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Part 12: Mini-Update 3

Mini-Update 3


Goth jewelry makes for an excellent weapon, apparently. v:)v

As do books about Atlantis.

As far as I can tell, this is a Mauser 1910.

The Confusion is probably caused by trying to figure out how Margarete got her hands on one 21 years before the Type 94 entered production.


These stop your front row fighters from being knocked into the back row. I don't have much use for them. (In the second game, they don't have the front row/back row system, so Spikes in that game do damage to monsters that attack someone that is equipped with them.)

Now THIS I do have use for.

This thing isn't too bad to have, either.

Alice will be getting most of these. I'm starting to think she has a problem.


Chiiiirp Chiiiiirp Chiiiiiiiiiiiiirp  Inside joke. See the Tsukihime LP 

That's a bloody human hand and arm it has instead of a tongue, by the way.

That's two monsters in the sewers that have a thing for women. I feel like I should be complaining to someone...

The Japanese soldier descriptions get more amusing as you move up the ranks.

RIP, Tiny.



Notice the peg-leg and the dragon arm? It'll come up later.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: more Asian ghosts!

Note: next update may be slightly delayed until Tuesday. (Company picnic on Monday.)