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Part 59: Amon Revealed

The fight is over.

Veronica staggers a bit before falling, lifeless, to the ground.

...Lord Rasputin...

Rasputin glares at Yuri.

Yuri glares back.

Rasputin backs to the edge of the platform and bows, spreading his arms wide. When he straightens up, he leans back and falls off the roof.

Unfortunately, he wasn't committing suicide; he was just escaping to his airship.

This could be a problem for our earth-bound protagonists.


Not all of them are all that flightless.

Yuri gathers his power.

And Amon is reborn.

He gives chase.

Machine guns from the airship fire at him, but the bullets bounce harmlessly off his skin.

He takes care of the guns by jamming his arm into the ship and ripping through the side like it was made of paper.

Rasputin looks over the side, but, because of the design of the ship, he can see nothing.

Amon flies up on the opposite side, surprising him.

He lands.

Amon! But how?!

The Mistletoe...?!

Rasputin attacks first.


Amon is unharmed.


Now, it is his turn.

He flies straight at Rasputin.

He hits the shield.

Yuri puts all his concentration into breaking through.

Rasputin puts all his concentration into holding the shield.

They struggle.

Yuri draws on all his strength.

Rasputin falters.

And the shield cracks.

It breaks.

Rasputin is blown away.

The airship burns and breaks apart.


Amon screams in triumph.

Oh, hey, there's Nicolai!

He seems completely unconcerned that a large piece of steel could fall out of the sky and clonk him in the head at any moment.

Rasputin is defeated, but not destroyed. He levitates in the air over the river.

My shield... So much power... I suppose...I other choice.

Sensing Amon, he turns.

Amon, I have something to show you!

The demon that dwells within me!

He's completely lost his goddamned mind.


He flies straight for the spire of the Peter and Paul Church inside Petropavlovskaya.

My lord and benefactor, Asmodeus! It is time to fulfill the Soul Pact! Come to this world, and take this place as your holy land!

Amon flies after him.

In the name of the Sword Sages, I summon you to this place!!

Oh, this can't be good...

Amon arrives too late.

When the intense light and wind finally stop, Karin raises her head.


The fortress has transformed and risen into the sky.

This definitely isn't good.