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Part 45: Dirty Tricks

He's obviously no ordinary man. He's on a whole different plane from Nicolai or Lenny.

If I had a nickel for every time a JRPG said someone was on a "whole different level", I'd have a hell of a lot of nickels.

Yeah, looks like it.

C'mon, now, everybody! Don't look so glum. Now's the time to put our heads together and come up with a strategy.

If we put Lucia and Joachim's heads together, the only thing we'd come up with is a hollow, clanging sound.

Lucia's right, everybody.


Edgar's still hanging around the throne room. He'll be in Anastasia's room when we get there, too.

I'm not going to bother re-posting the Hermitage maps again for this chapter. The only new place is the Tsar and Tsarina's bedchamber, which is directly behind the throne.

There's a new item hidden in here. It's a Circlet, which is an accessory that raises defense. I think only the girls can equip it. (Gepetto might be able to as well; I have to check. In his case, however, it would be Cornelia that is actually wearing it. I hope.)

We can't skip Anastasia's room and go straight to kicking Raspy's ass, unfortunately.

Hey, it's locked. I thought he said to call on him any time...


A lot of the people say new things now that Yuri is heading up the group again.

Yusupov: Be careful not to make any kind of disturbance inside the palace, please.

Elena: ...Oh, excuse me... I mistook you for somebody else...

Dmitri: It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Grand Duke Dmitri, appointed here by the Tsar.

I'm beginning to think this guy isn't EVER going to open his shop.

Sasha: If you want to loaf on the job, you can always go to Princess Anastasia's room. She's never in it!

I'll bet she drew curly moustaches on all of them.

In the hall in front of Anastasia's room, you can now get an item from the patrolling guard. A very, very special item.

Cyril: I don't wanna let it go, but you gotta take it off me. Don't tell anyone about it, though!

You got Mr. Swan

Okay, now this one is funny.

Okay, time to make our plans. I propose the following course of action: Step One - kick down the door; Step Two - punch Rasputin in the face. Repeat step 2 as needed.

When we get into the room, a cutscene starts, as well as some music. Anastasia quickly crosses the room to her window and slams it shut.

What's the big deal?!

I hate that tune!
So the ball has begun?
It's every night. Every night!

There's something wrong with them. This whole country is insane! Maybe it should disappear!

Hang on!

The people's anger is ready to explode, and we pretend nothing's going on! We're like Nero; we keep on fiddling as the world is burning around us!
It's the same problem for all leaders: this country has gotten too big! Yep!

I love you Gepetto; never stop being a crazy old coot.

Don't say that; you'll bring us bad luck!
That's right! There are a lot of people that still have dreams.

Okay, Lucia, what you just said has nothing to do with anything that anybody else has said.

I worry. Someday, I'm afraid the people's anger will explode, and they'll burn down my Palace!

Anastasia, honey, by the time this game is over, you'll have enough power to burn down the entire city of Petrograd; I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Yay! Sepia-toned flashbacks!

He first came to the Palace some years ago.

My mother was in anguish over Alexei, born with a rare and painful disease.

Yeah, hemophilia would NOT be fun to have in the days before blood transfusions and specialized medicines.

One day, a man came from Siberia who was said to have great powers of healing.

That was the monk, Rasputin.

Rasputin healed my brother's illness and earned the trust of my mother.

In real life, the best thing Rasputin did was get the doctors to stop giving Alexei aspirin whenever he suffered internal bleeding. Aspirin was new at the time and treated as a cure-all wonder drug. It is also a blood-thinner. Not something you want to give to someone who's blood doesn't coagulate. He also got them to leave Alexei alone and let him rest when he wasn't well, which more than likely helped him recover from episodes faster without all the added stress. Of course, in the game's universe, Rasputin probably really did use magic.

Since then, he has begun to wield greater control over the country. My father himself is a kind man, but he has left too much to his ministers.

Their idea of government is one which simply keeps the people oppressed, and anger toward the Emperor who allows it is threatening to boil over.

Even the war could soon be ended if my father would stand up and be strong! But there are some who profit from war, and wish it to go on forever.

If I were a man, I'd be able to help my father! ...I wish I were in Alexei's place.


Russia is infected by a disease. We're a statue too stiff to move!

I'm half-Russian, you know. My mother was born and bred in Russia.

For some reason, Yuri saying this makes Anastasia stop crying. These people are weird.

Huh? Really?
Yeah. So don't get so depressed, alright? If the princess gives up, everyone else will, too.
When your father comes back, you should talk to him. He'll understand how you feel.

He loves you, doesn't he?


This touching moment is soon interrupted by a nasty purple fog seeping into the room.

Huh? Something...strange is going on.

We see the party-goers and the guards staggering around the hallway like drunks.

And then Empress Alexandra bursts into Anastasia's room, stumbling around like everyone else.

Alexei? Alexei! Where are you?!

Anastasia runs over to the Empress, who doesn't seem to realize she's there.

Alexei, is that you?

What's wrong with Alexei? Why are you looking for him?!

Instead of answering, Alexandra puts her hand on the back of Anastasia's head and shoves her out of the way.


Veronica's behind this, too! She's cast a sleep spell on the entire palace!
How do we remove it?

Either break the field...or defeat Veronica, herself!

Meanwhile, Alexandra has wandered over to the wall and collapsed.


Anastasia starts to run to her, but Gepetto grabs her arm and stops her.

Just them, Alexandra stands back up, but she's moving almost exactly like a marionette. It's really creepy.

And then, Rasputin’s voice starts coming out of Alexandra's mouth.

Ah haha hah hah. How do you like my little puppet show?

It's much more entertaining than a boring old ball, don't you think?


Anastasia. I have your little brother sleeping on my lap. He's very cute. Perhaps it would be more merciful to just let him slip away in his sleep.

Don't you dare hurt my brother!

Listen to me, shit-head. I'm coming for you now.

Ooh, Yuri said a bad word.

Very well. I'll be waiting for you here, Godslayer.

And with that, Rasputin cuts the strings, and the Empress falls to the floor.