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Part 40: Edgar and the Princess

Styopa: We should return to our posts then.

There they go...

Anastasia runs off, and the scene shifts to what seems to be a clock shop.

Is it ready yet, Edgar?

And we finally meet Edgar, the watchmaker.

Almost, your Highness, I just need to test it out now.

What did you want something like this for, all of a sudden? Are you trying to stir up some kind of mischief?

I think "stirring up mischief" should just be assumed with Anastasia.

Of course not. I'm working for the benefit of Mother Russia, that's all!

Edgar just sighs. I wonder how many times he's heard that excuse. "Princess, why did you glue feathers to the Tsar's favorite wolfhound?" "For the benefit of Mother Russia!" "Why did you tie your sister's braids into a knot?" "For the benefit of Mother Russia!" "Anastasia, why did you eat all the cookies?" "For the benefit of *burp* Mother Russia!"

I love this shot, because it shows how ridiculously short Edgar is.

You musn't make the Tsar and the Tsarina worry about you, you know.
It's fine. My mother is so busy with Alexei that she never even thinks about me.
Not that talk again!

Your Highness, it's finished.
Whoopee! Thanks, Edgar!
Promise me something. You must always use the Mystic Egg and the camera for the cause of good.

The mystic what?

Of course! I promise!

Well, there's the camera (which has no inventory entry! ), but where's the egg?

Oh, and one more thing, your Highness...stay away from Prince Yusupov. That Mad Monk has been keeping a close watch on him.

Anastasia nods. Not that we'll let that big old homophobe Rasputin keep us from talking to Yusie.

Edgar laughs as he sees Anastasia out of the shop, even though I'm sure he knows she's probably up to something. It just proves that when you're cute, you can get away with almost anything.

Anastasia waves as she leaves, and then...

She stops at the door as someone comes in.


Excuse me.
Excuse ME, madame.

Anastasia curtsies to the Chin, then exits the shop.

Welcome to my shop.
My watch hasn't been working well.

Hmm, that's a rare one. Made in Japan, eh? Just a minute.

Edgar starts taking the pocket watch apart as Kato looks around the shop.

Are you a Japanese gentleman, then?

Yes. I'm on a diplomatic tour of Europe.

The middle of a war seems like an odd time for a "diplomatic tour". Or at least, a very dangerous time.

This is my first time here. It's lovely.
Yes, spring is short but sweet here.

Speaking of springs, yours was worn out. I've just replaced it.
I'm grateful.

Both men pause in their conversation and look out the window. There seems to be a slight red glow visible.

The war has turned brutal lately. Everyone is worried about the future.

Do you think it will continue long?
...Looks that way. At first, we all thought it would be over by Christmas.

Okay, Kato, you really need to knock off the "thoughtful brooding". It's getting kind of creepy.