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Part 11: Fengtian Airstrip

Fengtian Airstrip

As soon as everyone gets out of the sewer, the dog runs away from Alice. Ungrateful little mutt.

Hmm? Aw, the mutt ran away, huh? Forget about him, Alice. He's just happy to be outside.


Okay, fine!

If I were them, I'd let Tiny go and get the hell out of there. Surely they weren't planning on taking the dog up into a plane with them.

This day just keeps getting better and better.

Uh-oh! Japanese troops!

Private Tokizawa: S-sound the alarm!! Prepare for battle!! Inform Lt. Colonel Kawashima immediately!!

Tsk! Damn dog!

Hah! This should be fun!

The first two guards rush the party and are easily disposed of.

The second group goes down even easier than the first.

What do we do now?! Reinforcements are going to be here any minute!

Right. No time to waste! Let's grab that plane of ours!

Well, now what?

Hey Alice, you okay?

Another ka-boom? What the hell's going on?

Yuri and Margarete are too absorbed in the flaming wreckage that was their way out to notice Alice merrily skipping off-screen.


Oh, shit.

Why do all the cute things have to be evil?



...You're the one that blew up the plane, aren't you!? And just as we were about to make our escape!!

As if I'm going to go chasing you halfway across the continent! I think not. You're coming with me.

...The heathen girl, that is.

Did we just get ordered around by something that could easily be picked up and punted halfway across the field?

Who ARE you...?!

This evil aura...!! So YOU'RE the one that's been watching us! Ever since the sewers!

Hee hee hee... That's correct.

Ohh, I get it! You're Bacon! What, did ya get reincarnated as a dog after I killed you on the train?! Haw haw haw!! This...this is too much!! H-how unbelievably LAME!! Haw haw haw!!

You want to know who I am?! Not that you zeros are even worthy of hearing my name. Hee hee hee...

Um, let's see... Is it "Tiny," after all?

I can't follow all this. Look, buddy, I don't know who y'are, but we don't have time to chew the fat.

Puppy got UGLY.

The Beast Dog is Fire aligned, so I have Yuri Fuse into Man Dragon and keep hitting him with his water attack. Margarete casts Aqua Edge on herself and alternates between Grenade and physical attacks. Alice is on healing duty, and whenever she has no one to heal, I have her use her Blessed Light spell. The only attack this boss does that I have to really watch out for is Breath of Fire, which hits everyone, doing extra damage to Yuri and Margarete.

With a little patience, 'Tiny' goes down easily enough.

Free levels for everyone!

Ha ha! Giving yourself away like that...real smart, DEHUAI!

He seems to know about Roger Bacon. Not only that, but...

He seems to know about ME, too.

Hey, come on, you two! We've gotta stay on our toes! I know a little something about that Dehuai character. I'll tell you about it later. In the meantime, I'll look for a plane we can use. Be right back!

I'm getting really tired of people promising they'll tell me what's going on "later".

You DO have that whole innocence thing going on...

Or maybe it's have some big secret.

Ooh...! Don't look at me that way!

You're kinda cute when you're angry.


What. Is. That!?

It was abandoned, I think...but it started when I gave it a swift kick!

...Oh yeah, that's a hand-me-down, all right.

Y-you want us to RIDE in it?

Bingo! Stop your chattering, kids, and hop in!


Oh! I'm so sorry, Yuri!

N-no problem! You're plenty light, Alice!

What, no lecherous comment? Maybe there's hope for him yet.

Don't you two get all cuddly on me now! This is it! Hold on tight!

It's really sh-sh-shaking!! Eeeek!!


I can't help it! It's the vibration!

There's no turning back now! Come on, Yuri, you're a BOY for God's sake! Show a little gumption!! Here goes! Full throttle!!

Oh my God, it's actually flying.

Just how far do they think they can get in that rust-heap...? Amusing little fools...

Private Koizumi: Lt. Colonel, the pursuit planes are prepared to fire! With your permission, we can shoot them down!

Ah ha ha. No need to waste ammunition...they'll crash before they get too far. One thing does surprise me, however. I never imagined they'd be involved with that "Malkovich"...

Private Sonoda: I-I apologize about the state of our troops, Lt. Colonel, I...

Don't worry about it. I'm heading for Dalian; make the preparations. I suppose we shall have to set traps for them, then lay patiently in wait.

Private Yokoyama: Yes ma'am! Understood!

Poor Kawashima. It's impossible to get good help these days.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: mini-update with the new info for this area.

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