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Part 66: Idar Flamme Destroyed

Of course, Rasputin can't do us the favor of dying quickly.

How could it be? I can't...believe it.

It was human will...that finally defeated me!

Albert was a hundred times stronger than you!

Well, duh. He was and end-game boss. Rasputin is just a puny mid-game boss.

Hmm...ha ha haha. Albert, eh?

The Mistletoe was supposed to be used to defeat him.

Good to see that you guys were right on top of that, then.

Do you know what the true horror of the Mistletoe is? The Mistletoe doesn't simply steal away a person's life...

It kills the soul by stealing a person's thoughts, will and memory.
Kills the soul...?!

Haha hahahaha. Just as Nicolai said, your most powerful weapon is your human willpower. But with each moment that passes, your soul slowly fades away.

Still living, you'll become a hollow person. Your personality will be stolen away, and you'll live on as an empty shell.

For a man such as you, it will be a fate far worse than death.

How do we stop the curse?!
You can't.
It's true. That's why it was our final weapon against Albert Simon.

Which, if it weren't for Yuri, you wouldn't have used until half a year after the world ended.

I won't- I won't change!

There's nothing you can do. Your will to resist will soon be gone.

I'll tell you one more thing before I die.
What? headed to the Vatican.
The Vatican?!

To Apoina Tower. He plans to release the Malice locked in the tower.
What's that now?!

Go on. Go and finish Nicolai. Then you'll see how pointless your struggle really is.

Ha hahaha ha ha ha...

And with that, he finally dies.

Once he does, Idar Flamme starts to shake apart.

Not yet. It's not over.

Idar Flamme starts to really shake apart.

The Bacon Jet escapes just in time. I hope they took the Magimel Brothers with them.

Meanwhile, Nicolai actually is waiting in Apoina, staring at an ominous door.

So, he's won.

And he somehow knows that Rasputin is dead.

Very well, Godslayer! Come here! I'm waiting for you!

Someone has a death wish.


And then we're suddenly in the Graveyard. Sure, why not.

What am I, invisible?

Yeah. Rasputin said it's going to kill my soul by stealing my memory.

The thing I don't get is, why is everyone freaking out about this now? Didn't Jovis already tell them what the Mistletoe did, or am I imagining things?

I guess nobody can help you in your fight against this curse...
I guess not.
Are you scared?

It doesn't matter what you answer here.

I wouldn't blame you if you were scared. It's so...horrible...
It's just a stupid tool for controlling people. But it's not going to work. I'm not letting this damn curse win!

I don't know how to break the curse. I tried and tried, but I couldn't find a way.
Rasputin said there wasn't any way to break it.
But is he telling the truth?

I won't give up then. I'll keep looking! Don't you give up either, okay, Yuri?
I won't.

And there she goes.