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Part 38: That's Heavy (Water), Man

After rescuing Roger, the game railroads us into Cannes.

Once there, we are immediately treated to a history lesson.

A number of secret societies were born at the turn of the 20th century.

Many of them were derived from the Jesuits or the Rosicrucians. Among them, Sapientes Gladio was one of the most interesting.

At first, they worshiped the Lord humbly and worked for equality. They valued each other's opinions and were an extremely idealistic group.

They broke down barriers between races, and just when it looked like they would extend their influence, it happened!

With the appearance of one man, the activities of Sapientes Gladio were perverted into something else. The man, who became the new leader, pushed his own elitist agenda, so that only those who could prove their superiority could join the group.

And they ended up with Nicolai, Veronica and Lenny?! I'd hate to see the people they turned away if those three are considered "superior".

Oh no, they're jamming the radar.

They sent the message that, in the name of their secret society's ideals, they would do whatever was necessary.

So they're terrorists.

You say that like you're surprised.

Exactly right.

Sapientes Gladio, as they are now, is nothing more than a group of dangerous terrorists.

If we don't stop them, something terrible will happen!
But why you, Roger? Why was Sapientes Gladio hunting for you?

Good question. They wanted three things: my life...

...the Émigré Manuscript...

And what?

Hm. I would be better if I showed you that.

Actually, we've got a few stops to make first.

Nelson: Oops. Didn't mean to shout. But who in the world are you guys, anyway?!

Back outside, we show the Tarot we found by Oscar's chain to Croft.

Croft: What?! You found it?! Oh, jeez, I don't believe it! I can't believe you beat me! Let's do it again!

You got Treasure: Love

Croft: The rules are the same as before. If you find the treasure, you win. If not, I win.

Okay, but I don't really care about having a competition with you...

Shut up Yuri. He's giving us free stuff. And that last clue was easy; how hard can this one be?

Um, a little harder, I guess. But not much.

On the way to Roger's, we stop in Montmartre because I just remembered that we get a prize for every three stamps we collect. We get a Thera Extract this time. One more fight and we'll be able to come back here for something else.

We also stop in Southampton because things haven't been gay enough lately.

I won't show you any mercy, you know! When you think your mind and body are sufficiently prepared, step on up!

Hee hee! Keep your eyes open! I'll be slamming you with my deadliest attack in the third turn! Can you handle it?

Gama's new move is Deathtron Hammer, which is basically just a bull-rush straight at his opponent.

I waited a little too long before coming back to Southampton; it doesn't do much damage.

In Gama's third turn, he'll use a Third Key. There are three ways to survive it. You can turn Joachim into his Golden Bat form and kill Gama before his third turn, you can equip Joachim with a Replacement Man before the fight, or you can Block.

I just go with Blocking.

Gama is defeated without much difficulty.

Whenever you want to test your skills, come back to me, my boy. The open-air ring will always be waiting for you!
Thank you, Teacher!

Unfortunately, Gama won't have any more new moves for Joachim until we reach...well, until we get to the second disk.

Anyway, I guess we better find out what Roger wanted to show us.

The switch is at the very end of the bookcase to the right.

Pressing it makes the round thing in the middle of the floor open up.

And then a freaky-looking platform raises up from the hole.

I hope this isn't scary.

Down we go.

For some reason, this isn't quite what I expected Roger's basement to look like.

Oddly enough, it is what I'd expect Joachim's basement to look like (assuming he could get Keith to let him re-decorate Blue Castle).

There's two doorways from the elevator chamber. We need the one to the left.

Why does Roger have a train engine in his house?

Is this what they were after?
Yup. It might look like an ordinary airship, but this baby's got a lot of heart.

THAT'S an airship!?!

There's a dead orphan joke in here somewhere.

The engine! This puppy has miraculous power, and it's all because of the heavy water, nuclear fusion engine I put in!

What the hell is that?
All you need is a bucket of water and she'll fly for 3000 kilometers! It can do vertical take off and landing too!
Whadiya mean, "Hmph"?! What kind of reaction is "Hmph"?!

Roger starts firing the airship up. This seems like it could take a while.

By the way, Sir Roger, you do know where Nicolai is going, don't you?
Of course I do.

To where the leader of Sapientes Gladio is.

Oh, that's helpful.

He's headed for Petrograd, Russia!

That's better.

After the bay doors open, the track the ship is on raises up and the guide rail starts to extend.

Correct. ...Okay, it's almost time for lift off!

Two blast shields snap into place behind the thrusters.

Hold on tight, everyone!


Lift off!

Bacon Jet!?



And the "Bacon Jet" streaks across the sky with all the grace of an epileptic swan.


Is this thing safe!?

Don't talk to me right now!

The ship finally straightens out.

Ah. Okay, that's better. Heh. That was one of my smoothest take-offs.

So, who is this leader, anyway? What's he really after?

His name is Grigori Rasputin...

...and his goal is to take over the Russian Empire!