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Part 36: Goodnight, Sweet Prince

First, a re-post of the complete map.

Back in control of Yuri at last! There's a chest next to the cells, containing the prize for making it through Veronica's questions. If you answer the "right" way, you get a weapon upgrade for the character you picked. In this case, we get Yuri's Phantom Claw.

There's also a Ring Effect, Sp-Defend Down 2, hidden in the stack of crates in the unused cell at the end.

There are two new enemies wandering around. The Kheperers can cast Rage and Red Blaze. The other monster is called Gatorback. It's tough with a huge amount of HP (for a random encounter). I think it can also cast Rock Storm, but I didn't have any use it this time around.

Going back to the room labeled 4, Yuri and Karin run into Ring Soul again in the upper-right corner.

Hey, Ring Spirit! Hi!

I can see it... I can see your future... This I entrust to you...

You got Attack Boost

Oh! Taking it seriously today! Saying the full lines and everything!

I always take it seriously! The Ring Soul doesn't have much impact as a character, so I have to play it all majestic! It's a tough role! I've got a 30-year mortgage, the wife and kids to feed! I can't afford not to take my job seriously, okay?! I'm trying my hardest to leave some kind of impression on the people I meet! Why are you being such a pain?! Just taking me for a fool! Ring Spirit this, Ring Spirit that! I'm the Ring Soul! Okay?! Let me spell it out! R-i-n-g S-o-u-l!

Does anyone ever get the feeling that they based the Ring Soul's personality on someone in the design team?

You're such a...a...a...
Swell guy?

Oh no, he 'sploded.

Anyway, after Ring Soul has his meltdown, we leave the area to the south. As we come up the stairs at the beginning of the section labeled 3 on the map, one of the prisoners calls out to Yuri.

Maybe, why?

Locke: He was put in a specially-built cell. I don't think there's any easy way to get it open...

Really? You couldn't pick the lock or something?

Yuri, you NEVER pick locks. That's why we always spend so much time back-tracking for keys and secret levers, remember?

Locke: Probably not. Here, let's talk... I'm actually a locksmith. I made all the locks used in the cells. But once I finished, they said they didn't need me any more, and shut me in! They've got some nerve! I tell you, I'm just waiting to get my revenge... You want me to make you a key?

Oh boy, another "are you SURE you want to continue the game" question.

Locke: Okay, then! First I need you to bring me the things to make the key. I'll need something long and thin for the shaft. A pen or a pencil will do. It just needs to be strong. Next, I'll need some soft metal to make the end. Some wire would be perfect. Maybe there's some lying around... And last, I'll need something to bond the two. I'm sure you'll find that if you go to one of the warehouses. If you bring those three things, I can make you a key.

Our new quest is to find the things to get us a key, and there are also some treasures we haven't picked up yet. One of which is a Tent at the bottom of the same corridor Locke is in.

Going back to the section marked 2, we go up the stairs we ignored earlier.

This brings us to Nicolai's office. The item you get from the chest is based on whether Blanca got spotted by the guards or not. If you do the section perfectly, you get a Zodiac Bracelet, way earlier than you would normally get it. a Hit Area Expand.

We can also steal Nicolai's Fountain Pen. I like to think that Yuri would take it even if he didn't need it.

We go back down to section 2, then we follow the hall left until we come to the iron gate, D on the map. From there, we go into the upper-left door to reach a storeroom.

There's some Adhesive hidden in the boxes along the wall.

From there, we back-track to section 1 and the chest that Blanca ignored earlier. It holds the Bifrons Crest (Arc Cure).

After grabbing that, we send Blanca back through the hole to the wolf pack. Hey, it's that guy we humiliated.

Friendly Wolf: *whimper* Awroo! (It nearly went straight into my paw! Huh? You want this junk?)

You got Bent Wire

With the Bent Wire, we've got everything we need for the key, but we won't have Locke make it just yet. Before we leave the wolves, I stop at the shop and make sure I've got four Mirror Bracelets.

Instead, we're going back to section 2, and we head down the stairs this time.

At the bottom of the stairs, there's a chest with a Daphne Fruit which cures all Ring and Status Abnormalities. It's just like Blanca's Full Moon skill, but for one person instead of the entire party.

From there, we go through a door on the right and end up in Veronica's play torture room. There's a Seal of Strength hidden in the Iron Maiden.

Continuing to the right, we come to the room where everyone (except Blanca) was captured. There's something odd on the floor here...

Hmm. Nice pipe...

Oh no...

I wonder what a pipe is doing inside a stone building like this? Who could've put it here?

It's not filled with a damn thing! Look at it! See?! Completely empty! Hollow pipe? Get it? Hollow!
Like your head!
I'll use it as a straw, then.


You got Earthen Pipe

And with that, Joachim has his new weapon.

Yup. Not even a lukewarm one...

Anyway...there's a Pure Root in a chest at the end of one platform.

There's also a Lottery Ticket hidden at the end of the other platform in this room.

We've cleared everything out of here, so it's time to go back to Locke.

Locke: Mmm... This pen should make a fine key shaft. And this wire will work perfectly! It just needs a little skillful twisting... Then the adhesive, and... All done! This should help get that old guy out!

You got Handmade Key

Locke: Oh, yeah! Here, have this, if it'll be any use to you.

You got Nibelung Scene 2

Extra Heuervelk power!

Not only did we get the key, we got a bonus opera scene for Karin!

Now that we have the key, we can go to the north exit of section 1

This leads to a long hallway that ends at a Save Point and a closed door. After making sure the battle party is healed up and wearing the Mirror Bracelets, we head through.

Hey, what did those jerks do to Roger?

Everyone heads for Roger when a voice calls out from behind.

Now you're trapped!

As the camera pans out from Lenny it's revealed that he isn't alone...

Man, all those Claw guys are really into vogueing.

So where's your leader, Nicolai?

He's not here anymore.
So where is he?
I'm not telling you.

You don't know.

Yes, I do.

So where?
I'm NOT telling.
I knew it; you don't know.
I just told you, I DO know!

Yeah, right.

That's right. I don't know...

What kind of an IDIOT would fall for your stupid, little trick!?

Yuri starts quietly chuckling.

I'll kill ya for that!

Lenny mad! Lenny SMASH!

I swear! I'll kill ya!

Lenny's minions rush in.

At this point, we have to fight six of the Clawed Admirals.

Not that it's challenging.

Then, more of them rush us. I'm not sure where they're all coming from.

It's another group of six. They aren't any more difficult than the first group.

The last of them run forward.

This one was actually slightly challenging, if only because they surrounded the party (normally, the last group is lined up in a 2 by 3 grid).

They're still soon defeated, leaving only Lenny and Veronica in the room.

So I'm the last of the Steel Claws...

Veronica starts to move forward to stand with Lenny, but he stops her.

You go join Nicolai and the Master.

I'll take care of these guys myself.

*sigh* Okay. I'll go ahead and...wait for you there.

With nary a protest, Veronica leaves the room.

You go, too. Just stay outta my way; all I want is the old man.

Lenny walks over to the wall.

I can't do that. We're gonna finish it. Now!

...the Hell?


What the HELL?!

Lenny(?) smashes his...claw against the wall, knocking a hole in it.


Bring it on!

We finally get to the boss fight for St. Marguerite: Lenny in his Godhand form.

Godhand is still Earth-based like Lenny, so I Fuse Yuri into Grano for this fight.

I start things off with a nice 4-man Combo ending in Air Shot. Just look at the damage stack up!

Godhand can deal considerable damage of his own. His normal attacks will hit for around 80 damage, and he also has a Special Attack called Deadly Three where he'll pick up one of your characters and hurl him or her into two others. He can also Petrify which is why I equipped the Mirror Bracelets.

After pulling off another Air Shot Combo, I defeat him in the fifth round.

Godhand drops a Thera Extract and Bandit Earrings, and we get a Strike Expand on top of that for the high-hit Combo.

The fight over, Lenny returns to normal and staggers to his feet, right in front of the gaping hole he made earlier.


He kind of sways on his feet a few moments before speaking.

...Y... ...You got me...

And with that, he falls out of the fortress and, presumably, into the sea.

Yuri and Karin try to rush forward, but they're too late.