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Part 69: A Sudden Turn Of Events

Yep, he's still here. He's a patient bastard, I'll give him that.

Well, it's been a long time.
Rasputin's dead now!

Yes, I know. But what of it? HE was never your true enemy, anyway.

Aw, how cute. He thinks he's important.

Nicolai. What are you trying to accomplish? What are you after?

Ha ha. Hahaha.

Nicolai keeps laughing, but he slowly staggers back to the vault while he does so.

Haha hahahaha!

He slams his hand against the door.

This vault is filled to overflowing with the hatred, malice and despair of the countless souls who have perished here.

What if all that Malice were to be suddenly released?
Yeah, what if?

It would creep into the hearts of people all over the world.

All their petty, paltry vices would become...magnified.

Warped into bitterness, anger and envy.

Don't you see!? Men will slaughter each other like cattle to get ahead!

Yes! The 21st century will be a time of unprecedented conflict and bloodshed!

How can you...?!
Very easily. Do you think you can stop me?

Hah haha. What I want to do is to crush you. The man who beat Cardinal Albert Simon.

He draws his sword.

Who endured the Mistletoe's curse! Who refused to bend before Rasputin! If I can't destroy you...

...I'll never be able to forgive myself!

And with that, Nicolai attacks...

...the door of the vault while everyone else stands around with their thumbs up their asses.

The door opens.

Behold! Aren't they beautiful? Perfect balls of negative energy!

Godslayer! Pandora's Box has been re-opened!

These unfettered bundles of Malice will infect the world forever!

Well, there goes the laser containment system. Now who are we gonna call?

Ah haha hahahaha! You can try your best, but no matter how much you fight...

...the age of Darkness is nigh!

You bastard! C'mon!

It's about friggin' time.

Nicolai transforms into Astaroth for this fight, which has a much cooler design than Asmodeus. Cooler boss music, too.

I used Miserati, since s/he's new. Unfortunately, Miserati is kind of scrawny and doesn't take up enough space to trigger a free Combo. Nuts.

I spend the first round casting Arc spells: Gale, Rage and Barrier (Astaroth has some nasty magic attacks).

Namely Bright Crest and Meteor Fall.

Not that it helps him much, considering that a successful 4-man Combo takes off nearly 2/5 of his health.

Beating up a 15-foot tall eldritch horror with a frozen tuna will never not be funny.

Karin gets in the last blow. I like how that worked out.

She also stole his sword. (Inventory screens for the loot will be posted in a later update.)

Nicolai staggers up to his feet, having regained his human form.

...I suppose...that I am beaten. Even with...the power of Astaroth...
Well, if you're not sure, we could always beat you a little more.
Not necessary. I think I'm just going to lie down now.


...Time to finish it.

Yuri is happy to oblige and slowly approaches Nicolai, but he suddenly stops short.


Kato what the fuck raises his hand toward the vault.

The doors slowly begin to close.

The seal is restored.


*THUMP* again.

Kato moves slightly, placing himself between Yuri and Nicolai.


In the name of the Emperor, I'm taking this man under my protection.

Yuri steps forward anyway.

He doesn't get very far.

I do not wish to fight you. Please leave.

No way!

If this man is truly next in line to the Tsardom of Russia then, as an allied country, we cannot simply let you kill him.

Um, he's not next in line, he's a bastard. Propping him up as the heir in opposition to the Tsar's legitimately born son and daughters is an act against Russia, since it would basically be an attempt to incite civil war.

Also, one of said daughters is standing right there, you insensitive dick.

Look at those!

Do you have any idea what those are going to do?!
It was YOU who let it happen.

Kato does have a point. Everyone did kind of just let Nicolai monologue instead of attacking him right away. On the other hand, if Kato saw the whole thing, which he seems to imply, why didn't he stop the vault from opening? Or at least close it as soon as the fight with Astaroth started?

The Malice is already invading the people's hearts. It's too late for them. Taking this person's life is not going to change anything.
Stay outta this!

Yuri rushes the man who used to be his friend.

And BAM! Back-up dancers out of nowhere!

Yuri catches Kato's spell right in the chest and is flung backwards. I almost feel like I've seen this somewhere before.


I'm going back to the capitol. Your war is over now.

Look for another way to live.


And then they disappear.

But not without taking Nicolai with them.

Our heroes are left behind with one burning question...

...Why can't we ever get the cool teleporting spells? 'Oh, Yuri, never mind that Cardinal Simon can appear anywhere in an instant with a snap of his fingers. I need YOU to run on this treadmill like a trained hamster on steroids so I can go to the moon for five seconds!' 'Oh, you need to get to Russia? Well, let's just get on this experimental airship that I've given an incredibly stupid name to and hope we don't crash on takeoff!' ...*grumble* ...underappreciated... *mumble* ...overworked......

And so ends the first half of SH: Covenant much as it began: with action, drama and a profound feeling of "What the hell just happened?".