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Part 47: A New Objective

After escaping Rasputin, the party automatically ends up back with Roger at Edgar's shop.

Since we've arrived in Russia, nothing but terrible things have happened here.

Hey, terrible things were happening here long before we ever arrived.

I was foolish. I...I never expected Rasputin would be so powerful! I was wrong.

What was that shield of his? I couldn't even make a dent in it!
What are we going to do? They think we've kidnapped the Princess.

They'll find us here.

Karin looks at Yuri.

He still seems like he's in pain from the Mistletoe curse.

I think that it's time that we left Russia. There was somewhere I was planning on taking you anyway.
Yeah? Where's that?


To the Goreme Valley in Turkey, beyond the Anatolian Mountains.


Mm-hm. For many years now, I've been tracking the whereabouts...of a certain individual. And, while we were separated, I finally found him.

Who is this person?
The one person who should know everything about Sapientes Gladio.


Are you ready?

Sapientes Gladio was founded several decades ago by Jovis, a humble priest of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Hmm... Something in this picture seems a bit...out of place, doesn't it?

At that time, Jovis was doing missionary work with many other volunteers. Well, when he saw the brutality of the colonial policies, he raised his voice against their cruel racism.

He made many friends among the commoners there and even more enemies among the elite.

And though they tried to oppress him, they were unable to silence his voice. Ah, but Sapientes Gladio, the group that once walked the path of righteousness, somehow veered off that path, and they became lost.

Travel now to the Goreme Valley and find the great sage, Jovis! If anyone knows the secret to Rasputin's power, it's him.

Not quite yet; there's a couple things to check out around Petrograd first.

Things outside have changed. There are now guards stationed around the streets. If you get too close to one, Yuri walks a short distance away and says this. It doesn't trigger any battles, but it is a little annoying.

A few of the townspeople are buzzing about the recent events. Unfortunately, it's Rasputin's version of them.

Joseph: Well, it's a good lesson for the nobles! If they thought things would be peaceful forever, they were sadly mistaken.

Leonid: the royal family finally...?

Sergei: Save her soul! Somehow bring peace and order back to Russia! I pray to you!

I really like this guy.

You can go down to where Rasputin met the assassin and find a Mana Seed by the crates now.

The oddest change by far has happened in the alley. There's a new Wolf Bout there, but this time the challenger is a bit...different.


And who are you wonderful fellows?
Us? I'm Goztafssiki. This here is R-3. We came here from Planet Suzuran to invade Earth. Pleasure to meet you.

"Suzuran" is the Japanese name for lily-of-the-valley. It's about the least threatening name you can get, but considering that their entire invasion force consists of a green wolf and one of Santa's Little Helpers, it seems fitting.

Well, better get the invasion started. Could you please fight R-3, here?

Awroo...? (What are they making me fight this time...?)

I have no idea what that means, but it's adorable.

R-3 isn't very tough. He can cast Nova, which does a little more damage than his physical attacks, but neither hits hard. He can cause Panic (which I think makes you lose extra SP every turn), but equipping Feather Bracelet on Blanca before the fight takes care of that.

He's defeated easily, and the Strike Expand is a really good prize.


Did he just flip us off?

Six down, six to go!  Shh... 

But I wanted to explore new worlds and meet new civilizations.

With the sixth stamp, we can get a new present from Ernest, the Zagan Crest (Rock Rot, Rock Storm).

That's it for Petrograd at the moment. Next time, we'll be headed for Turkey!