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Part 80: And Now We Are Ambassadors

We then return to the main party, who are just now leaving the Mikasa.

What's going on? We're locked up for three days, and then suddenly they let us out?
They didn't even investigate us. I guess they don't care anymore.

And you're complaining because...?

That was pretty cold-hearted of Kurando to take off on his own like that.
Kurando is not that kind of person!

Huh? What's that? What'd you say? Oh-ho I get it, I get it!
Uh, why are you looking at me like that?!
Ah-haha, you're turning all red!
I'll kill you...

Cut it out, you two!
Look over there!

I think we know why they were released now. Good thing Kurando took the girl and ran after all, huh?

Oh, it's him.
There you are. It took a while to get you out. I'm sorry about that.
You're the one who got us out?
Yes. I vouched for you all. It's my way of saying "thank you" for saving my daughter.

Well, actually we-
Yes, I know.

Your Anastasia here was carrying papers that list her as a Goodwill Ambassador from Russia.

The 'Ambassador' promptly sticks her tongue out at Yuri.

Since I saw that, I have been wondering why you came to Japan.
"Goodwill Ambassador"...?

You had papers saying that?
My father gave me them in case I ever traveled overseas.

Now THAT'S an Emperor!
Yeah, a real Superman!

But...Superman won't exist for almost 20 more years...

He's better than Superman!
Shall we go? Yuri? Anne? And you are...?

That's your new name, Karin! I didn't want them to know that you're German.
That was my mom's name.
Anne? That's not your name?

Uh, no, it's Karin.
Hm. Well, either way, come on.
Come on!
Let's go!

We're finally back in control of the party. There are new character entries in the Library for Ouka, Hien and Raiden. While I'm at it, have the item description for the Demon Earrings I got a little while ago.

We need to go to the inn to speak to Naniwa again, but first I'm going to go back to the Mikasa.

There's something new in the upper level that wasn't here before. do remember Gepetto, right? Old guy? Makes living puppets? Been traveling with you for half a year? Surely this isn't THAT strange.

I may be made out of wood, but I have a soul. The name's Carven. Nice to meet you.
Awroo... Awroo? (Where to start? First, what's a wooden carving doing on a military ship?)
They saw how strong I was, so they asked me to be a bodyguard. If I could be of service, how could I say no? In any case, could you please just leave, for my sake? If you won't cooperate, I'm afraid I'll have to get tough with you...

I think Blanca's been hanging around Yuri too much.

Enough of your old-fashioned sentimentality! Real life is a whole lot harsher than your silly drama world.

And it's Wolf Bout time again!

Carven (who I keep wanting to call Craven) is an easy fight. The only trick he has up his sleeve is that he can Petrify, which is easily blocked with an accessory.

Blanca handily (um, pawsily?) wins.

But I'm not really good at anything else... This is the only way I know how to live...

Ooh, we can get another prize from Ernest once we're able to go back to Paris.

I'm going to retire. I still have some regrets, but I'd better know when to quit. It's all right. It'll give me a chance to go back home and visit my mother. Goodbye to you all, and good luck!

Unfortunately for Carven, he never made it home.


The other reason we came back here is that the Captain's quarters are now open.

It's not much, but how about I give you a quiz to make up for it? Knowledge is just as important as strength, right?

This opens up a new mini-game, the quizzes. The Captain's quiz is about items, weapons and accessories.

There is a pool of twenty questions that Kaneda will randomly ask. You have ten seconds to answer each question. You need to get ten in a row right to win.

When you get it right, the sailors squat down and make circles with their arms. It's all really quite silly.

This is the only question he asks that isn't about something in your inventory.

Answers:  1.Leonardo's Bear 2.Reptile 3.8 4.Mirror Bracelet 5.The World Lottery Society 6.Square lumber 7.Mind's Eye 8.Mana Leaf 9.An angel 10.Unidentified bones 

We get the Foras Crest (Cure All) for winning. Cure All restores a single character's health completely.

Anyway, back in Yokohama Streets in the area by the inn we run into a familiar face.

Oh, it's you! The treasure-hunt guy! Where have you been all this time? You just disappeared before.

Croft: I've been here in Japan, thinking up new ways to hide treasure! Now it's your turn to feel the humiliation of losing at the treasure hunt!

You got Treasure: Roamer

You wanna do that again?! You just never learn, do you?!

Croft: I won't stop hiding treasure until I beat you! Go on! Try and find it! Feel the frustration!

It's not even encoded or anything. How disappointing.

Hey, it's the jerk who cut and ran on us!

Yeah, that guy.


Um... Thank you for helping me.


What are you going to do now?

A grave?
You know people are trying to kill you, right? Why visit a grave?!
Ha ha ha! I know, I know! I don't expect you to understand! The Foreigner's Cemetery is just outside town. I take a steam train from the capital to go there.

Um... Well...
What is it? You're worried we'll be attacked again?

Look, I know you're a pretty tough guy, but...
Trust me! Those men won't show their faces for a while. They haven't got time to be bothered with us. So, shall we get going?

Uh, guys, I think we just got drafted into the Bodyguard Brigade again.