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Part 32: Storming the Prison

A quick ride in the tiny boat later (God only knows how everyone fit into it)...

And we arrive at St. Marguerite Island, and, presumably, Fort Royal.

Here's the first map of the area. We'll explore the areas beyond the question marks in the next update.

Before we can even do anything, a strange wolf runs up to Yuri.


And then he disappears through a small hole in the cliff.

A-are you okay?

What?! What the hell's wrong with you, screaming like that?
The key! He took the key!

Oh, goddamn it...

The key?! You here?

No, the one to his gym locker.


S-sorry! It was just so sudden...

No chance. But Blanca could do it... I'm sure Blanca could get through... Yeah, Blanca could.

I don't know, Yuri. Are you sure a wolf could fit through a hole that another wolf fit through?


What horrors lurk on the other side?

Oh, it's a forest. Up ahead, the path forks in two. On the left, it leads to a Save Point and a wolf.

Unfortunately, it's not the wolf we're looking for. He does run an item shop, but he doesn't have any new weapons or armor, and Blanca is the only one who can buy from him.

Going to the right, Blanca finds the wolf that stole the key. I'm not sure why he's called "Friendly Wolf" when he isn't very friendly.

Awroo! A-awroo? (Yeah. Gimme the key back!)

Friendly Wolf: Grrrr... Awroo, awroo! (No can do! If you were dumb enough to have it stolen, that's too bad!)

See what I mean?

This is kind of like one of the wolf fights, but it doesn't count as one. The enemy also doesn't appear in the monster library.

Blanca wins in the first attack.

If they're all as weak as you, even the entire pack wouldn't be a challenge.

You got back the Waterway Key

And with that, the wolf runs away. What the hell was he going to do with a key, anyway? (You can get to this area from inside the fort as well, so it's not like he needed it.)

Awroo! (Okay, now to get back...)

You can always count on Blanca!
Okay! Back to work, then! Let's go!

Aw, someone's jealous.

Now that we have the key, we can enter the prison.

The stairs end in a short hallway with a single door on the left.

It looks like the door leads to a guard room of some sort. There's a Lottery Ticket hidden in the corner.

Speaking of guards, in this part of the prison the encounters consist of these guys, who can cast Evil Born, and Paladins, who cast Bright Crime.

We leave the guard room through the door on the right. It leads to a short hallway with three other doors at the far end. From here, we go through the right-hand door.

This leads to a small room divided by four cells. The exit is in the upper-right corner, but it's locked.

There's a chest in the lower-right corner with another Face Guard.

All the cells are occupied. Three of the prisoners give you clues about the combination (once you've looked at the locked door).

Bosionov: The numbers go in descending order. And they're all 4 or higher. I got that from a reliable source, you know!

As for the fourth prisoner...

Lottery Member 12: There's only one way to absolve my sins, by working as a lottery member for the good of the world. Help me repent!

The Chairman still has a knack for recruiting weirdos, I see.

The only difficult thing about this Ring is that the sweeper speed is a little erratic.

Lottery Member 12: Congratulations! And thank you for helping me pay for my crimes...

You won Slow 2

Lottery Member 12: I'll be here, repaying my debt to society. Come by again sometime...

Back to the door, the combination is pretty simple: 8 6 4.

The door leads to a dark hall and a single descending staircase.

The stairs end in a fairly large room, and everyone wanders toward the middle.

Well, almost everyone. Blanca sniffs the air and starts growling. Of course, the idiots he's traveling with ignore him.

Lucia is the second one in the group that notices something is wrong.

Oh, this smell!

What is it, all of a sudden?!

This perfume...I'm gonna...faint...

Not that it does her much good.


Karin and Joachim start walking toward Lucia to see what's wrong.

I'm getting weaker...



Uh-oh, it's got me, too...


Run, Yuri! RUN!!

C'mon! What's wrong with all of you?

Yuri notices Blanca refusing to leave the doorway...

And then immediately keels over.


This made from foxglove. will paralyze you if you...inhale it...

Too late...

Oh, fuck me...

How do you like my special blend of perfume? None of you can move a muscle!
Oh no, it's her again.
Ah ha ha ha, haha! It works on the central nervous system. You must be having trouble breathing.
Damn you!

Ha! That was easier than I thought it would be.
What'll you do...?

Ah ha haha, ha ha ha!

Veronica approaches her helpless victims, then notices something.

Blanca didn't get caught by the perfume! He'll save everyone!


...... God-damned coward! Stop running away!


I was wondering when he was going to show up.

Go after it and kill it!
What? That stupid dog?!

It's smarter than you.

Oh, like that's hard.

Come on!

Nicolai uses his foot to shove Yuri over onto his back. What a gentleman!

Ah! Bad touch! Bad touch!

Ah! I'll take this. Thanks for the help!

Okay! I'll finish 'em off!
Wait a minute! Nicolai said I could have him!

Aw, not that weird stuff again!
What about it, Nicolai?

Do whatever you want.

Oh, this is just perfect.