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Part 84: Shadows Of the Past

After Kato is done being a jerk, we get treated to a flashback involving Naniwa.

Hmm, those boots look familiar.

It’s good to see you again, Sensei.

Oh, hey, it’s Ben.

So, when did you get back?
Yesterday. I wanted to come back earlier, but it was difficult to find the time.
Oh, please, think nothing of it. I must say, it's much hotter here in the capital than it is in Nara, don't you think?
Forgive me, there's no one here right now. Some tea?

The weather. They're talking about the weather.

No, don't concern yourself. I have to be going soon, anyway.

Have you decided yet? About the matter we discussed?
We're going to be leaving Japan next week.
Oh, really? That seems very sudden. What about Anne? And your child? You're going to be gone for a long time.
I'm planning on taking them with me.
Oh, is that right? But what about the child? What was his name again?
Ah, yes, Yuri. He must be about three now.
Yes. I'm going to be...raising him in mainland China.

Oh? That will be good. Unlike Japan, he'll be able to meet people from different countries there. He'll grow up to be a good man.

It will be a few, perhaps never. I may never be able to come back to Japan.
What did you say?! Don't say that!

Our greatest enemy, Dehuai, has his base in Shanghai. We've got to move against him carefully.

A few blurry scenes from the first game flicker across the screen.

I'm counting on you if I fail.

I've got to be going now.
I see.

I'll be praying for your safety. When you return here, we'll have a...drink. Take good care of yourself.

Yes, sir.

The scene stays at Naniwa's estate, but this time it's back at the present.

Where is everyone?
They all went to hang out in town. Yuri seemed all confused that his father and Naniwa knew each other. Karin took him out to take his mind off it.
Oh, okay.

People are going to think the circus came to town when they see you.

And there they go.