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Part 76: I Have Found the Sailors

Enough goofing off, we have a little girl to rescue.

Apparently, we can walk right up to the gangway of an important and expensive Japanese naval warship without a challenge. Wonderful security procedures they have here. Anyway, let's check out the crates in that storage area.

Oh, hey, look who's here.

But...but we just saw you five minutes ago. Does this mean Yuri wanders off and does inane shit for hours even when I'm NOT controlling him?

What is it?
It's Miyabi. She's been going out a lot recently all dressed up. I think she might be having an affair.
No, you're just imagining it!
Well, she's 17 years younger than me. She's only 28. She used to be a hostess. She's really cute. I mean, she's got such a great body!

The Japanese idea of a hostess is quite a bit different from the Western one.

She's 28 and speaks like that?!
Look, I can't go on worrying like this! What should I do? I'm going crazy here!
Me too!
Oh, Miyabi!
Who's looking after Aya, then?
Oh, that's okay. Miyabi's mum and dad came from China to stay with us, so they're looking after her.
Then she's probably just letting her hair down while she's got the chance!
Maybe. I hope that's all it is.
Yeah, don't worry! Just do your thing!
Be serious! How can I do that when I'm so worried about Miyabi?!
Forget it! It's not important!
N-not important?! Not important?! Did you just say it's not important?!
Sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that!
Aaaah! I thought you were a friend! You don't care about me at all!
I do, I do! Look, I'm sorry! Shouldn't you go look for her? There's gotta be someplace she likes to go. And if I see her, I'll let you know, okay? Don't think I will, though...
You're right! Okay, I'm off, then! Here, take this!

You got Attack Boost

See you, then!

Has anyone else noticed that lately Karin hasn't said anything during these little encounters?

Good luck!

Moving on, there's a chest under the gangway with the Vapula Crest (Rage, Red Cradle).

There's a sailor just inside the entrance to the ship, and he doesn't seem to care that we're here to tear this thing apart, rivet by rivet.

You got Nibelung Scene 3

Extra Heuervelk power!

In fact, he's helping us by using the power of German opera to increase Karin's ability to light things on fire.

We head to the right to enter the ship proper.

Then we head below deck.

Of course, what rescue scene would be complete without Villainous Plotting™?

Captain! Is the ship ready to leave yet?!

Iron Man over there is Lt. Col. Terada. The Captain is named Kaneda.

In a short while. We are still making preparations.

We've already waited three hours!

Lieutenant Colonel Terada, you cannot simply bring armed weapons onto a high-speed ship and then expect to disembark immediately, now can you, sir?
I'm operating under direct orders from Minister Ishimura! During wartime, MY orders take precedence over ANYTHING! You MUST know that!
Don't get so excited. I told you all will be ready soon. But I hope for your sake, that you do not find yourself in trouble for using the Empire's most advanced destroyer as a mere taxicab!

You needn't worry.

Terada starts to leave, but Kaneda stops him.

I've been informed that you brought a girl as a captive. Is this true?
Yes, and it's none of your affair!

Fine. I didn't get this far in my career by sticking my nose where it does not belong.

Voice: Excuse me, Captain?

Yes? What is it?

A sailor walks in and whispers something to Kaneda.

I see. As you were, sailor. Carry on.

The man salutes his captain and leaves.

It seems intruders have boarded the ship, Lieutenant Colonel. I'll leave the matter up to you.

Good. This is what I was hoping for!

Um, I guess that's a "yes".

But where could she be? This ship is bigger than I thought.
Why don't we split up into two groups? I'll take this deck. The rest of you can check down below.
Okay, sounds good.

With their course of action decided, Blanca moves next to Kurando.


Ah, and now we come to the "I hope you haven't been neglecting anyone because we're forcing you to use everyone" portion of the game.

Eh, good enough.

We start out in control of Kurando's team. First things first: silence all witnesses.

Nakamata: Orders are orders, but kidnapping a little girl just isn't conduct worthy of the Imperial Japanese Forces! The navy won't help you, but we won't stand in your way either. Good luck.

Very well, you may live. For now.

The navy won't bother us, but we still have to worry about Terada's goons. There are more of the soldiers we were fighting earlier and two new units: Spider Walker and Flying Drone. The Walker has a nasty Cannon attack that can hit several party members if they're bunched up together while the Drone can cause Paralysis.

There's a chest in the northern end of this room. It has Security Key 1.

There's some sort of console by the northern door. You can insert the key into either keyhole. It also has a convenient map.

They haven't translated the map, however. It's still pretty simple. The green circles are consoles that require a security key. The orange circles are switches. The lines are locked doors that you either need a key inserted in the corresponding console to hold open, or you need to find and press the corresponding switch.

For now, we put the key in keyhole "2", which opens a door on the lower level. Then we switch over to Yuri's group.

Yuri starts in the lower right corner. From here, we go up and to the right to enter the room that Kurando opened up.

There's another sailor and another chest in here.

Yokoyama: But there's a secret trick to getting around with only two keys. ...Do you know what I'm talking about?

Not a clue. But if something's not working for me, a good, swift kick usually fixes it.

The chest in here has Security Key 2.

There's a console here identical to the one in the room above. We insert the key into keyhole "1" to open the door for Kurando.

We switch back to Kurando and take the key out.

Then we exit the room to the left, head down at the first fork, and then go right to find a hidden item. It's The Lovers Tarot Card.

From there, we head left and then up at the second fork to find another security console. We insert our key into it. This opens another door on Yuri's level. Then we switch to Yuri.

Yuri is now locked in, so we move his key from keyhole "1" to keyhole "2".

Now Yuri can go all the way left to open a chest at the end of the hall. It nets us a Cabin Key.

From the chest, we run a short way right and then down at the closest fork to find another sailor.

Lottery Member 8: Although...if that's a lottery ticket you've got, I could make an exception! Wanna try your luck?

Member 8 just has a normal Ring with no tricks to it. The red is easy to hit.

You won P-Attack Down 3

Lottery Member 8: I gotta get back to work...

From the Lottery Member, we go up, right, and down at the next fork to get to a locked cabin.

Nagayama: Captain Kaneda is a fine man, a man of the sea, responsible and loyal. But the government is appropriating the military now. They're up to no good, and Captain Kaneda is very upset.

This guy will also restore your HP and MP if you talk to him again.

There's a Lottery Ticket hidden on the table in the cabin.

Checking out the uniform on the wall gets us Instant Death 2 and solves the current Treasure Hunt. Now we just have to find Croft.

There's another security console in here. This one has a lever instead of a keyhole. Pulling the lever permanently opens a door on Kurando's level.

We pull the lever and switch back to Kurando. Leaving his key where it is, we head down and left into the newly opened room. There's yet another sailor in here.

Nakadai: Those guys are from some special forces called Iron Soldiers, and they wear armored uniforms. Man, they strut around the Mikasa like they can do anything they want! They make me furious!

There's a chest in the northern end of the room with the Vine Crest (Mirage, Hail Crash).

There's also another lever to pull in here. This opens a door on Yuri's level.

Switching back to Yuri, we go all the way back to the security console and switch his key over to keyhole "1", locking Yuri inside.

We switch back to Kurando, grab his key from the console and go back to the starter room. We then put his key back in keyhole "2".

Back to Yuri, we take his key out. Then we go left, down at the first fork, left again, and up at the next fork. Then we put his key in keyhole "1" to let Kurando out again.

Back to Kurando, grab his key, and run left until we run into a locked door.

And then Yuri moves his key from "1" to "4" to open that door.


Heading all the way left, Kurando comes to a set of stairs leading down.

There's a chest down here with a Tent.

There's also another lever in here.

This one opens the lower door in the room which lets Yuri in.

The sailor in here tells us how to get through the last part of the security system.

Hashimoto: To open a security door, you have to press the buttons on either side of the door at exactly the same time. If anybody asks you, you never heard it from me, understand?

We switch to Yuri and head left to meet back up with Kurando.

Whew. Finally done with the annoying switch puzzle. Now we just have to beat up Iron Man and get the hell out of here with the girl.