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Part 26: Kowloon Fortress

Kowloon Fortress

We have a very short window to go to Kowloon, so we need to finish it now.

Kowloon Fortress is actually Kowloon Walled City. The game developers took a little license with it, giving us the Walled City of the later years, rather than the small outpost it was in 1915.

Heh heh... This is the Kowloon Fortress, Wugui's palace.'s incredible. Whoever did this is...pretty strange, I'd say.

Who knows what might leap out at us, so watch out! It's probably a den of thugs ready to strike!

There's quite a few people wandering around outside the gates. Surprisingly, none of them attack us on sight.

Useless Wan: Why? How should I know why? I just wish boss Wugui would get back.

Invincible Nee: I'm responsible for this place while Wugui is away, so mind that you don't cause any trouble!

Yet another Lottery Member that you can very easily miss. I don't remember the Lottery Members being this hard to find in the other games.

I only got a Pure Seed.

You've received Pure Seed.

Lottery Member No. 10: When crunchin', ya gotta bend yer knees. Otherwise, you'll hurt yer back.


There's also a Silent Peddler here. This one is doing double duty by running a shop and the pedometer service. I pick up some Thera Seeds and a Zodiac Bracelet (protects against Paralysis and Petrification).

Okay, we're done here.

I'm not going to bother with a map for this 'dungeon'. There's only one path through with a short branch off to one side. There are a LOT of very strong monsters (listed below) in here; it's a great place to level up before you tackle Kuihai Tower.

Speckled Creeper: Seen through Margarete's Snipe scope, these are immune to physical attacks. They can also cause Paralysis.

Happy Creeper: What the hell is THAT?! These are immune to magic attacks. If you were wondering when the penis monsters would show up, well, here you go.

Namida: These cause Blind Ring, which is annoying. They also cast Wind Shear.

Blue Ogre: These ugly fellas like to Petrify your party members.

Red Ogre: Not as bad as the Blue Ogres, mainly because their special attack is just an SP lowering one.

Dark Judge: A re-colored and stronger version of Yamaraja: Earth. They use a skill called Deathtouch, which is basically an attack that does a massive amount of damage to one character.

There's a chest at the end of the short hallway we're in, right next to the stairs to the next level.

In the next hall, there's a stair leading to the right and another at the end that goes left. We'll go to the right first.

This leads to a small courtyard with more stairs heading right. There's a chest hidden behind those stairs. The Hand Needle is a new weapon for Yuri.

What wondrous treasures await us inside?

What the hell has Wugui been doing?

There's another hidden chest up the ladder and all the way to the left of the ledge.

You've received Wugui's Room key from inside the drawer.

I like how if you don't go this way first you'll get all the way to the end before you find out you missed something and have to backtrack nearly to the beginning again.

Back to the branch to take the other path.

There's nothing in this hallway except more monsters and someone's bicycle.

Up the stairs...

The path here is blocked, so we have to go through this room.

We steal more stuff from Wugui's gang.

And then we leave through the other side.

It looks like you can go off to the right here, but you can't.

Why have chests everywhere to hold your things if you don't bother locking them?

Almost to the end.

This thing will cure any Status Ailment. Nice.

We also get a Lottery Ticket from this...thing. I think it's one of those fortune-telling scales.

Up one more set of stairs, and we finally reach Wugui's room.

You used Wugui's Room Key, and the door opened.

Yeah, I fought my way through a gauntlet of monsters to puss out at the end and turn around.

Whoops. I think we've wandered out of Shadow Hearts and into Diablo.

Wh, what is this room?!

This is Wugui's room!? What does that guy do everyday!!

Study botany?

I don't get it. Wugui's just a small-time gangster boss. But this stuff looks like he's been working with black magic and voodoo.

He sure likes doing that. Maybe Bacon should set himself up as a rival magician to Houdini instead of bothering us.

So it was you behind all this!

Heh heh heh. While I was here, I rented space in order to conduct experiments...

But I do wonder if perhaps I overdid it a little. I suppose this isn't easy work. Yet I still must find a container to use as the vessel of life.

You...used Wugui as the subject for your experiments?! What the Devil are you scheming?!

No! Not Wugui! He's our f- ...Wait, why do we care what happens to Wugui?

In any case, you couldn't possibly comprehend it anyway. Oh, yes. Since you have taken the trouble to come here, why don't I treat you to a little bit of fun...

With the new life I have created. Step forward, Wugui.

Well, he's looked better.



We now fight Wugui once more, this time as the Cursed Puppet. He's very similar to the other times we faced him. He's still invulnerable to magic, including the Instant Death effect of Margarete's Snipe. He attacks exclusively using Nightmare.

He also still starts the fight using his Game of Death. Leonardo's Bears protect against it just like last time.

Eventually, he falls, mostly thanks to Yuri.

I miss Alice.


Oh! That'll be all for today. Goodbye, folks. Till next time!

Everyone expresses their frustration in their own, unique way.

"He"? Are we personifying tables now?

There's nothing else in here, except for whatever is in this jar that's freaking Yuri out. Going back through Kowloon, all the monsters are gone now.

Sleepless Liline: B..bbut there aren't anymore monsters, right? Thank you! Let me give you my thanks!

Invincible Nee: What?! You say there aren't any more monsters coming? W-what are you people?!

Once you clear Kowloon, this guy won't play the lottery with you anymore.

We should probably get back to Shanghai before Dehuai rapes Alice or whatever it is he's planning to do with her.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: Pit Fights!

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