Henri, which completely restores a character's MP when used.

Age doesn't have anything to do with it. It's just a matter of whether you take on fighting as your living or not.

You're absolutely right. Maybe research suits me better than battles. Well, Blanca, here you are.

You take care too.

Now that all the distractions are taken care of, it's back to Wales. Hm, that red thing by Roger's house wasn't there before...

Hmm. Nice mailbox...

Hoo boy. Here we go again.

Hey! Don't go getting any ideas! That belongs to someone, get it?

You're not even listening to me, are you?
Hmm... I really want this mailbox...

You got Red Mailbox

I love free weapons.

Never mind that!
Um, weren't you supposed to be a hero?

An economical hero!

Inside Roger's house, a new chest has appeared, containing a Rope Ladder. We'll use this to get down to the next dungeon.

The vending machine is inexplicably working again.

We can now get new weapons for everyone else. I pick up a pair of Gauntlets for Yuri, a Whetstone Plus for Blanca, a Golden Fan for Lucia, Piano Wire for Gepetto and a Blessed Saber for Karin. I also bought a couple of Studded Caps.

We've got everything we need to go get the Émigré Manuscript, but first, we've picked up enough Crests to complete the Enchanting Sea section of Solomon's Key. Containing only five Crests, this is the last simple area of the map.

|   |
The clues are as follows:

Uvall: Appears as a strong, tanned man. He used to live in the desert, but was banished to an island on the Enchanting Sea for treachery.

Vepar: Appears as a beautiful mermaid with green scales. He lures sailors to their death by pretending to drown near a whirlpool.

Crocell: A black-clothed angel with silver hair and golden eyes. Lives close to Vepar. An art-lover who talks with demons in other areas.

Focalor: Giant demon cloaked in rain clouds. Rules water and controls tides and storms at will, but he is powerless on land.

Forneus: Water demon of unclear form. Knows all literature. Exchanges knowledge with his friend, Vassago of the Forest of Passion.