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Part 29: Kuihai Tower, part 2

Kuihai Tower, part 2

While we're occupied with Dehuai, something else is happening down below.

It's the Japanese Army. I guess we're cooperating with them, whether we want to or not.

There they go. Hopefully, they won't end up accidentally shooting each other.

Just like you hoped, Shanghai will become a stronghold for the Japanese Army!

...So it will.

What happened, Lt. Colonel? Is something wrong?


Of course, Kato is too naive to realize that if a woman says "no" when you ask her if something is wrong, 90% of the time she means "yes".

They're...still fighting above, right?

Yes'm! The monsters are nearly wiped out, and we were able to get in thanks to their keeping Dehuai busy! It's quite astonishing that your plan to storm Kuihai Tower has gone so smoothly!

Still fighting...him, too. Very well, we'll fight those monsters too! To the top of the tower!

Yes, ma'am!

Poor Kato. He's got a rival, and he probably doesn't even realize it.

Back up in the tower, two of the soldiers have caught up to the party. The one on the right has a shop. I buy two mirror bracelets, equipping them, and a bunch of healing supplies.

The soldier on the left lets you rearrange your party. If you decide not to, he has something else to offer...

I never use the earrings, and I couldn't remember what Star Swallow did, so I aimed for the Soul Benediction.

You've received Soul Benediction.

Lottery Member No. 09: ... ...I have done this without my superior's permission...!

I'm as ready as I'll ever be for the final boss, so we follow Dehuai out the door and go up the stairs to the roof.

Well, now we know what he's been doing for 15 years - painting the roof.

Hee hee hee... Fool! The time is at hand!

The Vessels of the Gods of the Four Directions face the heavens! So this is why you soiled Nine Heavens' most sacred ground... The most secret magic of all...

I understand now, Dehuai. Even I understand now...

Correct! The ultimate skill of Nine Heavens Taoist magic! The Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation!

D' you...have any idea what they're talking about?

Not a clue.

The power of Heaven...the power of GOD fills mt body!! Let us settle the score, before I create a new world!!

We got Dehuai's staff in the last battle (it's equipped on Zhuzhen now), and Dehuai's battle sprite doesn't have a weapon anymore.

He doesn't need one, though, because he's kept one Yamaraja in reserve and uses the power from the Spirit Machine to turn into it. Meet Yamaraja: Calamity. Y: Calamity doesn't have an Element.

Dehuai has two spells in this form. The first one is Shockwave, which hits everyone for a moderate amount of damage. The second one is called Crimson Flame. It's really cool looking. It's less cool when he spams it at the end of the fight. Y: Calamity can also cause Petrification, but everyone is protected against that.

Strategy for this fight is simple. Yuri is on physical offense, Alice is healing support, and Zhuzhen is spell offense and secondary support.

After about ten minutes, Dehuai falls.

Sweet! Fifth Key!

How...dare you...stand in my way...

Poor Alice. This whole ordeal has been too much for her.

I'm fine...

You...shouldn't push yourself so hard...

This exchange happens even if Alice doesn't fight.

It's...not too late... If I funnel just a little more chi into the dreams will... J-just...a little...more... Heh, heh...

Seraphic Radiance...awake from thy slumber and come before me...



Is he...dead?

Yes. The bastard tried to loose his last bit of strength and ignite that Spirit Machine. Even though he no longer had the strength to stand...

Well, that was...anti-climatic.

Oh, here we go.


Roger Bacon!

Both sides fought valiantly indeed. For a battle between ants, I was unexpectedly moved.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?!

Now for the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation. Such a pity you won't get the chance to see it.

Bacon is up to something...

Perhaps one more push is in order!!

Aw, dammit!

My sentiments exactly.

As the seal spreads, Kuihai Tower begins to break apart.

And - something - rises from the light.

Yuri: Heh heh. Now you've made me mad, pops.

He races toward the monster, Seraphic Radiance.

Margarete: Hey, kiddo! What do you think you're doing?!

Alice: Don't! No!

Zhuzhen: No! He can't! Is he planning to Fuse...with that monster!?

Zhuzhen: Don't! Don't do it!

Yuri: Let's get friendly!

Yuri begins to glow, and flies to the monster as a black orb.

Bacon: Ah ha ha! Most interesting. Fusing with a God in order to defeat a God, eh?

Bacon: But at your level, you'll be swallowed up by the darkness. Just like the other one...

This is referring to Yuri's father. He must have Fused with the "Earth Spirit" Dehuai summoned last time, but he lost his life in the process.

Well, now I know what a RealDoll version of Alice would look like. Uncanny Valley, indeed.

Alice: Don't!!

I think that it's funny that of all the places they could have had Yuri merge with Seraphic Radiance at - its head, its chest, its back, its stomach - they pick its butt.

Zhuzhen: The monster seems to have settled down. Does that mean the Fusion has succeeded?

Alice: Yuri... Your soul is...

Alice: ...fading.

The Seraphic Radiance wakes up.

It screams.

And Shanghai burns.

It cries out again.

And Shanghai is destroyed.

Bacon: Ah... Most impressive. Such is the unfettered power of a God. But - compared with what I had in mind - it is mere child's play. Well, for Dehuai, I suppose I must admit, it's something of an achievement.

Bacon: Well, there's no sense in my lingering here. I believe I shall return to London, and have myself a spot of tea. Well then, ta ta, everyone! If you survive, I hope you'll come and pay me a visit there someday!

Bacon: Bwa hah hah, ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha hah hah hah hah!


Bacon: D'oh!

He teleports out to cover his embarrassment at being nailed by a rock.

Kawashima: That day, the flames were almost beautiful as they turned Shanghai to ash.

Kawashima: In the blink of an eye, they took away so much...thoughts, hopes, dreams... And as they watched their world burn, the people cried out in grief.

Kawashima: It was like a scene from of our own making.

Kawashima: And that night was the last time I ever saw him...

Yuri is gone, leaving behind nothing but his Talisman.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: Europe.

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