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Part 86: Temporary Alliance

Before Yuri and Karin can investigate the screaming, footsteps approach them.

Huh? Ha ha ha! Nothing, nothing! We were just taking a stroll... Huh?! Did you just hear something?

And Anastasia and Joachim are saved by the sudden appearance of the undead demon-dog. Funny how things work out sometimes.

W-what the hell?! What's that?!
Eeek! A monster!

She acts like this is the first time she's ever seen a Lovecraftian horror.

Weird, it seems like Yuri can sense Astaroth. Or, more likely, that Amon can.

The screen shatters, indicating that this is just a regular fight, not a boss fight.

Although this isn't technically a boss fight, it is a bit harder than the standard mook fight, so some precautions are in order.

Also, Shoki can use Bright Crest and Meteor Fall, just like Astaroth.

A good combo finishes him off, but he just disappears, indicating that we haven't seen the last of him.

Karin notices something behind them.

What the...?! It's multiplying!

The new monster is called Koshoki. These things aren't any different from standard monsters. It doesn't even get any hits in before it dies.

Not really...?

Oh, hell, what now?

Over there!

Oh, it's just the rest of the group.

Is everybody all right? Nobody hurt?
W-we're just fine, Kurando!
The whole city's in an uproar! What in the world is going on?!
There was this monster that showed up...!
Look, over there! Soldiers!
Damn! What's with this country, anyway?!

Pierre and Gerard are here, and they are freaking out.

Oh, Yuri! Quick, before they eat you! You've got to buy something!

But they aren't freaking out too much to make a sale. Gerard has new weapons for everyone (except Joachim) and new armors. I buy weapons for everyone but Karin (there's a free one for her coming up in the next dungeon). The new weapons are Dojikiri, Tortoise Claw, Goddess Fan, Snow Flower, Adamantine Rasp and Halo Thread. For the armors, Yuri, Kurando, Karin and Joachim can equip Kendo Armor, while Lucia, Anastasia, Gepetto and Blanca can equip Ascetic's Stole. I also pick up a Frilly Apron, the female version of the Loin Guard.

Newly equipped and with my battle party chosen, I speak to Karin to get the next chain of events rolling. Unfortunately, I got in too much of a hurry and did NOT redistribute my Crests. This will very shortly bite me in the ass.

Some soldiers are desperately trying to fend off Shoki.

They are...less than effective.

Meanwhile, the Mutant Apes are watching from a nearby building. Either that, or they're practicing their gargoyle impersonations, with varying degrees of success.

Kato appears behind them.

How are things?
Not good. Our soldiers are being wiped out. What is your wish? If this continues, many will die.
Master, I believe the three of us together could stop it.

They're there!

It seems they've noticed our intrepid heroes.

Poor bastards never stood a chance.

These are the Yokohama soldiers!


Yay! A survivor!

Soldier: AAAAAHHH!!

Yay! Another corpse!

Am I crazy, or is that thing getting bigger?

Bad dog!

It'll destroy the city!
What do we do?!

I'll figure out something. I can feel Nicolai's spirit in there!

Oh, ew, I never noticed that face in the middle of his chest before.

Yuri starts to charge Shoki, but he's stopped my a bunch of Koshoki.

And then we cut back to Frownyface McEmopants.


With that, they teleport down. Showoffs.

It's you!

Yuri takes a few strides forward.

I'm Ouka of the Mutant Apes!

You know, the dramatic introduction is a bit spoiled by the lovingly rendered tits and ass. Did you really have to dress them in spandex, Kato? Really?

She's See No Evil. I'm Hien, Speak No Evil!

I'm Raiden, Hear No Evil!

Anastasia runs and hides behind Joachim before peeking out to yell at the Apes. Just when you thought the pair couldn't get any cuter, they prove you wrong.

That monster! Are you responsible for it?!


Now Yuri starts to move toward Kato. He seems pissed. Gee, I wonder why.

Stop! I have no desire to fight you now.
You mean to say, first we stop the monster, eh?

We'll take care of the weaker enemies. You handle the Shoki.
You mean, we fight together?
Fine with me. After that, you start talking!
Very well.

Mutant Apes, get us an opening!
Yes, Master!

The Mutant Apes move forward to take care of the three groups of Koshoki.

Not that it's very hard with three level 50 characters.

Master, we did it.

Darn, they're strong!

Anastasia kicks Joachim again.

Okay, let's go!

And the way to Shoki is clear.

Watch their battle very closely.

They are our ultimate opponents.
Yes, Master!

And with that, the real boss fight starts.

Besides not optimizing my Crests, I also probably should have skipped using Kurando in favor of either Joachim or Karin. Kurando's only damage dealing spells at this point are Light-based, which aren't very effective against Shoki.

Not that his physical attacks are bad, but it's nice to have the magic option.

At least I remembered to equip everyone with Leonardo's Bears to stop the Instant Death attack.

Not that it stopped me from dying to his other attacks...


...and again.

I still kicked his ass. Eventually. Even so, it was way harder than it needed to be.

I did get a new Tarot card, though.