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Part 73: Princess In Danger

Leaving the warehouses this time brings the city map back up. We have a new area to explore, Yokohama Streets.

We immediately run into Blanca. He seems to be waiting for something.

Oh! He's here! He's here!
What's he doing?


'Ello, what's this?


Awroo! (Good morning!)

As Kurando and his ward come closer, a car races down the street. I'm sure this has nothing to do with any of us, though!


And closer...

The car screeches to a stop right in front of the girl.


Blanca rushes forward faster than the speed of camera.

Awroo!! (What the...?!)

Unfortunately, he's not fast enough to stop some creep from grabbing the girl and forcing her into the car.


Someone in the car fires a machine gun at Kurando.

And, since these are Cutscene Bullets™, he doesn't shrug them off like the ones from earlier.

Blanca starts barking and snapping at the back of the car. The gunman fires at him, but he keeps jumping out of the way.

Huh? Look out!

Yuri notices the wildly firing gun swing toward them and dives for the ground, taking Karin with him.

The car drives off, with Blanca in hot pursuit.


Kurando faints.

Yuri and Karin are alright, though.

Some time later...

I owe you all a great deal of thanks.

Really, it was nothing. But...doesn't he need to go to the hospital?

What, we suddenly run out of Thera Extract?

He's fine. He may be thin, but don't worry, he's extremely tough.

Was that your daughter that was kidnapped?

Considering the alternatives, oh, God, I hope so.


We've got to go save her!
I want nothing more than for her to return, but she is an important hostage so I'm sure they will do nothing to harm her.

Don't you think he seems kind of calm, considering what happened?
Shh! He'll hear us!
Don't worry. He's probably hard of hearing, anyway.
I am old, but I am not deaf, little lady. Not yet.

Oh! I, um, uh...

Just then, a door opens.

Oh, how are you feeling?

I'm fine. Please don't be concerned about me.

Somehow, this has devolved into a Monty Python skit.

Kurando straightens up from his bow. But he's not speaking, so why is the camera focusing on a close-up of his profile?

Oh. Goddammit. I forgot the 14-year-old's fatal weakness: bishonen.


Master, these people...?

Anastasia is off in her own little world.

These are the ones that brought you here when you were hurt.
Oh, I see.

Thank you. I owe you all my life.

Anastasia finally snaps out of it.

Oh, really! It was nothing! It was our pleasure! Uh...


She doesn't seem to appreciate the comments from the peanut gallery.



Anyway, we thought you'd died back there.




My, those two really have a way with words!

There is dangerous work ahead.

You've already done much to help. You needn't get further involved.
Well, maybe not, but I think you know the people that took your daughter, don't you?

Hah, that's true, but it would be wiser for you all to keep away from this. It's not your concern.

I'm afraid we can't do that!
Hm. And why is that?
My partner...I mean, my pet wolf...

The one that chased after the car...
You mean Snowball?

Yeah! That's him!
You mean Blanca, don't you?!

The question is, was Yuri just agreeing with him because he realized they thought of Blanca as "Snowball", or is the Mistletoe screwing up his memory again?

That wolf... He saved us last night, too.
Ya see? We can't just forget about him!

Just then-




He places something on the raised floor.

It's the girl's comb.

It's the Princess's!
You found their secret hideout, boy?

Awroo!! (That's right!)

I guess it's decided, then.

Shall we accept their assistance?

Well, that was...kind of anti-climatic.