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Part 57: Party Crasher

And yet another ball begins with the fanfare of trumpets.

As the Tsar and Tsarina enter the throne room, the crowd parts for them, bowing and applauding as they pass.

Nicolai's clothes are fancy enough, but Veronica sticks out like a sore thumb. No wonder everyone is giving them a wide berth.

Kato is here, too. And, well, that's about all that can be said about him for the rest of the scene.

Noblemen of Russia! Greetings!

Raspy is also present. As usual, he is brooding. I'm starting to think his parents didn't hug him enough as a child.

After having visited our young troops on the front line, one thing I can say to you with complete confidence... that the brave soldiers of the Russian Army march on the road to a total and complete victory! Well, everyone, in celebration of the victory to come and the eternal Empire of Russia, let us...

Wine, dine and dance!

As everyone applauds once more and the music starts, Nicholas collapses into his throne.

What a fool I've been!

He's not the only one ignoring the party.

Rasputin gives the assassin an almost imperceptible nod.

He draws closer to the Tsar.

Nicholas glances to his right, perhaps noticing the movement.

He noticed it too late, however.

And something drops down from above the throne.

It's Yuri!

Yuri rises from his crouch and sends the assassin flying with a single punch. This is how you tell Yuri is an experienced protagonist; he's got his dramatic and heroic timing down pat.

I think he killed him.

AAH! ...Y...y-you!

Sensing danger, Rasputin draws back. Just then, the crowd starts gasping.

It's because the Princess has entered the throne room.


She pauses and looks at Rasputin, who starts to move toward her.

Yuri blocks his way.

Raspy still tries his damnedest to salvage the situation for himself.

You- you're alive, Princess Anastasia! We were so worried!

Hey, step back.

Thanks for worrying, Mr. Rasputin. As you can see... I'm quite well.

Princess Anastasia has returned. And welcome home, Daddy!
But- but how?

I had a great adventure with these folk. We visited foreign lands and saw all sorts of strange and wonderful things!

Oh ho ho! Oh, is that right?

These are the pictures I took. It's a present for you, Daddy!

Nicholas takes the album and opens it. He pauses.

Well? Didn't I do a good job? That last one almost cost me my life!

Nicholas looks at his daughter.

She nods back at him.

Yes, I see. You did a very good job.

My lord? What about these rogues?
Oh, yes, thank you.

Leave them to me, Your Majesty.

The Tsar ignores him and addresses the crowd instead.

Someone here has plotted to kill me, Tsar Nicholas of Russia, and my family. And that someone is...!

My councilor! Grigori Rasputin!

Rasputin actually has the balls to look surprised.

My Lord, what do you mean?!

You can drop the pretense. My daughter has brought proof of your treachery! This photograph here proves it!

This moment right here? This moment is awesome.

Nicolai and Veronica beat a hasty retreat.

Ah ha, "photo album" is spelled in Cyrillic on the front. I just noticed that.

Huh? Ah!

As Raspy watches all of his carefully laid plans crumble into ashes he gets a wee bit desperate.

Why you!

Don't move!

Rasputin backs away toward the door, dragging the Empress with him.

Let her go. This is between you and me now.

You'll pay!

The palace guard finally shows up.

But then someone throws a flash bomb.

Lord Rasputin! Now's your chance!

Rasputin shoves Alexandra away and makes a break for it.

Nicholas catches his wife.

Guards! After them!

The guards run out of the room.

Anastasia rushes to her father.


Oh, Anastasia! It's all right. Everything's fine now.
My lord...?

Say nothing.

I understand. Idle hands are the devil's tools.

Nicholas stands and pats Anastasia on the head.

I wish to thank you.
It's fine, but it's not over yet. We need to get somewhere safe.

Just then, the palace shakes.

As everyone looks up, it happens again.

Guess he's here.
Father! Mother! Find someplace safe! Let's go, Yuri!

We're going? What about the palace?!
Come on! We've gotta find a way to save this country!

With that, she runs off.

Ah, man! I'll protect the Princess. Don't you worry!

Yuri follows after her.

I'm counting on you!
...My! Could Anastasia be their leader?
I...I think she might be!