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Part 30: Mini-Update 7

Mini-Update 7


These descriptions just keep getting more and more out there. Human bones? Really?

I want one.

Not very useful in this game. In the second game, it acts the same as a Crucifix (prevents all status effects).

Drugging yourself before a battle doesn't sound like a very good idea.

These are nice...

...but these are better.

Heh. Wang.

You'd think they could have made each description of the votives unique. It's not like there are that many Valuables.

Second-hand porn. Ew.


So, Wugui made a S&M demon? That's a bit more information about him than I ever wanted to know.

Wait, are they describing the monster in the last sentence, or Yuri?

And here I thought Wugui couldn't get any uglier...

You can tell from this picture that the "protrusions"are coming out of the demons' stomachs like umbilical cords. Still gross, though.

I could read these monster descriptions all day.

I hate this thing.


Odd that they bothered to give a description to someone who's in all of two scenes...