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Part 34: Veronica's Super Happy Fun Time Playroom

Last time, Veronica asked for a volunteer to "play" with her. When we regain control, we get to pick who goes. The catch is that you have to guess which phrase goes with which character. Not that it's very hard.

A lot of people playing the game probably don't pick Joachim. The reason is that you get a reward for this sequence which can get you a new weapon for the character picked. But Joachim already gets all his weapons for free, so you don't save any money by going with him. We're going to "volunteer" him anyway.

Well, how do you feel, now that you're awake?
That scent knocked me for a loop...

Is this supposed to be fun?!

Well, maybe not for you...

Ooh! Settle down! Don't you know that your queen doesn't like pathetic slaves that struggle?!


You ever get the feeling that the game designers might have liked making Veronica's scenes a little too much?

See! If you don't listen, you'll just have to be punished!

Hey, is that...a game controller?

That was just a taste. Did you like it?
Of course I didn't like it! What do you think you're doing?

I smell burning ham.

How about that?

You seemed to enjoy that. I want you to show me how happy you are! Let's try it again, shall we?

At this point, we have three chances to respond Veronica, just like the torture scene with Alice in the first game. Also like the first game, choosing the first response each time gets the best reward (a new weapon in this case). Veronica's lines in this entire scene, except for her parting line, are the same no matter which character you pick.

Since Joachim gets a new weapon no matter what, we won't be going with the "correct" answers this time.

Don't say things you don't mean! See what happens? I'll just have to reward you with more amps!
Gaaargh! I'm fading...

What's the matter? Don't look so miserable! Oh, I know! If you promise to be one of my little pets, I'll let you off easy. Well?

More impudence?! Well, well. You really must be enjoying this!

Who the hell is she shouting to, anyway?

Huuh?! Enough's enough, okay?!
Tee hee hee... Very well, I'll give you one last chance! Just swear your loyalty to your new queen!

There now, Joachim. Doesn't it feel better to be out of the closet, er, casket?

Okay, maybe not.

It's okay! People always complain at first. It takes some time to bring them around...a lot of time!

She sounds like a counselor at one of those stupid gay-to-straight brainwashing healing camps.

What are you doing?! You passed out on me?!

And now, through the magic of returning to an earlier save, let's do that again with Yuri, answering the questions the "right" way.

We'll just cut right to the question part. Picking the first response gives Veronica slightly different dialog and prevents the victim from being electrocuted.

Well, well! Do you think that's the way slaves should talk to their queen? But never mind! That's just the kind of resistance I like!
T-thank god!
Now to increase the volts!
Huh?! You can't be serious?!
What's the matter? Don't look so miserable! Oh, I know! If you promise to be one of my little pets, I'll let you off easy. Well?

W-what do you want from us?
More volts! More!
Huh?! Give it up already!
Tee hee hee... Very well, I'll give you one last chance! Just swear your loyalty to your new queen!

See what you say after this!

At this, she proceeds to beat the shit out of Yuri with her whip.



*pant, pant* Y-you really have some guts! Brave words, considering your position.

Tee hee hee! But we're having a pretty good time, aren't we? I won't let you sleep tonight!

H-help! Blanca!

Meanwhile, Nicolai is sitting in an office somewhere under a picture of what looks to be a man in a frilly dress.

There's the sound of a door opening, and Nicolai looks up from the Émigré Manuscript.


Oh, good. It's the only one of these chucklefucks that actually makes me smile.

That S&M broad is nuts, I tell ya. She's really into some weird stuff.

Did you find the dog?
Eh, I'm lookin' for it now.

In Nicolai's office? I'd think he'd notice a giant white wolf.

That thing's slippery as hell! I wonder where it's hidin'?
This book... most definitely cursed. Why in the world would anybody want such a thing?

Wait...didn't YOU want it? You sure went to a lot of trouble to get it.

Nicolai stands up and crosses the room behind Lenny.

Hey! Where ya goin'!?

It is time for me to see the Master. Now that I have this, my work is done.
I'll go with ya!

Every time I see Nicolai's face, it just strengthens my desire to smack the smug right out of him.

No, you stay here. After she's had her way with finish them off.

Not again! Why do I always have to do clean-up?

Lenny sad.

She'll be tired of them in a few days. Just be patient until then.

Okay. But ya owe me one, ya know!

Lenny chills on the couch for a bit after Nicolai leaves. Then, as his neurons sluggishly fire, he suddenly realizes he was supposed to be doing something.

Oh, yeah.

I gotta find that dog!

Bless his little heart; he tries so hard sometimes.