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Part 41: Say Cheese!

We return to control of Anastasia with an explanation of her Special Skill, Snapshot. Basically, if Anastasia is in your battle party, you can take a picture of one of the enemies. After that, whenever Anastasia is in your party and you face a monster type she has taken a picture of, you'll see its Hit Points and its Element displayed. There are a few enemies that Anastasia can summon to perform their Special Skills once she has taken their picture.

Sounds like a good idea! I'm sure the peasants are only slightly rebellious!

Oh, yeah, we also find out what the "Mystic Egg" is; it's Anastasia's weapon. At this point, I don't ask questions anymore.

There are a few treasure chests and hidden items scattered around the streets of Petrograd. The first one is right next to Edgar's shop. It holds a Pure Root.

There are also a few people wandering around despite the cold.


Pfft. I'm sure no one will attack a little girl.

Heading west from Edgar's, we come to the large square in front of the Palace. The Magimel Brothers are here, but Anastasia can't buy anything from them at the moment.

There's a Seal of Wisdom hidden by one of the lamp posts in the center of the square.

Joseph: I don't suppose a little kid like you would understand, but revolution is coming... I can feel it!

Leonid: They say he cured Prince Alexei through his faith, but even that's questionable. *sigh* What's gonna become of Russia?

Sara: I'm not exactly sure how it all happened, but I'm sure there were lots of grown-up reasons...

Honey, I don't think even the grown-ups are exactly sure how it all happened.

The perspective changes here, but if you imagine the square with the street to Edgar's shop on the right and the Palace entrance to the left, then this chest holding the Furcas Crest (Red Blaze) is in the upper-left corner.

And this chest with a Hit Area Expand is in the upper-right corner.

We've explored everything to the left of Edgar's shop so I head back to the T-intersection and head south.

After going down a short way, Anastasia stops behind a light pole and spies Rasputin heading her way.

So she runs across the road into an alley and crouches down. Wait! Where did she go?! Why, she's a veritable master of disguise!

Rasputin soon passes and we regain control.

Oh, no, I'm sure there are loads of seven-foot-tall, grey-skinned men that it could be.

Sergei: That faithless, corrupt monk! What in the world could he be up to?

...Why do I get the feeling that this will eventually be important?

When we reach the corner, Anastasia stops again.

Rasputin disappears down some steps next to the canal. Odd.

Before we follow him though, we need to talk to people. Like this guy, who advocates heavy drinking to children.

Wow, it's almost like the Japanese think all Russians are alcoholics!

The chest in the corner has a P-Defend Down 2.

Last of all, there's a Strike Expand by the lamp post. That's everything in the streets for now; time to see what Rasputin's up to!

'Ello, what's this?

Anastasia quickly crouches down behind some unattended crates.

Despite all my dicking around, she's just in time to see Rasputin meeting with one of Nicolai's paladins.

Have the preparations been completed?


Assassin: Yes, sir. All's well. The stalemate on the front line means practically no security in the city.

The victory reception is upon us. You have one chance to kill him. You must not miss.

Assassin: Yes, sir.

Huh? I can't quite hear it all! ...Victory reception? One chance? ...There's only one thing to do!

Maybe she could hear better if she'd STOP TALKING!

Anastasia pulls out her monstrous camera. As stealthy as a ninja, that one.


A ninja with severe Tourette's.

Assassin: Huh?!



Assassin: Who's that?!

Well, well, Princess Anastasia! You're alone in a most unseemly place.

As Rasputin slowly steps forward, Anastasia slowly steps back.

I-I suppose so, Lord Rasputin.

You're different than your sisters - very curious and brave. ...But children like that often die young.

I heard. You're planning something for the victory reception!

Oh, lord...

Oooh, so you overheard me, did you? ...It's snuff out a young life. But you have nothing to fear, my dear...

Your family will follow soon afterwards!

Wh-what did you say!?

Shout as much as you like...

There she goes.

...No one will come to help you.

Kill her.

As the assassin runs after Anastasia, he stops and whistles for someone...or something.