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Part 51: Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

The huge white doors let us into a room that looks very familiar. We saw a brief flash of Albert in this room, or one very like it, when Jovis was talking to the party earlier.

A cutscene takes over once Yuri takes a couple steps into the room.

Karin stops in shock at something she sees in the mirror (and I catch her making a goofy face). Yuri, oblivious, walks right into her before he notices what's happening.

In the mirror, Yuri is gone. He has been replaced by Amon.

Soon now...

Then Amon comes through the mirror.

I get the feeling that he's not happy to see us.

Not happy AT ALL.


This is going to hurt, isn't it?

Are you telling me he's always been this scary?
Come on, don't be such a wimp!

It's show time.

Amon is tough, and he hits like a mack truck. You'll want Yuri in either his Fire or his Earth fusion, depending on if you want to take him out quickly or if you want the extra defense.

I had Karin use her Arc Mirage, hoping they'd be able to dodge some of the hits.

I fused Yuri into Sorm.

And then I used Sorm's Shield skill to pump up Karin's defense.

With only two people, Combo Magic isn't available, but Combos are still useful for the extra damage they deal out.

Amon still has his old skills from the first game, including nearly identical attack animations. They don't seem so great when he's using them on YOU.

Yet, in the end, Yuri once again shows Amon that he's the boss in this relationship.

I think the true danger to Yuri's sanity comes from trying to figure out how a demon sealed inside his soul got cash and items to drop and how he and Karin manage to take those things back to the real world.

Yuri starts to approach the mirror. This freaks Karin out.


Of course, he ignores her and does what he wants to do anyway.

Stepping into the mirror reveals an entirely new part of Yuri's soul and a familiar (and stylishly dressed) figure.


Yuri approaches him.


I never thought I'd see you again.

Nice place, isn't it? It's so very quiet and serene, a place of pure peace.

It's quite beautiful. It's your "home" within you. It is, in fact, your true home.
My home?
Yes. I live in a small corner of your memory, one that you've nearly forgotten.

Death seems to have been good to Albert. It seems to have cured the crazy, at any rate.

So, tell me. Are you still fighting these days, young man?
...I guess so.
It was Rasputin that I was actually after. He was my true enemy.

It is ironic that you, my former foe, should now be the one fighting him.
Yeah, it's pretty funny. Imagine me, following in YOUR footsteps.

But... The way I am now, I don't think I can win.

For Asmodeus, who spreads hate and malice among men, there is no greater joy than to see mankind slaughter each other. Order will be broken apart and chaos set in its place. THAT is the future that Rasputin seeks, my friend.

That's were trying to prevent him from doing, and it's my fault he's made it this far, is that right?
It's true, but don't be discouraged.

You defeated me, and managed to expel a god. You may still be able to change the future if you can harness Amon's power.

Yeah, maybe you're right. But is this future I can create going to be a good one?
So are you questioning the worthiness of your struggle?
Well, the thing is, I'm sure you'd have a better chance than I would.
You're wrong. Only you can do it, Yuri. That's what I think.

Those who would wield power must also accept power's responsibility. If you see a tragedy in the making, my friend, it is your responsibility to try and stop it. There is no mistake in that.

Well, it's time for you to leave.

Well, I, um...I'm glad we got the chance to talk.

Yuri starts to walk away from Uncle BenAlbert.

Yuri, may I ask you one thing?

Where is this? I think it must be Japan...

It's Katsuragi. It's called the "Forest of Wind".

Hm. Thank you.