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Part 65: Now He Just Needs To Be Poisoned, Shot and Drowned

Now, then, where were we?

Ah, yes, we were about to smear this asshole into a bloody red paste. Like ketchup.

You're late.
We took a little side trip.

Anastasia is feeling extra sassy today. Like ketchup! ...that made more sense in my head...

Have you decided to surrender?

All Rasputin can do in response to this is laugh. Honestly, I'd probably have the same reaction.

Is that a "no"?

By the omnipotent power of the Lord, I call on the spirit of the Mistletoe!

Yuri staggers slightly.

But ONLY slightly before the glow fades and he straightens back up.

Heh. You're shootin' blanks!

So the power of Amon has halted the progress of the curse.
Your "curse" isn't worth shit, buddy!

Ooh, Yuri said a bad word.

Yes, and your shield's broken, too. You have no chance to win!

You amuse me, little ants. Do you really think you can defeat me?

Whaddya think I'm here for? Bite me!

No. YOU will bite ME.


You have conquered Amon, but you have no idea how to use him.

Did you meat Jovis?
Is he still hiding away in his little hole, living like a rat?

Ah, ha ha ha. Hm.

Well, anyway, he's much happier than you are.

Ah, ha ha haha ha! Happy!? Petty dreamers, licking each other's wounds while groveling on their knees!? THAT'S happiness!?
What did you say?!

I am the winner! I have done what he could not!

Henceforth, the world will be indelibly changed in my image! HA HA HAHA HAHA! Humanity will live in fear and darkness for thousands of years!

And when the final human dies, I will be there, laughing! Ah hahaha hahaha!


Everyone is understandably freaked out by this little speech

He's insane!

What's he saying...?

Everyone except Yuri.

He's writing his own epitaph.

Ah, good. Now it's time to remove the final obstacle in my way. Time for you to die!

Oh, thank God, he finally shut up.

So, we finally get to fight Rasputin in his demon form as Asmodeus, and it's, ah, it's something alright. {Note: Boss video is only available on Viddler, being too long to edit to fit YouTube.}

Arc Gale is the best spell. It will be used in every boss fight.

I used Fides in the last fight, so I decided to use Amon here. Besides, the bastard made that smart-ass comment about him, so it seemed fitting.

Having Amon in the party means that I can use the non-Element Combo Magic, Tempest. It sucks the target (and any enemies clustered near the target) up into the air.

And then slams them into the ground. (In this case, giving us a nice view of Asmodeus's balls. )

Asmodeus has his own special attacks. There's Bent Space, which affects a small area and does a huge amount of damage to anyone caught in it.

His other spell is Evil Crest, the strongest Dark-class Crest spell.

It covers a HUGE area, does tons of damage, and decreases the Special Attack of the target. That 'Defeat' visible near the bottom of the screen is Joachim dying like a pussy.

He got better.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It occurs to me that we're quickly running out of people to kill.

Oh well, we got a lot of stuff off his corpse. There's a new Tarot for Lucia, Warlock Earrings and a Zodiac Bracelet for a high-hit Combo. Not a bad haul at all.