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Part 15: Mini-Update 4

Mini-Update 4


Zhuzhen's new weapon. It looks more round than hexagonal to me.

'Kay... They're starting to get really weird with these things now...

I didn't even need this when I bought it. I've been buying things I don't normally use to try to completely fill out the item library.

This thing restores a small amount of both HP and MP. It's not as effective as either Thera Leaves or Mana Leaves, but it saves a turn if you're low on both.

The upgraded version of the Bronze Arrowheads.

I think this both increases the hit area of the Ring and slows it down. I'm not sure, because I've never used it.

Used outside of battle, this increases a character's Luck stat by one. If you use it in battle and hit the red Strike zone, it can increase the character's Luck stat by 2-3 points.

This is like the Seal of Luck, but for the Strength stat.

We'll need this in the second half of the game for an optional quest.

I thought Zhuzhen and Sea Mother acted like they already knew each other.


The only new grunt monster in this area, and it's a re-colored Kappa.

God, these things are ugly.


Even though we got gypped in the monster department, we did double the NPC listing.

This sounds like the start of a puberty education book...

Ben is awesome. Yuri's got a lot to live up to.

Ah ha ha ha haha.

We will hear the end of her story eventually. It won't be in cool ghost story mode, though.

The Chin. As someone who played the second game before this one, I was really surprised at what a wuss he was. He definitely changes between the two. Or maybe grows would be a better term.