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Shadow Hearts: Covenant

by kethryveris

Part 53: Sunset

Back at Goreme Valley, Yuri is sitting alone at the lookout.

So, here you are.
How's the bishop?

Karin sits down next to him.

He's still sleeping.
The old guy may never wake up.
Don't say things like that!

Oh, no, did we break Jovis?

What a pretty sunset.
I guess.

Are you feeling guilty?
Look at all of them.

Everyone praying as hard as they can so the bishop will be all right.

He's an important man.
If I hadn't come here, this valley would still be a nice, peaceful place.

But then we couldn't save Russia. Think of Anastasia's family. It's your own mother's homeland!
These guys deserve to be saved too.

You're right.

Everyone wants the same thing... be just a little happier than they are now.

Nothing big. Just food, shelter...

...and time to laugh and cry with the people they love.

That's enough to make them happy.

Happy? What does that even mean?

Yuri stands up.

*brood* *brood* *brood*, *emo* *emo* *emo*

The bishop! It's Bishop Jovis!
What about the bishop?


Jovis is in his room, near the chapel.

Bishop Jovis!

I am happy to see you. Are you all right?

We met Amon's soul like you told us to. We met your friend, too.
Was he doing well?
Yeah, he's having a great time.
Ah ha ha, is that right?
You see? Nothing to worry about. Just rest and get your strength back.

No. This is the end for me.
You mustn't say that!

Yeah, come on! What would the people in this valley do here without you?

That is for my followers to say, children. I have taught them everything that I can.
Don't say that!
Listen! The dark angel, Astaroth...

Like Asmodeus...

...and Amon...

...he is another god of darkness! Someone has made a Soul Pact with him.

I don't know who this person is, but when you meet them...beware!
I can handle it! I'll drop 'em...just like a bad habit!
Ah ha ha, haha.

Bishop Jovis, please...forgive me. I swear to God, I didn't mean it! I never meant to sacrifice the people of this valley to save Russia! ...I hate it...when people let others die just to get what they want.

Listen to me. If, with my death, the people lose all hope, then my life has been in vain. But if I had someone to succeed me, I know that the valley would survive.

Then, for the first time, it could be said that I live on, among my people. Don't you think so?


My son, he who has willpower has the power to change the whole world.

Whether that change be for good...

...or for evil...

...depends on the heart of that person. We're mortal. We live in fear and...and doubt. There's no shame in admitting that.

When Albert died, he passed the world onto you, didn't he?

Now it's in your hands.
Go to Russia. Only you have the power to save the young Princess.

I swear it! I swear I'll beat Rasputin! When he's dead, I'll come back! Don't die on me!
I'll try.

Yuri runs off.

Brave soul...

He takes upon himself the burden my friend and I bore together. Now I have finally fulfilled my promise. Now I can face my friend.

As this goes on, Yuri is still running blindly down the valley.

Please give him my thanks.

Bishop Jovis closes his eyes for the last time.