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Part 70: Welcome To Yokohama

Narrator: Three months after Nicolai released the pent-up Malice of Apoina Tower...

For those of you not keeping track, it is now May, 1915. Which we would see if I left subtitles on.

Narrator: The war's brutality escalated quickly with the use of chemical weapons.

Soooo...Malice is responsible for mustard gas?

Narrator: But the battlefield changed little...

Narrator: ...with both sides becoming more and more entrenched.

Literally. WWI was basically the birthplace of trench warfare. Before that, people politely lined up in rows and shot each other, with the exception of a few ignorant savages who would hide in trees and such and shoot from behind cover. Very unsportsmanlike.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Yuri and his friends followed Special Agent Kato back to Japan to stop Nicolai, now possessed by Astaroth.

Narrator: And so, the stage shifts to the East.

Told you it was official art.

Well, we've made it to Japan, and the only place we can go is the warehouses at the Yokohama docks. Ooh, maybe they'll have forklifts!

Aw, doesn't look like there'll be a driving mini-game with tank controls after all.

...Why are they squatting in a warehouse when they have more than enough money for a hotel?

Well, how is he?
He's sleeping, but I don't think he's getting any better.

We've come all the way to Japan, and yet there's nothing we can do!
What if...what if he dies on us, hmm?

Shut up, Lucia.

Why do you always have to say things like that?

Because, where most people have a brain to filter what they think from what they say, she just has a gerbil running on a squeaky wheel.

Oh, come on! Show me somebody that's in danger of dying from seasickness!

This guy. Note: I did not add the arrow. That is IN GAME.

He was fine in the airship.
He's an odd one, alright.

You know, when a gay pro-wrestler vampire superhero is calling you odd...

That stupid airship didn't have any oomph anyway! It wasn't my fault!
But you were the one who crash-landed the ship.
It's called an emergency landing!

Anyway, there was a cute little mother and baby bear. I wanted to see them! Hee hee hee!
Well Roger is probably still fixing it, surrounded by those bears.
Deep in the woods of Hokkaido.

Yeah, he may already be dead!

Everyone just kind of stands around for a minute, not saying anything.

We seem to have all gotten kind of down.

I blame Lucia.

Hm. You're right.
Anyway, we don't have any reason to think that he's dead.
Besides, there's nothing we can do. Let's just take it easy until Yuri is back on his feet.

Everyone nods in agreement.

Some of them a little less enthusiastically than others.