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Part 67: Finishing Europe

With Rasputin gone, everything goes back to normal in Petrograd.

Um, I think there's still a war going on...


Dmitri: Now we must do everything we can to rebuild the government.

Yusupov: What?! It's not over yet? Now you're going to the Vatican?!

Ewan: It's from the Japanese ambassador. Apparently, it's called an ume-boshi. It's so sour!

Sergei: You've answered our prayers. Thank you for protecting Russia!

This is actually the most important guy in the city now, as far as we're concerned.

Elio: Oh, yeah! I found something! I'm sure it's really rare! You can have it for 100,000. Cash, of course! Well?

He has something that is very, very, very nice.

You got the Asmodeus Crest.

This is a level 20 Crest, but it is so worth it (although at this point, Evil Crest is a little too expensive to use often).

Just a couple other things to take care of before we go to Apoina Tower. The first is a new Lucky Chests Game.

Jimote: It costs 300 Cash to play. There are twelve treasure chests now, but you get three chances this time. And of course, the first person to get all the chests open gets a special prize. So what do you say, Mister?

After a few tries, I get them all open. The seeds in the chests are still randomized each time you play, but this is the order they were in when I won.

You got Soul Drop

Then, I head to Goreme to do all the Monk level Trials.

I chose Yuri, Blanca, Karin and Joachim.

There's only one battle for this Trial, against Victor and Pendulum. The prize for winning is a Gold Necklace, which is pretty much useless.

I went with Karin and Joachim, who had changed into his Golden Bat form.

The first round was against Castor and Pollux.

Next, they faced the Yuri and Karin doppelgangers from the Mirror Palace.

The last fight was against Arachne. The prize this time was a Fifth Key.

I used Yuri, Joachim and Anastasia.

I picked her because the first battle was against Andre, who adds a skill to her Album.

The next fight was against a Pendulum, a couple Wormgaur and a Quartzback.

Next was two Jacks, two Jills and two Agonys (Agonies?).

Then we faced a group of Perytons.

Last of all, we fought Night Queen. Which I completely forgot about. So I didn't have any anti-Death items equipped, making the fight much more difficult than it needed to be. Oof. Still won though, and got a Step Doubler for it.

For the last available Trial, I picked Yuri.

The first fight was against Oscar. I'll have to do this Trial again with Anastasia, because she can get a new Album from him. No rush, though.

The next round was against a Gatorback, a Kheperer and a Paladin.

Then Yuri fought a couple Quartzbacks and Wormgauers.

The fourth round was Ogoroja, Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Last of all, Yuri faced Amon. It's like looking in a mirror!

I now have the power to utterly BREAK THE GAME.

Now, to go break Nicolai's face.