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Part 60: Enemies Revealed

When we return, Yuri is back to normal and everyone is in Anastasia's room.

Looks like the castle of Satan himself.
It's unbelievable!

Yuri isn't worried. At all.

Well, are we going in there?
What else?!


With that settled, there's a couple new items available in the palace. Up where we killed Veronica, there's a hidden Silver Angel. There's more of them hidden through the game, six I think. We can't do anything with them now, but they'll be useful later.

We can finally get into Rasputin's room. There's a pack of Tissues hidden on the left side of the bed. Urgh.

And on the right side of the bed...

Nicholas has grown a backbone.

And Alexandra has had the stick removed from her ass.

When you're back safe and sound, I'd love to hear all about your travels. I'll be waiting for you!

Mother said I'm not supposed to leave my room. It's so boring...

This statement lacks urgency when you can travel to Wales, then go to Florence and then hop over to Goreme and still find everything exactly the same in Petrograd when you go back.

Dmitri: And there's no way into it from the ground. We've got to think of a way to get in from the air!

All the guards in the Palace are on high alert.

Most of them are grouped in the entrance hall.

Gorby is here, too, and his shop is finally open! He's got new weapons for everyone except Joachim. I pick up Hellfangs for Yuri, Harque Foil for Karin, Sharp Rasp for Blanca, Copper Filament for Gepetto and Blue Serpent for Anastasia. I don't get Lucia's new weapon because I'll get a free one soon.

There's also new armor for everyone. Yuri, Karin and Joachim can get the Combat Suit, while Blanca, Lucia, Anastasia and Gepetto can get the Baptism Stole. There's also a new accessory available, Will Power.

Yusupov is in charge of the Imperial Guards. He seems a lot more optimistic than Dmitri.

As soon as we try to leave the Palace, a cutscene starts.

Rasputin seems to be sitting on a throne somewhere, but the game isn't showing his face.

Although their airship is destroyed, Nicolai somehow made it into Rasputin's castle.


What do you want?

Veronica is dead.
I see. You may leave now.

By morning, Petrograd will be reduced to ashes. You have plans after that?

No, I couldn't care less. Soon, my demon servants will bring death to all of Europe. After that, Asia. And finally, we will destroy America.

Rasputin is apparently cool with Africa and Australia.

Have your goals changed so much, Master?

Goals? Ha haha hahahaha. I have no goals. There's no longer any need to rush. One hundred years, two hundred years, it doesn't matter at all. TIME doesn't matter at all.

What's wrong? You should be happy. You no longer have to toil in the dark like a thief. You'll soon have revenge.

After my mother died and I was orphaned, it was you who had the Vatican accept me, Master. I have done my best since then to try to repay that debt.
Yes, is that so? A sad story, but what of it? I saved you to use as my tool, not because I had any love for you.
So, you have no desire to rebuild Russia, after all the effort you spent in destroying her!?
Irrelevant. Why would I ever concern myself with such paltry matters?

You were to succeed to the throne of Russia and become king of all Europe. What about those plans?
You really are dense. I've disposed of such petty, human concerns. To me, snuffing out human life is nothing more than an amusement.

You've been possessed by Asmodeus.

Why did you come here? Was it to anger me? Your little plan, I've known of it for a long time. To kill me after I become Emperor. You were planning on making yourself the new Tsar instead. Isn't that right?

Yes. It is true I am merely a bastard son, but it is still my right to inherit the kingdom.

Wait, what?

Hahaha hahahaha. Who will believe you?
My father.

So it's revenge for your mother, eh?
Hmhmhm Ha ha ha HAHAHAHAHA!
You're a fool.
I came here to tell you something that you SHOULD already know.
What is that?
I'm more certain now than ever.
I asked what it is!

You cannot defeat Yuri.
Ah. Very well. And what makes you say that?

He's just a human. A human, but he conquered Amon's soul. Do you understand what that means?

His willpower is simply extraordinary.
Extraordinary, you say?

The willpower of a human, and the destructive power of a demon.

It's those two things that make him worthy of his name, Godslayer.

You may have the power of a demon, but your will is weak. That is why you cannot win.

Interesting. And you think that you can win?
Why are you so sure? What do you really think a puny human like you can do?! HUH?!

As answer, a malevolent aura gathers around Nicolai.

Ah, I see. So that's it!

So, you finally understand.

Hahahaha hahaha. Good. So my true enemy was right here with me all along. We'll settle things between us later.

Nicolai leaves, and the camera settles on the seal of Asmodeus above Rasputin's throne.

But first, we'll have the Godslayer as a blood offering!

Well, I think it's safe to say that we know what happened to Astaroth now.