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Part 72: No, We Are NOT Looking For Sailors

Back at the warehouse, Yuri is up on his feet again. I'm a little disappointed that he's walking normally instead of slowly plodding along like he was on the boat in the first game. I'm...not sure what that says about me. Again, nothing to do in here except talk to everyone before leaving.

Once we leave here, we're practically in Yokohama. We might get some information about that Kato guy.

You've finally come to! I was so worried about you!
Well, if a certain someone hadn't crashed the airship, we wouldn't of taken a boat here, and I wouldn't of gotten seasick, would I?
But the beeaaarrrs were soooo cute!
...You know, I'd offer to buy a stuffed bear for you so you wouldn't endanger all our lives trying to see the real thing, but, for some reason, the thought of you with one terrifies me.

Thank goodness! You're alive!

So you can move around now?! Okay, we'd better get moving, then! We'll go crazy just hanging around here!

When we try to leave, Yuri notices that one of our group is missing.

Yeah... He came back late last night carrying something...
Yeah, that's right. A comb or something.

To brush his long, silky fur, of course.

Maybe it was for his girlfriend!
What?! No way!

Must...control...urge to smack...them both...

In other news, I've equipped Karin with Nicolai's sword. It's description is a little different from the last time we saw it, though.

Before we look for Blanca, we're going to check out the warehouses again. There are people in them now and one or two new items.

This guy in the first warehouse has new weapons and armor for everyone. I pick up Dandy's Kimonos for the guys, and the girls get Hakama Pants. For new weapons, I get Tigerclaw, Silver Thread, Red Peacock and Venus Fan. Karin and Blanca already got their new weapons for free, and we'll be picking up Joachim's shortly.

New weapons and armor are nice, but I'd be able to get them from the Magimel Brothers shortly. What makes this guy worth stopping at is the Key item that he sells and the Cimeies Crest (Earth Resist, Heat Resist). This is the only place you can get either of these.

It becomes slightly less adorable when you read the description and realize it's made out of real raccoon and not actually a plush toy.

Also, I finally reached Rank A at the shops, giving me a 50% max discount. I'm also exempt from penalties when I fail to get a discount, meaning that if I'm buying stuff that costs more than I can afford at full price and I miss the Ring, I get the item for free and don't get any points subtracted (so, I'll never drop back down to B rank). I'm not sure if when you're buying multiple items and fail if you'd get them all for free, or if you only get the ones you can't afford for free. I'll have to test this a bit later.

There's only one other guy in this warehouse.

Sudo: Some people hate war, and some people make money from it...

There's a couple people in the warehouse further down.

Tokichiro: It's not all imports, you know! Don't forget all the mountains of silk being exported!

They aren't why I came here, though. There's something else here that wasn't here when we came through with Blanca.

Hmm. Nice pillar...

Yup, it's a big pillar. A great big, huge pillar. Not something you usually see lying around...
This pillar supported the structure of a house for generations, and now its role as a support is over... It bears the notches the children made over the years to record their height, like badges of honor...
Looks like he wants that pillar, huh?
Looks like it...

You got Giant Pillar

New weapon!

What ever happened to that young daughter who left home that day so long ago, hoping to become a singer...?
Who is he talking about?

I wonder if Joachim really is picking up psychic impressions from the junk he picks up, or if he's just making shit up as he goes along? I also wonder if he only does this with weapons or all the time.

There are also a lot of people wandering around outside now.

Noriko: Why did they build number one last?

Kawakami: Say, is that a raccoon pelt in your pack?


Kawakami: Okay, carry on then!

In the industrial part of the port?

At the moment, this guy is the only one you really need to talk to.

Lottery Member 9: And I've got the lottery to worry about, as well! Looks like that's why you're here, right?

Another Lottery Member. We've found almost half of them now.

There aren't any tricks to this one; it's just a normal Ring.

You won Huge Jug

Lottery Member 9: Okay, I've gotta get back to work. See ya again sometime!

The Huge Jug is the exact opposite of the Small Jug; it halves SP loss but lowers all four attack and defense stats.

There's just one last thing before we go find Blanca. We've finally got enough Crests to finish the Forsaken Hill area of Solomon's Key. Here's the layout and the clues:

   |  |
Agares: Appears as an old wise man with withered legs. Lives by the sea and rides crocodiles when traveling. Master of morphing.

Camio: Appears as a small, jet-black bird. Lives beside the Forest of Passion. Hating gloomy things, he stays away from the Boneyard.

Paimon: Appears as a majestic king with vassals. Can grant human knowledge. Travels by camel, and lives in the desert.

Barbatos: A knight leading soldiers. Very mistrustful and always afraid of attack. Lives with his soldiers in the solid tower by the woods.

Phenex: Appears as a phoenix. He prefers dry places because of the flames that surround him. Lives near his friend, Camio, also a bird.

Purson: A muscular man with a lion's head. Lives in the mansion in the middle of the hill. He and his neighbor, Phenex, visit each other.

Marchosias: A wolf with eagle wings and serpent tail. Warlike and dumb. Lives near friend Paimon, but near the Boneyard to avoid the heat.

Raum: A giant crow with talons dripping blood. The beat of his wings causes earthquakes. He likes the forest demons, and lives nearby.