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Part 22: Temple Ruins, part 2

Temple Ruins, part 2

When we last left our group, Alice and Margarete had just bludgeoned an eyeball-monster to death.

That wasn't so bad. I did break a sweat, though...

That's a rather unfortunate choice of words.

The door to Ni Wan Palace will now open, meow.

Don't worry. That girl's pretty steady on her feet, and she's got Margarete with her, too. I doubt they'll be long. That door'll open soon and we'll all be able to enter Ni Wan Palace.

Hey, pops...


What kind of person was my dad? Tell me about him...even if it's just a little. I only remember him working the farm, and the fox mask he bought me on the day of the festival...

Heck, he was a real stand-up guy.

He was always standing, every time I saw him.

Do you have any idea how I wound up helping Hyuga out, kid?

When I first met him, he was a Japanese Army operative, you know. So I didn't trust him right off. Like with you, we got into fights now and then. But, he'd always laugh them off afterwards. What I really liked about your old man, though, was, well...

This isn't going to turn into a declaration of undying love, is it?

Like you, he would rally against any injustice, even if it meant opposing his own country. He didn't just fight for his country, he fought for everyone who lived on this continent. He often wondered if there wasn't some way he could build a truly good country with his own hands.

So he was a good man?

Absolutely. He was a true friend to me...a better friend than I deserved.

...I see. My dad must've felt the same way about you.

Heh heh... It's nice of you to say that, kid.

Hey! The door opened!

Thank God. It was starting to get a bit too touchy-feely in here.

All right! I knew the girls had it in 'em!

Let's do it, people! The last dungeon, Ni Wan Palace, is just ahead. Meow!! But before you step in, it's time for yet another Trial! Meow!! Meow-meeeow!

That is so NOT FAIR!!

Cripes, can't the old goat cut us SOME slack...?

Apparently not. Well, off into the final dungeon!

Click here for the full 640x809 image.

The two monsters in the final section are Brain Suckers and Succubus Queens which can cause Confusion.

Green portal.

Yellow portal.

There are a couple interesting things in this section. The first is finding Xiaofang in the middle of the maze without anything to sell.

Whoever the head of the Lottery is, he sure picks some weird employees.

I tried to get the Flash Badge, but I ended up with a Pure Seed. It's better than nothing, and reloading would mean fighting the last boss again, so I'll settle for it.

You've received Pure Seed.

Meowby you can try again.

Of all the items, this one is the one you have to find; it's needed to unlock the final boss.

After grabbing everything, it's off to the red portal.

Once I get to the save point, I head to the Graveyard. Alice and Margarete collected enough Light souls on their run for Yuri to get his last Fusion monster.

The Light fusions have an insect theme. I don't know why.

You've received Soul of Heaven's Fiend!

Sacred Remedy is our first group healing spell. Wall of Resistance and Exorcist Arrow are pretty self-explanatory.

Back in the real world.

This is what we needed the Wood Token for. We pop it into place and...

This is Qinggu, the last of the hand-themed bosses in this area. Although Yuri and Zhuzhen can't use any special skills against him, that doesn't stop him from using his own skill, Icy Breath.

We don't have any options except to hit him until he stops moving.

I managed to finish without either one going unconscious.

Good work...

All right, then, Master Xiaofang! We've passed all the Spiritual Trials! Show yourself!

Meow, meow!!

Yay! The whole gang is back together!

I'm impressed! I didn't think young people like you could make it through the Trials, meow!

Come on, you've got no grounds for denying us further. Take us to the old man, won't you?

Of course, meow! I'll open the door to Nirvana Palace. Hold on. Meeeow meow meow... Um... ...MEEEEOW!!

That's it? Jesus, they could have grabbed any stray cat in Shanghai and accomplished the same thing without going through all the hoops.

Aw, what now!? Can't we just get this over with?

Yes. Maybe Lieutenant Suketani was right about them. Maybe they've failed.

That can't be! I...I put my faith in them to the end!

Jeez, Kato, grow a pair already. It's sad when your girlfriend is more manly than you.

Heh. It's ironic, isn't it? I find myself rooting for the enemy. I wonder why? They're so reckless... yet somehow I envy them.

Well, that's a start, I guess.

That was fast, Lieutenant. What happened to the others?

We have twenty men hidden nearby. If something happens, they'll be ready. Lt. Colonel, how is the situation?

Yes...there'll be no movement for now. Please wait a little longer.


Sergeant, don't take your eyes off the Lt. Colonel. The Investigative Committee's up to something.

Up to something?!

I'm counting on you, Sergeant!

Yeah, I don't know either.

Meanwhile, back to the main plot:

This is "Nirvana Palace"? Somehow, I'm disappointed.

Welcome back, Zhuzhen. Nice to meet you, ladies, and Hyuga's son.

So you're Master Xifa?

And you're Yuri? Like father, like son, it seems. You both carry a heavy burden. At any rate, welcome. I've been so bored lately... Today's Trials were quite a pleasant change.

I'm so glad we managed to amuse you, old man.

I'll give you back your power and items now. I've added something for finishing the Trials.

We get a Fruit of Yggdrasil it completely restores health and mana when used.

Your pardon, Master Xifa, but we don't have time for a joyful reunion. This place isn't safe.

Heh. I don't care how much strength Dehuai has...he can't break through this seal so easily. Just as I cannot leave it, he cannot come in.'s like a hyperbaric chamber? Is that why you haven't blown away into dust yet?

It's an honor to meet you, Master Xifa. I'm Alice.

Ah! So you're the blue-eyed prophet I've heard so much about. My, you DO have incredible power...

Um... would you mind not looking at me like that?

No wonder Dehuai is drooling over you...

He probably WOULD succeed in the Valorization if he had you in his possession.

My father lost his life protecting me from a warlock with similar plans, in a country far away...

Tell me...why do people like Dehuai attempt such awful things?

The reason is simple. They believe they are superior beings, but are the sons of humans not also human? They're motivated by vengeful hearts... They sacrifice many victims to their idol of revenge. I'm sure Dehuai hasn't fully considered how the Demon's Gate Invocation might change the world. Of course, I don't know what would happen, either...but it must be stopped.

...Oh, I almost forgot. There was something I wanted to give you. Xiaofang!

Yes, Meowster.

He's not sending the CAT with us, is he?

There's a Votive Picture tablet of the White Tiger on the back shelf. Please fetch it for me.

Oh, thank you Jesus.

Gotcha! Ah, here it is. I found it, meow!

What the...

Wh-what?! The barrier may have become slightly weakened by the Trials, but...this cannot be!


No... Even Dehuai isn't this powerful...

...!! I know who this is!

Two guesses who he's talking to, and the first doesn't count.

That voice! Dehuai!

Heh. Long time no see, Master Xifa! I've finally made it inside your seal!

Bastard! What have you done with Xiaofang?!

Too late! The Votive Picture of the White Tiger is mine!

Zhuzhen! Give me a healing talisman! A broken seal can't be repaired. We must seal the entire temple!

Ha ha ha! I'll bring this temple down around your heads before you can!!

This can't be good.

Master Xifa, you thought I'd be as weak as I was fifteen years ago? You fool...

Ah, such beauty...! If I'd only come earlier, this moment would not have been delayed so long...

So creepy...

Oh, shit. Alice!

Poor Xiaofang. Please, forgive me.

I shall give my life to extend yours. Nnnnggh...!


It's all right, Zhuzhen. My time has come and gone. The rest I leave to you.

Young Hyuga... Do not fear the dark. If you accept it, it will protect you in return. Then, what frightens you...will also disappear...


N-no, you old fool! We're not gonna let you die here!!

Heh heh. I'll transport you to the Samsara Pavilion with the last of my strength. Good luck...

Now, go! Go to Kuihai Tower and rescue the girl!!

Tiny, Li Li, Sea Mother, Xiaofang, and now Master Xifa. Dehuai must die!

All right, Lieutenant Suketani!!

So it's finally time?!

Take your troops underground! We don't know what's down there, so proceed with extreme caution!

Yes, ma'am!

Kato, it doesn't hurt to trust in people now and then. All right. Let's move out!!

And we're back at the entrance to the maze.

...Where are we?!

No one ever listens to me.

It's the Samsara Pavilion!

Master Xifa transported us here, didn't he...

We've got no time to waste! We've got to get back to Shanghai before this place collapses.

That's a good idea, but first I'm going to equip everyone with Leonardo's Bears. Otherwise, the game would end right here.

That Man's Voice: Heh heh heh... Where do you think you're going in such a hurry?

That Dehuai doesn't miss a beat, does he...leaving Wugui behind to block our return...

Typical paranoid villain.

You just don't know when to give up, do you? You here for another beat-down? You've caught me at a bad time. I won't forgive you over my dead body!


My sentiments exactly, boy. You will pay dearly for what you did to me. Graaaaaah!!

Huh. Yes, Wugui has Fused into a monster, Yamaraja: War, to be exact. It's not the same process as Yuri's Harmonixer powers, though. Wugui's soul was bound to the demon through Dehuai's Taoist magic.

I started by transforming Yuri into Heaven's Fiend so I could have him cast Wall of Resistance on himself. Wugui likes to attack almost exclusively with the spell Nightmare, so this will give Yuri some protection against it. After that, I had Yuri transform into Inferno. With Alice gone, Zhuzhen is going to take over the healing duties; Yuri's more valuable as an attacker.

Wugui and Yamaraja: War both have a lot of things in common. In this form, Wugui still heals when you use magic on him, and he still starts off his first turn with the "Game of Death" attack. This will instantly kill your entire party (Yuri is no longer immune to it) unless you've equipped something to prevent it, like the Leonardo's Bears.

Eventually, I kick Wugui's ass for the third time. I could never get tired of this.

Ah! Ghost!

What the hell was THAT all about?!

Well, this has been an unmitigated disaster from start to finish. At least things can't get any worse.

...Can they?

Next time on Shadow Hearts: an un-triumphant return.

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