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Part 31: Cannes You Give Me a Lift?

You wouldn’t think a quiet, luxury resort town on the French Riviera would be the gateway to a horrific 18th century prison, but there you go.

A lot of people are wandering around town despite the looming war.

Since when is post-Renaissance the Middle Ages?

Silva: They say that nobody that’s been imprisoned there has ever gotten out alive. Pretty scary, eh?

Marshal Bazaine would like a word with you.

We leave the plaza down some steps to the right and find a Seal of Force hidden behind a lamppost near the stairs.

Suzette: About the only villager that can go over there is Nelson, the stevedore. He takes food over there once a week.

There’s a Lottery Ticket hidden by the lamp post at the end of the first section of town.

Filio: And it was a feeble old man too! Poor guy. I hope they haven’t tortured him to death by now…

Eh, Roger is tougher than he looks. And he looks like old shoe leather, so I’d say he’s pretty damn tough.

At the bottom of the stairs there’s a Grass Oil hidden in the fountain, giving Lucia four more possible Aroma Oil combinations.

The first guy we run into on the lower street opens up a new mini-quest.


Croft: Well?! Do you or don’t you?! I‘ll ask you one more time! Do you like treasure hunts?!

Y-yeah! I-I love them!

Yuri’s LIFE is a treasure hunt.

Croft: Good answer! So, you like hunting for treasure! Well, I love hiding it! So if you guys all like looking for it, let’s have a little competition, okay?!

You got Treasure: Dawn

What’s this scrap of paper…?

Croft: It’s an encoded note that shows where I hid the treasure! If you can figure out the code, you‘ll find great treasure, and you’ll win! But if you can’t find the treasure, and the code is too hard for you, then I win! Get it?

Yeah, I get it! I’ll give it a try…

The first clue isn’t really in “code” so much as it’s a riddle. The clues for subsequent treasures will be encoded as well as containing riddles.


Lottery Member 13: Not to mention the lottery! I love it! Let’s play!

Member 13’s Lottery is a Tiny Ring, but the Red is the Marchosias Crest (Gale Spark), so you pretty much have to hit it. Luckily, there’s the save point in town, so it’s easy to reload if you miss.

You won Marchosias

Lottery Member 13: Thanks. If you’re in Cannes again, come by and have another try!

A little further down the street, we come to an all too familiar wagon as well as a handful more townspeople. There are also steps leading down to the dock and the beach, but we don’t need to go that way yet.

No, we can’t trade her one for anything. But, speaking of trading…

There are two people in Cannes that will advance the Trading Mini-Quest. The first one is a little kid wandering back and forth in front of Croft and the pub.

This? It’s someone’s homemade movie. I got it from this guy who’s just crazy about straw!

Fabio: A homemade movie…? Well, I guess some amateur movies must be okay. All right, then! Will you let me review it?

Fabio: Yeah, well… It’ll pass the time I guess. You can have this.

You got Limestone Block

Fabio: I thought I’d give something besides movies a go, but it’s not my thing.

The other possible trade is a man wandering around the left side of the upper street.

Only an amateur, homemade one.

Ijichi: Even amateurs can make movies over here?! That’s cool! Can I take a look at it? I’ll give you something in return.

Ijichi: Great! Thanks! Here, this is for you, then!

You got Daruma Doll

Ijichi: My mom gave it to me before I left home, but it just gets in the way. You have it. Take care of it, okay?!

Either the Daruma Doll or the Limestone Block will let you continue with the mini-quest, although trading with Ijichi will make it a little longer.

We’ve talked to almost everyone in the streets (I’ll get to the Magimel Brothers right before we leave) so it’s time to find Nelson. There’s only one building in town we can enter, the pub right beside Croft.

I’m looking for a sailor.

Whatever. Have you seen any sailors?

Do you- wait, never mind, I‘m not asking YOU that.

Anatol: Why, thank you! Let me give you this as a small token of my appreciation. It’ll always remind you of me.

You got Mr. Samurai

Oh, no…

Ah, there’s our man!

Don’t get all crabby on us, now. Yeah, we may be strangers, but we’ve got a very special favor to ask.

Nelson: A favor? What is it? I ain’t doing nothing for free, ya know.

Oh, we’ll see about that.

We want you to take us to St. Marguerite Island.

You’ve heard of Sapientes Gladio, haven’t you?

Nelson: What?! Are you fellows with the secret society?

By “load,” do you mean an old man? You helped the society imprison an innocent old man? So you’re their pawn, eh?

Nelson: No way! I hauled an old man over there, but I ain’t no pawn! Look, I’m sorry, all right? What‘re ya gonna do with me? Don‘t tell me you‘re gonna kill me!

Nah, don’t worry. We’re not like those secret society scum, you know. Just tell us how we can get over to the island. That way, you can keep from getting involved, right?

Nelson: Okay, sure. My boat is tied up outside. Ya can use that to go over with. And this here key opens the door to the waterway. I‘ll let ya borrow it.

You got Waterway Key

We’ve got our way over and the key to get in. Ah, guilt, is there anything you can’t do?

Thanks. We appreciate it.

Nelson: Ya won’t tell anybody, will ya…?

Nah. Don’t worry about a thing. Just drink up and go to bed.

Why, we’re flat broke! Not a penny to our names! …Say, I’ve got some time on my hands. Shall I sew you something?

Let’s not hold onto Mr. Samurai a minute longer than we have to.


Shut up.

We trade the card to get Cornelia’s Light dress and the skill Holy Cast. There’s only her Wind dress left to get.

Well, if you must know, I frittered away everything I had at the casinos in Monaco. Now, won’t you buy something?

Gerard has new armors this time. The Desert Cloak can be equipped by Yuri, Joachim and Karin. Gepetto and Lucia can only equip the Long Robes. Blanca can equip either.

One last thing to do before we leave, and that’s grabbing the Western Belt from the chest next to Nelson’s boat. Next stop: St. Marguerite!

Oh yeah, and here’s the link to Delay 1 that I missed a while ago.