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Part 36: Mini-Update 8

Mini-Update 8


Is it just me, or does the edge on those look like it's been sharpened?

The Instant Death effect is very, very rare, and not enough to make me keep this when a stronger sword is available.

How do you take earrings from a statue? Wouldn't the "earrings" on the statue be part of the statue? Did the thieves just chisel off the lower part of the ears?

I want one of these, too.

I like these.

This is an upgrade of Tea of the Healer. It restores even more HP and MP.

This is an upgrade of Witch's Broth. It restores MP and SP.

All right, I think I know who I'm going to use this against.

This one, too.



Huh. One's the ghost of a person who ate dogs, and the other is the ghost of a dog that ate a person. The circle is complete.

Considering how many of these things I ran into, someone must have been abandoning a new dog every day.

I don't know how we were able to see them, then. There's always a full moon at Blue Castle.


He's also worm food.

I assume that means outside Bistritz. It would be weird if she'd never been outside, period.

And, the current score.