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Part 52: A Secret Report

We break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important update from our villains.

I see. So, Japan has accepted our conditions.

Yes, Master.

You have done well. I'm very pleased I entrusted the matter to you, my friend.

So, Rasputin orders Nicolai to make a deal with the Japanese envoy, then tells Veronica to spy on Nicolai because he's spending a lot of time with the Japanese envoy. What a dick!

Thank you, Master.

*sigh* Russia is losing this war because lack of food and arms have devastated the morale of our front-line troops. We have the money, but unfortunately we do not have the supplies.

I know. But soon now, Japan is going to begin a major offensive against the German Empire.
Hm. Yesterday's enemy is today's friend, eh? Ishimura is no fool. Has that special envoy left Petrograd yet?
No, Master. In fact, we have requested his presence at the banquet.
Hm. Very well.

Now...what do you know about America?
They're still officially maintaining their neutrality, but it's only a matter of time before they enter the war.

How can you be so sure?
England and France are both exhausted. The only reason America has not yet entered the war is that they needed a proper pretext.
Hm. And now they have such a pretext, Nicolai?

Next week a ship named the Lusitania is leaving New York bound for Liverpool. There's a rumor going around that it will be carrying a huge shipment of munitions.
The German submariners will be forced to sink it, isn't that so?
It will be England's sacrificial lamb.

By the way, Nicolai...
Is it true that Lenny was killed on St. Marguerite?
Yes, Master.

I really am fascinated by Raspy's beard. There's gotta be at least 20 years worth of earwax holding the thing in place.

I don't understand why you didn't stay and fight.

Well, it wouldn't be a very long game if the villains were competent, now would it? Plus, Nicolai is a coward.

Uh...uh... I-I thought Lenny could handle matters himself.
I see...

But you knew how powerful he was, right? But still you sent Lenny alone to do battle with him.

No, Veronica was there, too. Lenny was the one who sent her away.

Well, I'm off to the celebration. I'm certain he'll show up again.

Next time, Nicolai, you'll know what to do.

Run away screaming like a girl and hide in a closet until everything's over?

Yes, Master.

Rasputin stares at Nicolai for a minute.

Then he walks away.

Very well. You may leave.

And so he does. The nice thing about this scene? Nicolai doesn't talk anywhere near as much as he usually does.