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Part 31: Prague, part 1

Prague, part 1

The second half of the game continues to follow Alice, now that Yuri is out of the picture.

We're in Europe now, and won't be able to go back to Asia again. At this point, if you've missed or forgotten anything over there, you have no chance to go back to do it.

Zhuzhen is still with us, though!

Yes, and that was just too funny! He thought it was a poltergeist? It was just the lady next door doing aerobics!

Heh heh heh... Ah, the world's a peaceful place.

I have a feeling it won't stay that way for long.

Anyway, what do you say we get a bite to eat and unwind a bit?

Are you asking me out for a drink?

You know me too well! Ha ha ha...

Ha ha ha...

Guard Duvan: How did the exorcising go? Another case solved? Impressive!

Sounds more like it was a case of exercising.

Dirty Poster: From exorcism to finding lost objects, we're ready to help you! We're the fastest, cheapest, and most skilled exorcists around! Call Alice and Zhuzhen today!

Dirty Poster: what the battered notice says.

There's a hidden item behind the wall on the right. I've circled the area where it is.

Some guard, sleeping on the job.

Guard Homas: ...! N-no, I wasn't asleep! I was just thinking, that's all...

Guard Homas: Ha ha ha...

Lottery Member No. 08: Well, I don't sleep like this all the time, you know.

We've found the first European Lottery Member! Only seven more to go!

This sweeper moves more slowly than normal, but it randomly speeds up a little and the slows down again. It's pretty easy. Later on, some of the lotteries will have things like invisible rings and other effects.

You've received Brsrkr Earrings.

Lottery Member No. 08: Some advice. Even if you fall asleep right after eating, you won't turn into a cow. Don't worry!

W-what makes you think I'd worry about that?!

There's an item hidden in the bare area behind the tavern sign.

Further up, the street ends in a sort of plaza by the castle walls. Funny, I thought Prague would be bigger.

Guard Darcie: I never minded taking care of wolves and thieves, but ghosts? I'd rather not get involved...

Guard Darcie: That's why we'll call you if we have any...supernatural encounters!

There's a chest behind the trees here.

It's time to get that drink Zhuzhen promised us.

Have to what?


It matters a lot...

Peddler Rosa: Are you getting acquainted with the town? Certainly looks like your business is going well. That reminds me...I should get back to work. Let me know if you need anything. Do you need anything?

Rosa is the Shop for Prague. I pick up new armor for Alice and Zhuzhen, as well as some healing items.

Flirtatious Yuria: ...No, I can tell just looking at your face. I guess not. Oh, you'll find him...eventually. Men always come back when they feel lonely.

These people are depressing.

Owner Gismot: Take a load off and relax awhile.

This is an improved version of Tea of the Healer and Witch's Broth.

Once you talk to everyone, Zhuzhen comes out of the bathroom.

Huh? Oh... It's just that... I can't believe it's been half a year already. I asked Margarete to bring me to Europe, but...

What...what if he's...dead?

Don't be ridiculous. You know that kid's not the kind to die so easily. Even if he HAS been absorbed by a monster, so long as his soul remains alive, we'll meet again. And besides, your sixth sense tells you that he's still alive, right?

I'm not sure, but that's how I feel.

Don't you believe that if we continue our work, we're bound to run into him again?

Someone, somewhere, has to have noticed a 60-foot tall, city destroying monster flying around.

Yes... I did.

We're saved from the rest of this depressing conversation by a someone entering the bar.

Owner Gismot: Hello, stranger. What can I do for you at this hour?

If their business is going so well, why do they seem so surprised that someone came looking for them?

If you've come looking for us, I assume you need something exorcised?

Y-yes! My name is Terry. I came from Bistritz, a small village east of here. I run a general store.

Owner Gismot: Bistritz?! That's quite a trip! It must've been a hard journey...

By the look on your face, I'd say you must have had good reason. Why don't you tell us your story?

R-right. It''s like this. My village is attacked by vicious monsters every night...

Vicious monsters?!

It started about a month ago. Every night, dark shadows surround the village...

They're...they're not human. No matter how many bullets they take, they don't die. So many villagers have lost their lives... I heard a rumor about you from a friend, so here I am.

Looks like Margarete will be useless, then, if bullets don't work.

Are they ghosts or demons, I wonder...? Go on. Tell us everything you know.

Well, Bistritz is a small village located about two days' walk east of here. A lord used to rule the village, but his bloodline died out some three hundred years ago. The strange thing is that since the attacks began, there've been lights seen in the castle windows!

Are the monsters and the castle related in any way?

I don't know. There's no history of any of our liege-lords ever attacking people. However, in the off chance that it does involve the castle, I would like you to investigate. I'm here on behalf of my village to ask for your assistance. Will you accept the job?

So... it would seem that you've got two assignments for us. One, getting rid of the monsters attacking the village. Two, investigating the lord's castle.

Yes... Even at this very moment, the monsters are preying on my village. I'm so worried about my wife and daughter... You're our only hope.

Help us, Obi Wan Kenobi...

Let's check it out, Zhuzhen. Margarete should be back soon, too.

All right, leave it to us. We'll eradicate these monsters for you.

Y-you will?! Oh, thank you!!

We're waiting for one of our companions, but once she arrives, we'll go straight to Bistritz.

Wonderful. I'll head back and tell them the good news!

Just wait for us to get there, okay? We'll be right behind you.

Certainly. Excuse me.

Flirtatious Yuria: I've heard the same. It's always been a poor village...I've never heard anything good about it.

Heh. We're well acquainted with monster dens, constantly wandering into them back in Asia.

Wasn't that partially Dehuai's fault?

Zhuzhen, do you think Terry will be okay? I have a bad feeling about this...

Man's Scream: Gwaaaaahh!!

What was that?!

It can't be!!

Wanna bet?

It should be noted that once you talk to Terry in the bar, you can't do the lottery here for a while.

What...what's this terrible evil I perceive?!

And with that, we're thrown into a fight with two Birdmen. It isn't even a mini-boss battle; they're just two regular enemies. It's over before the enemies turn even starts.

Ugh... the village... Mi...chelle... Nina...



Damn! We were too late...

How embarrassing. Killed by someone's ugly, evil grandma.

We should've stayed with him...!

There's nothing we could have done. That evil I was feeling... this was no ordinary monster. You felt it too, surely? That bloodsucking hag could have killed us, too, if we weren't careful.'s the first time I've felt such evil in Europe. Zhuzhen, I don't think we can wait for Margarete.

I think you're right. Maybe the two of us should go on ahead to Bistritz.


Well, if we're going to do that, we should leave a message for her.

Flirtatious Yuria: I'll pray for your safety.

I'd rather have something tangible, like money.

Owner Gismot: It's in such a remote area, there's no telling what kind of monsters you'll encounter. I'll let Ms. Margarete know where you went, don't worry about that.

Back at the plaza, the guard is fine, and the Pedometer guy has showed up again. There's also someone else here...

Yep, Meiyuan is still following us. And he's being extra bitchy today!

It's off to Bistritz! One question though: who's gonna pay us with Terry dead?

Next time on Shadow Hearts: bearers of bad news.

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