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Part 44: The Bodyguards

And we're back in the Hermitage again. We can now go through the door straight ahead of Anastasia to explore the first floor.

First Floor Map

It leads to a hallway with windows facing the courtyard. There's only one door here.

Which leads to another hallway that's identical to the one above it, with three rooms on the left.

Both of the guards that were originally blocking the main stairway are stationed here. We got them in trouble.

Khariton: Oh, the north stairway is off-limits right now. You'll have to use the East hallway to get to the Great Hall.

No time to worry about that, though; there's a Lottery Ticket hidden behind this plant.

The middle room here has a new weapon for Karin, Espada, in a chest in the corner.

Other than that, all three rooms are holding a bunch of people waiting for the ball to begin, and, well, does it really matter who is in which room?

Olive: Oh, Ehrich! And you're the most wonderful man in the world!

Tasya: But he's a commoner... I suppose our love is doomed...

This is almost like reading Tolstoy.

Anyway, let's head back upstairs.

A new map of the upper level, since more of it is available now.

Back in Dmitri's bedroom, Elena is still moping.

Elena: A world without Mikhail has no meaning to me...

As for the other maid...

Lottery Member 11: And a lottery member must never forget to serve people with tickets! So, what can I do for you, sir?

Her Ring is a Reverse Ring, meaning the indicator moves counter-clockwise instead of the usual clockwise.

You won Prism Band

Lottery Member 11: I'm looking forward to the next time I can be of service to you.

This is a unique accessory for Joachim that changes his Joachythms when equipped, making him turn Invisible more often.

Dmitri: You must report to Her Majesty the Empress right away!

I'll get to it when I get to it.

Gorby's shop still isn't open.

Gorby: Everybody wants rare objects from dangerous, faraway lands, like chimera's wings and echo grass. But all I have to do is ask my fellow merchants, so everything's really quite simple to get ahold of... Ho ho ho!

The best thing about chimera wings is using them inside. WHOOO-THWACK!! THUMP!

Yusupov: Please, please be careful, Princess Anastasia. Your life is more important to the Tsar than anything else!

Yusupov doesn't react quite as badly as Dmitri. Then again, Anastasia seems to have told him a slightly different story.

We can now enter the door on the left of the upper East Hallway.

It leads to yet another hallway that also seems to connect to the West Hallway, but the way there is blocked.

The doors to the Great Hall are two huge white doors in the middle of this corridor. Here goes nothing.

The scene opens with a panning shot of the Imperial throne. Notice the gallery around the top of the room and the fact that the canopy of the throne doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling. This will be relevant later. Much later.

Empress Alexandra is holding an audience with Yuri and company. Alexei is hiding behind her skirts, as usual.

...and so these are the ones who saved the Princess from the vicious wild dog.

Anastasia! What on earth were you doing out at night?!

I had an important chore to take care of, at Edgar's!

You couldn't take care of it tomorrow?


Even if you did save my daughter's life, we cannot allow strange people to wander around inside the castle.

The first part is said directly to the group, the second part is said very pointedly at Anastasia. It's such a MOM move.

But why? There's nothing wrong with them!
How can you be so certain?

You would resist me whatever I said.


A door opens.

Ha haha. Why not go easy on her, Empress?

Lord Rasputin!

As Rasputin is talking, the scene cuts between shots of him walking forward and the reactions of the party.

Anastasia is at a naturally curious age.

She's bound to have an adventure or two.

Surely it was God's will that she be saved by these kind benefactors.

You surprise me, Lord Rasputin.

They're clearly travelers from far away.

I'm sure they'll be fine companions to the Princess.

The Empress hesitates a moment, and then...

Very well.

Anastasia, you may go with the strangers. I should like to thank you again for saving my daughter's life. Have a pleasant stay in my land.

God, she's dumb. Not because she let us stay with Anastasia, that was smart, it was just how she decided it. What the hell is Raspy playing at, anyway?

Thank you, Empress.

Everyone bows.

Well, almost everyone.

Karin soon fixes that.

The Empress leaves with Alexei. As soon as she does...

Still alive, I see, little one.

He steps toward her.

Yuri blocks his way.

So you're Rasputin, eh?
Yes. And I've heard of you, too, Godslayer. You were behind my familiar's death.

A door opens (again).

She would have to show up.

Huh? Veronica!

Sharp as a tack, that one.

Hm. Long time, no see.

Everyone tenses up. Can you blame them?


Heh heh heh. Do you wish to fight here?

Yeah, maybe.

Ehhh, let's not.

There's no need to get blood all over this lovely church.

I'll be in the Lion Shrine, to the north.

Anastasia makes faces at Raspy from the safety of Yuri's back.

Call on me any time you wish.