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Part 37: Magician In an Iron Mask

Hey! Roger! Wake up!

After Yuri helps Roger sit up, Joachim kneels down and lifts off the mask.

Huh. He looks the same underneath!
Keep your comments to yourself! Besides, you're late...

...getting here! Hm!

Right about now, Yuri is wishing they'd left Roger here.

Uh, um...

Hey, who's this weird looking gentleman?
What a rude young lady!

My name is...

At this point, we get the chance to re-name Roger. It's just like Shadow Hearts 1 again!

"Ask me again, I'll tell you the same!"

No, that's not it; it's...Roger Bacon!

Yes! Master philosopher, alchemist and eternal love-chil-



Enough of that! We don't have time for your long-winded self-introductions.

Um, Gepetto, what are you doing?

Eh? What are you talking about?

Doesn't look like his bones are broken.

Hey, you old goat! Watch out where you're touching!

I'm not doing it because I want to!


You didn't give it to him, did you, Yuri? You didn't give Nicolai the book, did you?

Uhh...well... You
I didn't GIVE it to him... gave it to him.

Aw, we made him sad.

I was tortured for several days and didn't talk...

Tortured, until my soul cried ou-



Stop your complaining! We'll get it BACK already, okay?!

Oh, it's terrible! If we don't do something there'll be another terrible tragedy! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Get a hold of yourself!

First we have to get out of here. THEN we can talk, okay?

She's right. We should leave before they come back.
Hm. Okay.