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Part 54: The Emperor Returns

More cutscenes. We'll be allowed to play again soon, promise!

Narrator: That day, Petrograd held a glorious celebration.

Narrator: A Victory Parade for the Tsar, returning from his tour of the Eastern Front.

Narrator: Although much love for him was lost on that Bloody Sunday of a decade ago, on this day, the people raised their voices in celebration of their Tsar.

Narrator: But like a candle burning more brightly the moment before it is snuffed out, it was glory tinged with tragedy.

After yet another ominous shot of Kato, the scene shifts to the Emperor getting ready for yet another ball.

How on earth am I supposed to go to the banquet without even knowing if Anastasia is all right?

Finished, the maids bow and get the hell out of the room.

What are you saying? But this is an important night for you! No, for ALL of Russia!

By this point, I would dearly love to see the Tsar smack a bitch.

Nothing is more important to me than the safety of my children!
You must relax! Grigori is pressuring Edgar for more information about his co-conspirators.'s Grigori now, is it? She's certainly gotten "close" to him since Anastasia left, hasn't she?

Aren't you even worried? Your beautiful daughter was kidnapped! Besides, Edgar treated Anastasia as his very own granddaughter. I can't believe he would be involved!

But I saw it with my very own eyes. Those ruffians Edgar brought here were controlling Anastasia! She almost killed Alexei with a knife!

Yes, you've told me that many times. When this banquet is over, I'm going to question Edgar myself!

At this point, Rasputin- oh, I'm sorry, I mean Grigori, just waltzes right into the room without even knocking.

There's no need, Your Majesty.
Oh, Rasputin. Have you found anything?

Tell me, Grigori.

He was very tight-lipped, but I used hypnotism to learn of his companions. They're an organization intent on taking the life of the Tsar and his family.
Is this true?!


Yes. Among them is a German noblewoman. She has strong military connections, so this may be part of an attempted coup.

From the few close-ups of Tsar Nicholas, you can tell that Anastasia got her bright green eyes from him.

My cousin, Wilhelm!
Relax, Your Majesty. Surely it is our enemy's intention to shake the confidence of the Tsar.
But how?

Just attend the ball as if nothing is amiss. We must show the rest of the world the greatness and composure of Russia!
Lord Grigori is exactly right!
All the security for His Majesty and the Royal Family has been taken care of.
Very well.

You're so wise, my lord.

She's only saying that because he's going to her stupid party like she wanted all along.

Rasputin leaves and Alexandra follows him out like a puppy. Nicholas kind of slumps onto the divan with a sigh. I guess putting up with the Empress would be pretty draining.

Oh, dear...

Poor guy.