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Part 55: A Slight Detour

After the scene with Bishop Jovis, the party automatically ends up in Petrograd. Looks like they've still got the guard on full alert at the Hermitage.

Lucky for us, we still have at least one friend in Russia that hasn't been imprisoned for conspiracy.


Ewan: You can't go in this way right now. They're on extreme alert right now because of the banquet. Prince Yusupov said he had a plan. He's waiting for you by the bridge on the outskirts of the city.

Thank you, Ewan. I owe you one!

Looks like things are finally going our way!

Not everyone in Petrograd is so lucky.

Joseph: It'll only lead to riots and strikes! They're totally out of touch with the students and the poor!

Leonid: If they would just voice their opinions, maybe that would end the troubles...

The "kidnapping" is still hot news among some of the townspeople.

Gozt is still hanging around the alley.

So cuuuuute...

Other people are talking about nothing but the ball.

Sergei: There'll be foreign guests of honor as well as the usual aristocrats.

Anyway, we need to head to the place under the bridge where Anastasia took the pictures of Rasputin and the assassin.

But before we can get there, something interrupts us.

I really wish Yuri would stop randomly collapsing.

This time, it's Jeanne's fault. She's drug Yuri into the Graveyard to talk to him.

What's the matter? Did something happen?
You resurrected Amon, didn't you?

Yuri is the best hero.

That must be why...
Huh? Why what?

I feel forces coming from the different class doors. Amon must've summoned some really powerful fusion monsters! I think the spirits of the six classes would lend you even greater powers if they got the chance!

...That's right. Look for something like symbols that represent them...something like that! If you find anything like that, you should check the altar stones again.
Well, I'll keep trying to find out about that creepy tree. See you!

Jeanne leaves the Graveyard without replying.

Symbols of the six spirits, huh?

Yuri comes to with everyone standing around him.

Yeah... I'm fine. It was just Jeanne calling me, that's all.
He he. She gave me a clue about how to release my power. I'm really grateful.

I like how Yuri just answers Karin without caring that everybody else probably doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about.

Anyway, now that we've talked to Jeanne, Yuri's third tier fusions are available. The catch is that you need special items to unlock them. Right now, there are two of the items available, so we'll take a quick detour before we meet Yusupov.

The first is in Goreme Valley. It's kind of depressing to talk to the people here right now.

Looks like someone didn't get the memo.

Paolo: We'll be nomads again, roaming from country to country to avoid getting found...

God, what a mess. Anyway, we came here for a reason...

Yuri, this is for you. The Bishop asked me to give it to you if anything happened to him.

You got Soul Drop

This is what we need to get the third tier fusions. Unlike the Gravestones in the first game, the Soul Drops aren't attuned to any particular element. You can use them on any altar you want, but you have to fight a powerful monster when you do to win the fusion.

The second Soul Drop is in Domremy which has finally opened back up.

Why must everywhere we go be so damn depressing?

Rita: Don't you get discouraged either. Even when everything seems bad, something good can come along...

Thibault: I feel so much better now that I've made up my mind. He he. Pretty strange, huh?

Elric: Should I try to stop him from going to the front, or should I send him off with a smile?

Talking to this guy unlocks another Wolf Bout. However, it's a three against one fight, so it's best to wait until after the next Wolf Bout (you don't have to defeat the bouts in any particular order). I tried at this point, and Blanca got one-shotted.

Benoit: Don't know exactly what you're planning, but don't take too many chances, okay? You've only got one life to live.

Yeah, but I've got like four saves, so I don't see what that has to do with anything.

The Soul Drop is in the church by the altar. They actually sparkle, unlike most hidden items, so they aren't too hard to find.

Before going back to Petrograd I stop in Cannes. We need to let Loud Croft know we found the item he hid.

Croft: Damn! I was sure you'd never find that! I hid it really well! Okay, one more time! Give me one last chance to beat you! Please!

You got Treasure: Sneak

The last time already? That's kind of a letdown.

Croft: Don't be so sure of yourself! This last one's really hard! This time, you'll be the ones feeling bad, not me! Go on, do your worst!

Well, we got a new treasure clue from Croft. This one doesn't have any hints on how to decode it. Let's see what it is:
I inerp  th  kohiauohioha
ncn  s tp.etpefelrnrannel
 a twhiho chot  iyimng  l
abohainerCkec tmt f g tw.
Um...any ideas on what it says?

Also, we've got two Soul Drops. I used the first one to get the third Fire fusion before the next boss battle, so what should we unlock with the other one?