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Part 43: Secret Dealings

I can't let Rasputin get away with whatever he's doing! He's going to damage my father's honor!

Too late.

Aw, come on, he only tried to kill her when he caught her; it's not like it's dangerous or anything.

If you go back and reveal Rasputin's scheming to the empress, she'll listen to you, won't she?

Now, now, Princess...

What tipped you off, big guy? The flying blue creep trying to crush her skull into jelly?

Rasputin is planning on doing something at the victory reception, right?
That's right. That's what I think he said, anyway.

Probably a great celebration, purposefully mis-named to make the Russian people think that the war is going better than it actually is in a desperate attempt to raise morale among the common folk.

His Majesty Tsar Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, is out touring the front, but he'll soon return to Petrograd. The victory reception will be a celebration of his return.

Then they should have called it a "the Emperor managed not to get in the way of a mortar round reception".

That's a great idea! I can't believe you came up with it!


That way, we can guard Princess Anastasia and we can get into the Hermitage without any trouble!
It sounds like a good idea, but do you really think it'll work?

Hell no.

Yeah, I dunno. You guys all look pretty suspicious...

Okay, I know! All of you, come with me. I can get you entry on sight into the Winter Palace!

Anastasia is now an official member of the party. In fact, you have to have her in your battle party for this entire section of the game. She starts with 20 Affinity points with Blanca and Joachim.

We can finally poke around Edgar's shop. There's one hidden item in here, a Lottery Ticket behind the counter.

Some of the townspeople have new things to say.

Sergei: It's the beautiful northern city, seat of the Romanov dynasty. But now it's a turbulent place... Such a shame!

And some of the townspeople are now handing out presents!

You got Nibelung Scene 5

Extra Bullenfogel power!

You can also continue the Trading Miniquest in Petrograd once Anastasia joins the party. The soonest you can do so is if you got the Limestone Block in Cannes.

Chagall: Oooh...very nice! It's a fine piece of work, this. You could get some great prints off this.

Chagall: Do I ever! But I can't just take it off you. I'll swap with you. For this.

You got Super Piroshki

Chagall: Everyone loves these. You have to line up to buy them. I bet you'll like it!

If you have the Daruma Doll, you can also get the Super Piroshki a little bit later from this guy in the Palace.

Zuvious: Thank you, thank you! Here, have this in return. It's typical Russian food.

You got Super Piroshki

Zuvious: I'm sure this'll spread all over the country! What can we call it...? I'll name it after my lover, Matryoshka!

If you hang onto the Daruma Doll, you can return to Petrograd after several events and find Edgar in his shop.

What?! Jeez, you scared me! What's the matter with the Daruma?!
It's only one of the finest Daruma ever made! It's "Wobble," of the "Won't Fall Down" series!
You lost me! Is it special or something?
Special? Special?! That doesn't even come close! You can't even place a value on it, it's so magnificent! It's wasted on you! You don't even know it's value! Give it to me! Come on!

Wahoo! Thank you! I never, ever thought I'd see the day I completed the set. I can't believe it! I... ...! Guess I got a little carried away. Maybe I should act my age, huh? It's just so exciting... I can't give you much in return, I'm afraid. Only this Easter egg ornament. I just finished making it.

You got Holy Easter Egg

Phew! That guy's got a serious problem! He's obsessed!
People go crazy about collecting things. If it wasn't for his obsessive collecting, he'd be pretty normal.

Now, as funny as this scene is, DO NOT TRADE THE DARUMA DOLL TO EDGAR!! There is only one person who will take the Holy Easter Egg, and all he gives you is a Pure Root, ending the Trading Miniquest. So, if you have the Daruma, make sure you trade with Zuvious. If you have the Limestone, Chagall is the only person who wants it, so there's no chance to screw up there.

Back to the game, we can buy stuff at Gerard's shop, but he doesn't have anything new for us (yet.)

We haven't found any new Stud Cards, either.

Ah well, time to infiltrate the Palace!

Okay, not really. We have to watch more plot development, first. There's a lot of stuff going on in this section of the game.

Wait...Kato? With the Émigré Manuscript? Whatever's going on, I don't think I like it.

I don't like it AT ALL.

It certainly seems to be the authentic article.

Well, we do aim to please. May I consider our...negotiations to be completed, then?

Yes. Whatever may happen within Russia, the goodwill of Japan will extend to...whomever the next Emperor may be.
I'm afraid I'll require more than that.

You don't need to worry. I'm the direct representative of the Foreign Minister, Kantaro Ishimura.

My words may be considered the will of the Emperor.

We look forward to establishing joint aviation and communication companies with you. Naturally, we'll shoulder the full cost. By summer, we should be able to provide you with rations and fully modern weapons.
Thank you. It sounds good.

When do you think I will be able to meet with His Holiness, Lord Rasputin?

I'm so sorry. His Holiness is terribly busy.
That's fine. Please give the future Emperor my best.


Whoever takes over the throne will find a true friend in my country.