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Part 23: Mini-Update 6

Mini-Update 6


This thing is depressing.

I got this from one of the bosses. Eventually, I'll have one for everyone.

I want a Leonardo's Bear. So cute...

This is slightly more effective than Tea of the Healer.

This is one of the best healing items in the game, so, naturally, we don't get very many of them.

I've actually had this for a while; I just kept forgetting to get a picture of it.


It appears at the feet of its prey without a sound, and before you know it, it has eaten the body up to the knees.

Well, now we know what happened to the soldiers Suketani sent to the temple.

Another monster that's a picky eater.

Still ugly.


Jeez, how many more people are we going to meet just to have them die five minutes later?